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Katanagatari Extra Pack

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Katanagatari Extra Pack: 52 cards
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KG-SE07-37 "7th Master of Kyoutouryuu" Shichika Yasuri / “虚刀流七代目当主”鑢 七花 Character  search
KG-SE07-06 "Capable Subordinate of Princess Hitei" Emonzaemon Souda Character  search
KG-SE07-13 "Family That Becomes Sheath" Konayuki Itezora / “鞘となる一族”凍空 こなゆき Character  search
KG-SE07-30 "First Move 'Suzuran'" Shichika Yasuri / “一の構え『鈴蘭』”鑢 七花 Character  search
KG-SE07-30P "First Move 'Suzuran'" Shichika Yasuri / “一の構え『鈴蘭』”鑢 七花 Character  SP  search
KG-SE07-08 "Immortal" Rinne Higaki / “仙人”彼我木 輪廻 Character  search
KG-SE07-03 "Japan's Strongest Swordsman" Hakuhei Sabi / “日本最強の剣士”錆 白兵 Character  search
KG-SE07-35 "Lord of the Yasuri Household" Nanami / “鑢家家長”鑢 七実 Character  search
KG-SE07-48 "Power of Acknowledgment" Togame / “肯定する強さ”とがめ Character  PR  search
KG-SE07-07 "Shinou Isshouryuu" Zanki Kiguchi Character  search
KG-SE07-12 "Strength of Decline" Princess Hitei / “否定する強さ”否定姫 Character  search
KG-SE07-39 "Togame's Blade" Shichika Yasuri / “とがめの刀”鑢 七花 Character  search
KG-SE07-16 Chainbound Kuizame / 鎖縛の喰鮫 Character  search
KG-SE07-42 Cheerio-! / ちぇりおー! Climax  search
KG-SE07-44 Clash: Nanami versus Shichika / 対決 七実対七花 Climax  search
KG-SE07-04 Emonzaemon, Masked Man / 仮面の男 右衛門左衛門 Character  search
KG-SE07-45 End of Travels / 旅の終わり Climax  search
KG-SE07-02 Ginkaku Uneri, Lord of the Geku Castle / 下酷城城主 宇練 銀閣 Character  search
KG-SE07-24 God houou / 神の鳳凰 Character  search
KG-SE07-15 Hades Koumori / 冥土の蝙蝠 Character  search
KG-SE07-18 Houou, Maniwa / 真庭 鳳凰 Character  search
KG-SE07-11 Hyorigou, Mechanic Doll / からくり人形 日和号 Character  search
KG-SE07-23 Infect Kyouken / 伝染の狂犬 Character  search
KG-SE07-05 Kanara Azekura, Captain of the Armored Pirates / 鎧海賊団船長 校倉 必 Character  search
KG-SE07-32 Kyouto "Yasuri" / 虚刀『鑢』 Character  search
KG-SE07-20 Longevity Umigame / 長寿の海亀 Character  search
KG-SE07-21 Maniwa Bug Group, Maniwa Ninja Troops / 真庭忍軍 真庭虫組 Character  search
KG-SE07-10 Meisai Tsuruga, Sentouryuu Character  search
KG-SE07-33 Nanami Yasuri / 鑢 七実 Character  search
KG-SE07-33P Nanami Yasuri / 鑢 七実 Character  SP  search
KG-SE07-38 Nanami Yasuri, Weak yet Genius / 病弱にして天才 鑢 七実 Character  search
KG-SE07-26 Ninjutsu: Danzaien / 忍法断罪円 Climax  search
KG-SE07-14 Princess Hitei's Tricks / 否定姫の悪巧み Climax  search
KG-SE07-01 Princess Hitei, Supervisor of the Inspection Station of Yanari General Household / 家鳴将軍家直轄内部監察所総監督 否定姫 Character  search
KG-SE07-01P Princess Hitei, Supervisor of the Inspection Station of Yanari General Household / 家鳴将軍家直轄内部監察所総監督 否定姫 Character  SP  search
KG-SE07-09 Princess Hitei, Togame's Rival / とがめの宿敵 否定姫 Character  search
KG-SE07-28 Princess Yousha / 容赦姫 Character  search
KG-SE07-22 Propagate Penguin / 増殖の人鳥 Character  search
KG-SE07-19 Read Kawauso / 読み調べの川獺 Character  search
KG-SE07-17 Reverse-Talk Shirasagi / 逆さ喋りの白鷺 Character  search
KG-SE07-25 Rewind Oshidori / 巻き戻しの鴛鴦 Character  search
KG-SE07-43 Shichika Hachiretsu (Kai) / 七花八裂(改) Climax  search
KG-SE07-47 Togame & Shichika, Beginning the Trip / 旅立ち とがめ&七花 Character  PR  search
KG-SE07-31 Togame & Shichika, Travel of Trials / 試練の旅 とがめ&七花 Character  search
KG-SE07-46 Togame & Shicika, Trip to Gather Katanas Character  PR  search
KG-SE07-34 Togame, Brain Work Specialist / 頭脳労働専門 とがめ Character  search
KG-SE07-27 Togame, Encounter with Shichika / 七花との出会い とがめ Character  search
KG-SE07-27P Togame, Encounter with Shichika / 七花との出会い とがめ Character  SP  search
KG-SE07-40 Togame, Focused / 気合を入れるとがめ Character  search
KG-SE07-36 Togame, Ingenious Strategist Character  search
KG-SE07-29 Togame, Last Directive / 最後の命令 とがめ Character  search
KG-SE07-41 Togame, Smart Strategies and Knacks Character  search

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