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The Voice of Isengard

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The Voice of Isengard: 67 cards
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50 Ancient Forest Location  search
34 Angry Huorn Enemy  search
54 Broken Lands Location  search
33 Dark-Hearted Huorn Enemy  search
35 Deadly Huorn Enemy  search
12 Deep Knowledge Event  search
22 Down from the Hills Treachery  search
48 Dunland Berserker Enemy  search
47 Dunland Chieftain Enemy  search
42 Dunland Prowler Enemy  search
44 Dunland Raider Enemy  search
46 Dunland Tribesman Enemy  search
60 Dunlending Attack Quest  search
43 Dunlending Bandit Enemy  search
32 Edge of Fangorn Location  search
1 Éomer Hero  search
66 Escape from Fangorn Quest  search
59 Fight at the Fords Quest  search
18 Fords of Isen Location  search
20 Gap of Rohan Location  search
16 Gríma Objective  search
2 Gríma Hero  search
36 Heart of Fangorn Location  search
61 Hold the Fords Quest  search
23 Ill Tidings Treachery  search
58 In Need of Rest Treachery  search
65 Into the Woods Quest  search
5 Isengard Messenger Ally  search
10 Keys of Orthanc Attachment  search
11 Legacy of Númenor Event  search
56 Low on Provisions Treachery  search
27 Methedras Location  search
26 Methedras Orc Enemy  search
24 Mugash Enemy  search
31 Mugash Objective  search
25 Mugash's Guard Enemy  search
29 Mugash's Lair Location  search
57 Off Track Treachery  search
45 Old Hatreds Treachery  search
28 Orc Cave Location  search
40 Orc Hound Enemy  search
39 Orc Hunter Enemy  search
41 Orc Hunting Party Treachery  search
38 Orc Skirmisher Enemy  search
30 Orc Territory Treachery  search
62 Orders from Orthanc Quest  search
4 Orthanc Guard Ally  search
21 Pillaging and Burning Treachery  search
14 Power of Orthanc Event  search
53 Prowling Wolf Enemy  search
8 Rohan Warhorse Attachment  search
3 Saruman Ally  search
63 Searching for Mugash Quest  search
9 Silver Lamp Attachment  search
55 Take Cover! Treachery  search
51 Tangled Woods Location  search
67 The Angry Forest Quest  search
37 The Forest's Malice Treachery  search
17 The Islet Location  search
19 The King's Road Location  search
15 The Seeing-stone Event  search
64 The Wizard's Prize Quest  search
13 The Wizards's Voice Event  search
52 Turned Around Treachery  search
7 Westfold Horse-breeder Ally  search
6 Westfold Outrider Ally  search
49 Wild Men of Dunland Treachery  search

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