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Booster 8: Quickening of the Divine Progenitor

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Booster 8: Quickening of the Divine Progenitor: 111 cards
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B08-101 Administrator Polaris Z/X  Z/XR  search
B08-042 Aiding Ringtail Z/X  UC  search
B08-092 Aim to be Idol, Verbena Z/X  UC  search
B08-008 Airfight Workshop, Zero Z/X  search
B08-108 Aoba Chitose Player  IGR  search
B08-030 Assault Shooter, Procyon Z/X  search
B08-013 Astrologer, Nostradamus Z/X  search
B08-051 Avenir the Future Z/X  search
B08-080 Ayase and Yachiyo Event  search
B08-036 Battle Hero, Gemma Z/X  search
B08-090 Beastman, Were-Buffalo Z/X  search
B08-093 Beastman, Were-Husky Z/X  search
B08-094 Beetle Queen, Hell Thorn Z/X  SR  search
B08-087 Birdman Lady, Were-Flamingo Z/X  search
B08-078 Black Gale Event  UC  search
B08-033 Blue Drum and Fife Player, Ludwig Z/X  SR  search
B08-068 Chopping Flying Scissors Z/X  search
B08-065 Crimson Fang Emperor, Kaiser Z/X  search
B08-016 Dawn of Ten Heavens, Tahrir Hajes Z/X  SR  search
B08-061 Demon of Abyss, Abysso Z/X  UC  search
B08-069 Demon of Faith, Fides Z/X  search
B08-075 Demon of Ruins, Ruina Z/X  UC  search
B08-071 Demon of Stigma, Stigma Z/X  search
B08-089 Distant Shigeto Bow, Yukiyanagi Z/X  UC  search
B08-038 Do or Die Defensive Battle Event  UC  search
B08-079 Dolls' Meeting for Reviewing Event  search
B08-043 Dormir the Tranquil Z/X  search
B08-081 Dotanuki of Purifying Moon, Hinagiku Z/X  UC  search
B08-017 Double Crime Event  UC  search
B08-098 Dragon Tail Event  search
B08-028 Echo Drum, Veila Z/X  search
B08-096 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Nanda Z/X  SR  search
B08-018 Emperor Dragon VS Radiant Dragon Event  search
B08-045 Evilbane, Disteghil Z/X  search
B08-049 Evilbane, Kommunizm Z/X  search
B08-005 Explosive Workshop, Grenade Z/X  UC  search
B08-091 Fishing Sanzashi Z/X  search
B08-002 Flawless Three Musketeers, Aramis Z/X  UC  search
B08-077 Fly High Event  UC  search
B08-102 Four Archangels - Raphael A.K. Z/X  Z/XR  search
B08-063 Gate of Despair, Bone Gate Z/X  search
B08-003 Goddess of Battle, Morrigan Z/X  search
B08-057 Grace Perfume Event  search
B08-082 Great Beetle, Dudleya Grandis Z/X  search
B08-103 Great Calamities, Satan Z/X  Z/XR  search
B08-053 Great Phantom Thief of the Century, Wire Z/X  SR  search
B08-014 Great Sage Equal of Heaven, Son Goku Z/X  UC  search
B08-058 Happiness Bloom Event  search
B08-085 Heavenly Kogarasu of Parhelion, Gogyou Z/X  search
B08-012 Hero of Imperial Capital, Musashibou Benkei Z/X  UC  search
B08-041 Holy Beast, Aura Barong Z/X  UC  search
B08-054 Holy Beast, Aura Garuda Z/X  search
B08-015 Hyacinth Ore, Zircon Horse Z/X  search
B08-034 Ignition Machine, Pyro Z/X  UC  search
B08-099 Illusion Noise Event  UC  search
B08-009 Incandescent Reef, Magma Ankylo Z/X  search
B08-047 Jewel Beast, Aura Carbuncle Z/X  search
B08-064 Jumping Sprinter Z/X  search
B08-039 Justice Dekopin Event  search
B08-105 Kagamihara Azumi Player  IGR  search
B08-107 Kamiyugi Ayase Player  IGR  search
B08-111 Kurashiki Sera Player  CVR  search
B08-104 Kurosaki Mikado Player  IGR  search
B08-110 Kurosaki Mikado Player  CVR  search
B08-044 Lawbringer, Chhish Z/X  search
B08-048 Lawbringer, Rimo Z/X  UC  search
B08-024 Leisure Performer, Curti Z/X  search
B08-095 Long-bladed Spear of Spring Thunder, Seri Z/X  search
B08-020 Lovely Hug Event  search
B08-052 Lumiere the Radiance Z/X  UC  search
B08-097 Maintenance Time Event  search
B08-055 Marteau the Light Hammer Z/X  UC  search
B08-037 Mirage Rule Event  search
B08-001 Mischievous Fairy, Pixie Z/X  search
B08-027 Mobile Police, Argon Z/X  search
B08-059 Nemesis Zero Event  search
B08-011 Nine Great Heroes, Arthur Z/X  SR  search
B08-066 Noisy Poltergeist Z/X  search
B08-031 Original XIII Type.II "Sd03Ve" Z/X  SR  search
B08-007 Phantom Floating Island, Aspidochelone Z/X  search
B08-026 Pierce Machine, Penetrate Z/X  search
B08-072 Pierced Straw Doll Z/X  search
B08-086 Pillage Beastman, Were-Hyena Z/X  search
B08-088 Playing in Water, Mitsuba Z/X  search
B08-022 Pollution Machine, Infect Z/X  UC  search
B08-010 Rend Bloodstone, Blood Raven Z/X  search
B08-076 Rustling Anko Z/X  SR  search
B08-083 Scout Beastman, Were-Suricate Z/X  UC  search
B08-100 Searching for Truth Event  UC  search
B08-070 Seven Deadly Sins - Demon of Sloth, Acedia Z/X  SR  search
B08-023 Shooting Star, Alhena Z/X  UC  search
B08-004 Silent Bronze, Bronze Lobster Z/X  UC  search
B08-074 Silent Knight, Criminal Chain Z/X  UC  search
B08-067 Skeleton General, Skeletal Officer Z/X  search
B08-021 Slash Claw, Durbe Z/X  UC  search
B08-060 Somali's Military Drill Event  UC  search
B08-062 Spire of Steel, Rakete Z/X  search
B08-006 Steam Mechanical Hand, Steam Hands Z/X  search
B08-084 Stinger Bug, Death Needle Z/X  search
B08-056 Successor of Harmony, K-Two Z/X  SR  search
B08-109 Suguru Raichou Player  IGR  search
B08-106 Tennoji Asuka Player  IGR  search
B08-025 Transformed Burst Runner, Palladium Z/X  search
B08-029 Transformed Government Office, Iridium Z/X  search
B08-032 Transformed Pyramid, Trigold Z/X  search
B08-035 Transportation Union, Nickel Z/X  search
B08-019 Treasure Discovery Meow! Event  search
B08-040 Turbine Bit Event  UC  search
B08-050 Veteran Police Inspector, Cymric Z/X  search
B08-073 Windshear Wings, Axt Z/X  UC  search
B08-046 World Chronicler, Registre Z/X  search

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