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Log Horizon Trial Deck

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Log Horizon Trial Deck: 29 cards
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LH-SE20-P04 "Minori, Apprentice Magician" Character  PR  search
LH-SE20-T02 Akatsuki Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T02R Akatsuki Character  RRR  search
LH-SE20-T2S Akatsuki Character  SP  search
LH-SE20-T08 Akatsuki Angered Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T04 Akatsuki, Actually A Pretty Girl Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T05 Akatsuki, Blushing Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-P01 Akatsuki, Clasping Hands Character  PR  search
LH-SE20-T09 Assassinate Climax  TD  search
LH-SE20-T19 Delicate Combination Climax  TD  search
LH-SE20-T18 Enchanter's Support Event  TD  search
LH-SE20-T20 First Loot Climax  TD  search
LH-SE20-T06 Henrietta, Treasurer of Crescent Moon Alliance Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-P05 Isuzu, The Exquisite Combination Character  PR  search
LH-SE20-T03 Marielle Using Telepathy Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T07 Marielle, Representative of Crescent Moon Alliance Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T16 Naotsugu Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T13 Naotsugu, First Actual Battle Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-P03 Nureha Character  PR  search
LH-SE20-T10 Nyanta the Cook Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T12 Nyanta, Swashbuckler Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T01 Serara, Druid Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T15 Shiroe Character  TD  search
LH-SE20T15R Shiroe Character  RRR  search
LH-SE20-P02 Shiroe, Clasping Hands Character  PR  search
LH-SE20-T14 Shiroe, Confident Look Character  TD  search
LH-SE20-T17 Shiroe, Enchanter Character  TD  search
LH-SE20T17S Shiroe, Enchanter Character  SR  search
LH-SE20-T11 Shiroe, Riding a Griffon Character  TD  search

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