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Set 27

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Set 27: 91 cards
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42 Anmodora Spirit  Common  search
25 Beam-Arashi Spirit  Common  search
79 Bird Wind Spell  Rare  search
77 Bullet Fire Spell  Rare  search
34 Chocodra Spirit  Common  search
16 Death-King-Snake Spirit  Common  search
82 Defense Nebula Spell  Common  search
81 Dream Bomb Magic/Burst  Rare  search
49 Flame-Cougar Ultimate  Uncommon  search
2 Homuraitachi Spirit  Common  search
8 Hyades-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
78 Lightning Poison Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
83 Mad Operation Spell  Uncommon  search
17 Mongoose Sword Spirit  Common  search
36 Reiki Spirit  Common  search
3 Ryuuman-Landaxe Spirit  Common  search
6 Ryuuman-Raylancer Spirit  Rare  search
1 Ryuuman-Skysword Spirit  Common  search
80 Seventh Force Spell  Uncommon  search
33 Shinryuu Spirit  Common  search
53 Shubarian-Husky Ultimate  Rare  search
28 TankMobil-M6 Spirit  Common  search
26 TankMobil-Sherman Spirit  Common  search
32 TankMobil-Tiger Spirit  Rare  search
43 The AcrobaticsSoldier Fock Spirit  Common  search
71 The Ancient Capital Giudecca of Souls Nexus  Common  search
65 The AriesAstralArmored AriesBrave Brave  Master Rare  search
55 The BattleMaiden Valkyrie Ultimate  Master Rare  search
76 The Beast Mountain Nexus  Common  search
59 The BeastGeneral Cheedas Ultimate  Rare  search
44 The BeastmanKnight Waterbuck Spirit  Common  search
18 The Bird of WesterlyWinds Zeefalcon Spirit  Common  search
22 The BlueDeityGeneral Lapis-Jaguar Spirit  Common  search
61 The BraveAstralArmored Boll-Bear Brave  Common  search
66 The BraveAstralArmored Leo-Minor Brave  Common  search
39 The BraveDeityGeneral Ou-Ryute Spirit  Uncommon  search
35 The Cape Pentan Spirit  Common  search
63 The CapricorniusAstralArmored BraveCapricorn Brave  Master Rare  search
29 The CarrierEmperor Ridefencer Spirit  Common  search
84 The DarkKnightLord Nemesis Spirit  X Rare  search
51 The DemonPrincess Bizak Ultimate  Rare  search
40 The DivaEarl Coco Spirit  Rare  search
69 The DogAstralArmored Tossa-Sirius Brave  Common  search
14 The EvilDeityGeneral Wiene Spirit  Common  search
38 The FairyMercenary Drury Spirit  Common  search
10 The FallenKnight Ariel Spirit  Common  search
13 The FallenKnight Arioch Spirit  Uncommon  search
15 The FallenKnight Azazel Spirit  Rare  search
11 The FallenKnight Ramiel Spirit  Common  search
31 The FatePrincessDeity Urd Spirit  Master Rare  search
73 The Finoble Streets of Everlasting Winter Nexus  Common  search
72 The Forest of Unstoppable Winds Nexus  Common  search
23 The FourShellsky Aogami Spirit  Common  search
48 The Giant Cepheus Spirit  Common  search
41 The GiantShip's Doctor Gordon Spirit  Common  search
19 The GodBird Hansa Spirit  Uncommon  search
X04 The GodWolf Tempestar Ultimate  X Rare  search
24 The GoldenShellEmperor Rosenberg Spirit  Master Rare  search
85 The GrandAdmiral Claudius Spirit  X Rare  search
62 The GuardianAstralArmored Equu-Leus Brave  Common  search
70 The Heaven Piercing Ballista Nexus  Common  search
67 The HeavenAstralArmored Blanc-Pegase Brave  Common  search
86 The HolyDragonEmperor Ultimate-Savior Ultimate  X Rare  search
90 The LeoAstralArmored LeoBrave Brave  X Rare  search
91 The LibraAstralArmored BraveLibra Brave  X Rare  search
7 The LionDeityGeneral Shieldragon Spirit  Common  search
75 The Military Port City Austere Nexus  Rare  search
4 The RowdyEmperor Tees-Dragon Spirit  Uncommon  search
45 The RubyBeardGiant Barbaros Spirit  Master Rare  search
89 The SagittariusAstralArmored Brave-Sagittarius Brave  X Rare  search
46 The SeaDeityGeneral Elephandar Spirit  Uncommon  search
21 The Sextant Ruri-Author Spirit  Rare  search
20 The ShellBrawler Muguri Spirit  Common  search
37 The SmallSaint Romeda Spirit  Master Rare  search
12 The SnakePriests Briesnake Spirit  Common  search
74 The Star View Observatory Nexus  Common  search
30 The SteelDeityGeneral FortElk Spirit  Common  search
57 The SuperAngelia Pafuel Ultimate  Uncommon  search
68 The TwinsAstralArmored BraveGemini Brave  Rare  search
64 The WhiteAstralArmored Cygnus-Wing Brave  Common  search
47 The WindGeneral Erigyius Spirit  Common  search
5 The WiseDragon Chiron Spirit  Master Rare  search
9 Thun-Daemon Spirit  Common  search
27 Turquoise-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
52 Ultimate-Baaral Ultimate  Uncommon  search
50 Ultimate-Catastrophedragon Ultimate  Uncommon  search
54 Ultimate-Hououga Ultimate  Uncommon  search
60 Ultimate-Phoenix-Golem Ultimate  Uncommon  search
88 Ultimate-Rean Ultimate  X Rare  search
58 Ultimate-Sphin Cross Ultimate  Uncommon  search
56 Ultimate-Wols Ultimate  Uncommon  search

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