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Ivory Edition

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Ivory Edition: 373 cards
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280 A Champion's Strike Strategy  Rare  search
281 A Champion's Tactics Strategy  Common  search
282 A Ready Soul Strategy  Uncommon  search
283 A Stout Heart Strategy  Common  search
1 A Time for Action Event  Rare  search
284 Advance Warning Strategy  Common  search
123 Agasha Kyokuta Personality  Common  search
253 Akagi Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
254 Akikazu Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
97 Akodo Dairuko, the Steel Lion (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
8 Akodo Dojo Holding  Common  search
218 Akodo Kaiken Item  Common  search
98 Akodo Kenaro Personality  Uncommon  search
285 Aligned with the Elements Strategy  Rare  search
2 Alliance Event  Uncommon  search
286 Ambush Strategy  Rare  search
287 Ambush Pits Strategy  Uncommon  search
263 Ancestral Aid Spell  Common  search
219 Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
220 Ancestral Armor of the Crane Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
221 Ancestral Armor of the Dragon Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
222 Ancestral Armor of the Lion Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
223 Ancestral Armor of the Mantis Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
224 Ancestral Armor of the Phoenix Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
225 Ancestral Armor of the Scorpion Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
226 Ancestral Armor of the Spider Clan (Unique) Item  Fixed  search
227 Ancestral Armor of the Unicorn Clan (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
288 Army Like a Tide Strategy  Common  search
71 Asahina Umeko Personality  Common  search
124 Asako Sadaki Personality  Rare  search
289 Ascendance Strategy  Rare  search
228 Ashalan Blade Item  Rare  search
9 Ashigaru Fort Holding  Common  search
187 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower  Common  search
290 Back to the Front Strategy  Common  search
291 Banish All Shadows Strategy  Rare  search
188 Baraunghar Scouts Follower  Rare  search
136 Bayushi Akane Personality  Uncommon  search
137 Bayushi Dakatsu Personality  Common  search
138 Bayushi Masashi Personality  Common  search
139 Bayushi Meiko Personality  Common  search
140 Bayushi Nitoshi, the Poison Mask (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
141 Bayushi Shizuka Personality  Uncommon  search
142 Bayushi Toshimo Personality  Rare  search
292 Blanketed Forest Strategy  Rare  search
229 Blessed Sword Item  Common  search
293 Blind Honor Strategy  Rare  search
294 Block Supply Lines Strategy  Common  search
189 Bounty Hunter Follower  Uncommon  search
10 Brilliant Cascade Inn Holding  Rare  search
190 Brothers of Jade Follower  Uncommon  search
11 Carrion's Breath Holding  Common  search
191 Chagatai's Legion Follower  Rare  search
12 Clear Water Village Holding  Uncommon  search
13 Collapsing Bridge Holding  Common  search
295 Come One at a Time Strategy  Uncommon  search
296 Confusion at Court Strategy  Common  search
297 Contentious Terrain Strategy  Common  search
14 Copper Mine Holding  Fixed  search
15 Counting House Holding  Uncommon  search
192 Court Attendants Follower  Rare  search
298 Coward! Strategy  Rare  search
72 Daidoji Kinta Personality  Uncommon  search
73 Daidoji Tametaka Personality  Uncommon  search
74 Daidoji Tanshi Personality  Uncommon  search
75 Daidoji Ujirou Personality  Rare  search
149 Daigotsu Geiko Personality  Rare  search
150 Daigotsu Kanpeki, the Shadow Emperor (Experienced 3) Personality  Fixed  search
151 Daigotsu Konishi Personality  Uncommon  search
152 Daigotsu Meguro Personality  Common  search
153 Daigotsu Onosaka Personality  Common  search
154 Daigotsu Roburo Personality  Uncommon  search
162 Dainiko Personality  Rare  search
264 Deafening Thunder Spell  Common  search
16 Deeds and Words Holding  Rare  search
17 Deep Harbor Holding  Common  search
299 Defensive Grill Strategy  Rare  search
300 Destiny Has No Secrets Strategy  Common  search
301 Determined Challenge Strategy  Rare  search
302 Discretionary Valor Strategy  Common  search
303 Disrupting the Rhythm Strategy  Common  search
304 Do Not Delay! Strategy  Common  search
230 Do-Maru Item  Uncommon  search
76 Doji Dainagon Personality  Common  search
77 Doji Etsuki Personality  Uncommon  search
78 Doji Katata Personality  Rare  search
79 Doji Makoto, the Smiling Blade (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
80 Doji Shirarou Personality  Rare  search
81 Doji Soeka Personality  Rare  search
231 Dotanuki Item  Common  search
305 Encircled Terrain Strategy  Common  search
306 Everpresent Fear Strategy  Uncommon  search
193 Expert Archers Follower  Common  search
232 Exquisite Nagamaki of the Fox Clan Item  Uncommon  search
307 Faint Praise Strategy  Common  search
308 Fall Back! Strategy  Common  search
18 Family Library Holding  Uncommon  search
19 Famous Bazaar Holding  Rare  search
20 Farmer's Market Holding  Uncommon  search
309 Favors Strategy  Rare  search
310 Feared Duelist Strategy  Rare  search
311 Fearful Volley Strategy  Uncommon  search
312 Final Sacrifice Strategy  Common  search
265 Fire and Air Spell  Common  search
194 Firestorm Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
313 Flashy Technique Strategy  Common  search
314 Focus Strategy  Rare  search
315 For the Fallen Strategy  Rare  search
21 Frontline Encampment Holding  Common  search
266 Fueling the Flames Spell  Uncommon  search
27-27 Gates of the Second City Stronghold  Premium  search
22 Geisha House Holding  Fixed  search
163 Gekido no Oni Personality  Uncommon  search
255 Gidayu Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
3 Glimpse of the Unicorn Event  Uncommon  search
23 Gold Mine Holding  Fixed  search
233 Gumbai-Uchiwa Item  Common  search
24 Haiku School Holding  Uncommon  search
234 Haramaki-do Item  Rare  search
164 Hatsu Suru no Oni Personality  Rare  search
195 Heavy Cavalry Follower  Uncommon  search
196 Heavy Infantry Follower  Common  search
25 Heavy Infantry Dojo Holding  Rare  search
235 Heavy Yari Item  Uncommon  search
236 Hellbeast Item  Rare  search
26 Hida Advisor Holding  Uncommon  search
58 Hida Ayahi Personality  Rare  search
59 Hida Kisada, the Little Bear (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
60 Hida Reigoro Personality  Uncommon  search
61 Hida Saiyuki Personality  Uncommon  search
62 Hida Toranosuke Personality  Rare  search
316 Higher Ground Strategy  Common  search
63 Hiruma Fujito Personality  Common  search
64 Hiruma Itta Personality  Uncommon  search
65 Hiruma Moritoki Personality  Common  search
66 Hiruma Tsurao Personality  Common  search
155 Hiyamako Personality  Common  search
256 Hojatsu Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
165 Horobei Personality  Common  search
27 House of Exotic Goods Holding  Uncommon  search
28 House of the Red Lotus Holding  Common  search
29 Humble House Holding  Rare  search
174 Ide Kotono Personality  Uncommon  search
175 Ide Okinomi Personality  Uncommon  search
99 Ikoma Ichimoko Personality  Common  search
100 Ikoma Shika Personality  Common  search
101 Ikoma Yoshimoko Personality  Rare  search
30 Imperial Dojo Holding  Rare  search
317 Imperial Summons Strategy  Uncommon  search
267 In Awe of the Earth Spell  Common  search
318 In Stillness, Forge the Soul Strategy  Common  search
319 Incapacitated Strategy  Common  search
197 Incendiary Archers Follower  Rare  search
320 Inexplicable Challenge Strategy  Rare  search
321 Insight Strategy  Rare  search
322 Inspired Devotion Strategy  Uncommon  search
323 Investigation Strategy  Rare  search
31 Iron Mine Holding  Fixed  search
125 Isawa Amihiko Personality  Rare  search
126 Isawa Hibana Personality  Rare  search
127 Isawa Kamiko Personality  Uncommon  search
128 Isawa Kosea Personality  Common  search
129 Isawa Kouka Personality  Uncommon  search
130 Isawa Shunryu, the Infinite Eye (Unique) Personality  Fixed  search
131 Isawa Uzuyumi Personality  Uncommon  search
176 Iuchi Chiwa Personality  Uncommon  search
177 Iuchi Honma Personality  Common  search
198 Iweko Honor Guard Follower  Rare  search
32 Jade Works Holding  Common  search
33 Jiramu's Court Holding  Rare  search
324 Journey's End Strategy  Rare  search
257 Jutsushi Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
34 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding  Common  search
35 Kaeru Contractor Holding  Uncommon  search
67 Kaiu Nakagawa Personality  Rare  search
82 Kakita Amiki Personality  Common  search
83 Kakita Ibara Personality  Common  search
166 Karyuudo Personality  Common  search
325 Kharmic Strike Strategy  Uncommon  search
199 Kikage Zumi Initiates Follower  Common  search
102 Kitsu Miro Personality  Rare  search
103 Kitsu Suki Personality  Uncommon  search
110 Kitsune Kohaki Personality  Common  search
111 Kitsune Parumba Personality  Uncommon  search
36 Kobune Port Holding  Fixed  search
167 Komori Taruko Personality  Common  search
68 Kuni Tomokazu Personality  Common  search
200 Legion of Toshigoku Follower  Rare  search
201 Light Cavalry Follower  Common  search
202 Light Infantry Follower  Common  search
237 Light Yari Item  Common  search
258 Mahatsu Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
37 Marketplace Holding  Fixed  search
104 Matsu Agai Personality  Common  search
105 Matsu Choiko Personality  Uncommon  search
106 Matsu Misato Personality  Rare  search
107 Matsu Morito Personality  Rare  search
108 Matsu Rutaro Personality  Uncommon  search
109 Matsu Tayuko Personality  Common  search
203 Medium Cavalry Follower  Uncommon  search
204 Medium Infantry Follower  Common  search
326 Men of Cunning Strategy  Rare  search
38 Merchant Atoll Holding  Rare  search
4 Military Alliance (Unique) Event  Uncommon  search
168 Minikui no Oni Personality  Rare  search
84 Mirumoto Higaru Personality  Uncommon  search
85 Mirumoto Hikuryo Personality  Rare  search
86 Mirumoto Niwa Personality  Common  search
87 Mirumoto Nokkai Personality  Common  search
88 Mirumoto Shikei, the Laughing Dragon (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
89 Mirumoto Tsukazu Personality  Common  search
90 Mirumoto Yasushi Personality  Rare  search
327 Mist Strategy  Uncommon  search
112 Moshi Madohime Personality  Common  search
178 Moto Alagh Personality  Rare  search
179 Moto Chinua Personality  Uncommon  search
180 Moto Naleesh, the Living Goddess (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
181 Moto Okano Personality  Common  search
182 Moto Ulagan Personality  Rare  search
328 My Lord's Favor Strategy  Common  search
169 Myuken Personality  Common  search
238 Naginata Item  Common  search
156 Ninube Shiho Personality  Rare  search
170 Noekam Personality  Uncommon  search
329 Oath of Fealty Strategy  Uncommon  search
171 Ogre Bushi Personality  Common  search
330 Okura Is Released Strategy  Uncommon  search
331 Open Emotion Strategy  Rare  search
332 Oppression Strategy  Uncommon  search
205 Oriole Imperial Vanguard Follower  Rare  search
239 Oriole Katana Item  Common  search
172 Otomo Demiyah Personality  Uncommon  search
268 Overwhelming Power Spell  Common  search
333 Pack Tactics Strategy  Uncommon  search
334 Palm Strike Strategy  Rare  search
206 Plague Zombies Follower  Uncommon  search
5 Political Standoff Event  Rare  search
39 Poorly Placed Garden Holding  Uncommon  search
259 Rae Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
335 Ramifications Strategy  Uncommon  search
240 Record of Failure Item  Rare  search
241 Regal Furisode Item  Rare  search
242 Reinforced Parangu Item  Common  search
336 Reprisal Strategy  Common  search
337 Resist Magic Strategy  Rare  search
40 Rice Paddy Holding  Common  search
248 Ring of Air (Unique) Ring  Uncommon  search
249 Ring of Earth (Unique) Ring  Uncommon  search
250 Ring of Fire (Unique) Ring  Uncommon  search
251 Ring of the Void (Unique) Ring  Uncommon  search
252 Ring of Water (Unique) Ring  Uncommon  search
41 Roaming Caravan Holding  Common  search
338 Ruthless Determination Strategy  Common  search
243 Sadamune Blade Item  Uncommon  search
339 Sanctioned Duel Strategy  Rare  search
157 Sandayu Personality  Common  search
113 Sasada Personality  Common  search
260 Satoru Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
42 School of Wizardry Holding  Rare  search
43 Secluded Outpost Holding  Rare  search
44 Secluded Shrine Holding  Uncommon  search
269 Secrets on the Wind Spell  Uncommon  search
270 Seeking the Way Spell  Rare  search
271 Servitors of Stone Spell  Common  search
6 Severed from the Emperor Event  Rare  search
132 Shiba Eraki Personality  Common  search
133 Shiba Michiki Personality  Common  search
134 Shiba Myoushi Personality  Uncommon  search
135 Shiba Tsukimi, the Blind Phoenix (Experienced 5) Personality  Rare  search
207 Shield Wall Follower  Uncommon  search
272 Shielded by Tempest Spell  Uncommon  search
183 Shinjo Okiau Personality  Common  search
184 Shinjo Tobita Personality  Common  search
45 Shinomen Marsh Holding  Fixed  search
143 Shosuro Hotaka Personality  Rare  search
144 Shosuro Keiichi Personality  Uncommon  search
145 Shosuro Rokujo Personality  Common  search
146 Shosuro Tagiso Personality  Rare  search
147 Shosuro Tosaku Personality  Uncommon  search
46 Shrine to Hachiman Holding  Rare  search
47 Silver Mine Holding  Fixed  search
208 Skeletal Troops Follower  Common  search
48 Slanderer Holding  Rare  search
49 Small-Time Bully Holding  Rare  search
340 Sneak Attack Strategy  Rare  search
341 Soul's Sacrifice Strategy  Uncommon  search
209 Souls of the Fallen Follower  Rare  search
210 Sparrow Clan Aide Follower  Uncommon  search
211 Spearmen Follower  Common  search
212 Spearmen Cavalry Follower  Rare  search
244 Spiked Tetsubo Item  Common  search
50 Stables Holding  Fixed  search
342 Stand Or Run Strategy  Common  search
245 Storm-Forged Blade Item  Common  search
343 Strength of my Father Strategy  Common  search
344 Sudden Movement Strategy  Rare  search
158 Suikotsu Personality  Rare  search
273 Suitengu's Embrace Spell  Uncommon  search
274 Summon Undead Champion Spell  Rare  search
159 Susumu Neya Personality  Uncommon  search
160 Susumu Yanada Personality  Rare  search
345 Swift Sword Cut Strategy  Uncommon  search
161 Tairao Personality  Uncommon  search
91 Tamori Katsumi Personality  Uncommon  search
92 Tamori Seiken Personality  Common  search
93 Tamori Shaisen Personality  Uncommon  search
51 Tea House Holding  Uncommon  search
52 Temple of Harmony Holding  Uncommon  search
53 Temple to the Elements Holding  Common  search
261 Tetsuo Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
346 The Company You Keep Strategy  Uncommon  search
213 The Desiccated Follower  Uncommon  search
369 The Eternal Temple of the Phoenix Stronghold  Fixed  search
365 The Exquisite Palace of the Crane Stronghold  Fixed  search
368 The Fruitful Port of the Mantis Stronghold  Fixed  search
372 The Golden Plains of the Unicorn Stronghold  Fixed  search
347 The Greater Threat Strategy  Common  search
367 The Honorable Garrison of the Lion Stronghold  Fixed  search
364 The Impregnable Fortress of the Crab Stronghold  Fixed  search
366 The Remote Monastery of the Dragon Stronghold  Fixed  search
370 The Shadowed Estate of the Scorpion Stronghold  Fixed  search
371 The Sinister Citadel of the Spider Stronghold  Fixed  search
348 The Sun Returns Strategy  Rare  search
349 The Turtle's Shell Strategy  Rare  search
214 The White Guard Follower  Common  search
350 The Wrath of Osano-Wo Strategy  Common  search
351 Today We Die Strategy  Rare  search
262 Todori Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
94 Togashi Ango Personality  Rare  search
95 Togashi Korimi Personality  Uncommon  search
96 Togashi Ogure Personality  Rare  search
352 Tonfajutsu Strategy  Uncommon  search
275 Touch of Death Spell  Rare  search
276 Touch the Emptiness Spell  Rare  search
353 Treachery and Deceit Strategy  Uncommon  search
215 Tsukai-sagasu Follower  Rare  search
114 Tsuruchi Gosho Personality  Uncommon  search
115 Tsuruchi Kaito Personality  Rare  search
246 Tsuruchi Longbow Item  Rare  search
116 Tsuruchi Natsuki Personality  Rare  search
117 Tsuruchi Rin Personality  Common  search
354 Unassailable Defense Strategy  Uncommon  search
355 Uncertainty Strategy  Common  search
356 Uncovering the Culprit Strategy  Rare  search
357 Unwelcome Supervision Strategy  Rare  search
185 Utaku Hyo-Yeon Personality  Rare  search
186 Utaku Izimi Personality  Rare  search
247 Utaku's Destiny Item  Rare  search
54 Vast Paddy Fields Holding  Uncommon  search
55 Vengeful Populace Holding  Rare  search
358 Versatile Army Strategy  Rare  search
359 Vigilant Eyes Strategy  Common  search
277 Walking the Way Spell  Uncommon  search
56 Wandering Caravan Holding  Common  search
278 Ward of Air Spell  Rare  search
360 Wary Peace Strategy  Common  search
216 Watch Commander Follower  Rare  search
361 Weakness Exposed Strategy  Uncommon  search
362 Wheels within Wheels Strategy  Rare  search
7 Wisdom Gained (Unique) Event  Uncommon  search
279 Words of Consecration Spell  Rare  search
363 Wounded in Battle Strategy  Uncommon  search
217 Wyrm Riders Follower  Uncommon  search
69 Yasuki Makoto Personality  Rare  search
70 Yasuki Tono Personality  Uncommon  search
57 Yasuki Trader Holding  Common  search
148 Yogo Honami Personality  Rare  search
118 Yoritomo Hiromi, the Growing Storm (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
119 Yoritomo Ichido Personality  Rare  search
120 Yoritomo Matsuo Personality  Rare  search
121 Yoritomo Takuya Personality  Uncommon  search
122 Yoritomo Teihiko Personality  Uncommon  search
173 Yotsu Shinzai Personality  Common  search

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