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Persona Q Extra Pack

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Persona Q Extra Pack: 32 cards
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PQ-SE21-20 "Gekkou High Group" Akihiko Character  search
PQ-SE21-03 "Gekkou High Group" Amada / “月高組”天田 Character  search
PQ-SE21-09 "Gekkou High Group" Fuuka Character  search
PQ-SE21-18 "Gekkou High Group" Junpei Character  search
PQ-SE21-06 "Gekkou High Group" Koromaru Character  search
PQ-SE21-27 "Gekkou High Group" Mitsuru Character  search
PQ-SE21-02 "Gekkou High Group" P3 Protagonist / “月高組”P3主人公 Character  search
PQ-SE21-21 "Gekkou High Group" Shinjiro Character  search
PQ-SE21-25 "Gekkou High Group" Yukari Character  search
PQ-SE21-04 "Morning" Nanako Character  search
PQ-SE21-24 "Resident of the Velvet Room" Elizabeth Character  search
PQ-SE21-29 "Resident of the Velvet Room" Margaret Character  search
PQ-SE21-28 "Resident of the Velvet Room" Marie Character  search
PQ-SE21-26 "Resident of the Velvet Room" Theodore / “ベルベットルームの住人”テオドア Character  search
PQ-SE21-13 "Yaso High Group" Aigis Character  search
PQ-SE21-12 "Yaso High Group" Chie Character  search
PQ-SE21-17 "Yaso High Group" Kanji Character  search
PQ-SE21-23 "Yaso High Group" Naoto / “八高組”直斗 Character  search
PQ-SE21-01 "Yaso High Group" P4 Protagonist / “八高組”P4主人公 Character  search
PQ-SE21-14 "Yaso High Group" Rise Character  search
PQ-SE21-22 "Yaso High Group" Teddie Character  search
PQ-SE21-05 "Yaso High Group" Yousuke Character  search
PQ-SE21-19 "Yaso High Group" Yukiko Character  search
PQ-SE21-30 Noisy Dining Climax  search
PQ-SE21-11 Rei & Zen, Mysterious Couple Character  search
PQ-SE21-11S Rei & Zen, Mysterious Couple Character  SP  search
PQ-SE21-07 Shadow of the Labyrinth Event  search
PQ-SE21-16 Someone to Protect Climax  search
PQ-SE21-08 Those Who Challenge the Mystery / 謎に挑む者たち Climax  search
PQ-SE21-15 Time to Rest Event  search
PQ-SE21-10 Zen & Rei, Lost Memories Character  search
PQ-SE21-10S Zen & Rei, Lost Memories Character  SP  search

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