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Redemption cards

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Redemption cards: 31 cards
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23 Anaurach the Fangheart Monster  Promo  search
28 Azyrneth's Chosen Chaos  Promo  search
21 Bel-Aenor's Grey Kindred Unit  Promo  search
19 Blade of Soul Stealing Attachment  Promo  search
26 Bogrot's Savage 'Uns Orc & Goblin  Promo  search
7 Doom Bolt Action  Promo  search
25 Evaenarion's Silver Blades High Elf  Promo  search
4 Evaenarion's Silver Company High Elf  Promo  search
8 Fires of Change Action  Promo  search
9 Flames of the Phoenix Action  Promo  search
10 Foot of Gork Action  Promo  search
16 From The Hands of Defeat... Action  Promo  search
5 Gelt's Golden Glyph Action  Promo  search
6 Gherin Azyrneth Chaos  Promo  search
22 Gotrek and Felix Dwarf  Promo  search
11 Gribbit's Wildboyz Orc & Goblin  Promo  search
27 Heralds of Twilight Dark Elf  Promo  search
15 Houton Red's Mercenaries Unit  Promo  search
1 Knights of the White Wolf Empire  Promo  search
31 Lord Xili-Quncani Unit  Promo  search
29 Reinhold's Middenheimers Empire  Promo  search
3 Rune of Adamant Action  Promo  search
30 Shagroth's Gors Chaos  Promo  search
12 Snorri's Stormshooters Dwarf  Promo  search
24 Stone Lords of Karak Norn Dwarf  Promo  search
20 Survey The Battlefield Action  Promo  search
13 The Dragonhelm Attachment  Promo  search
2 The Twilight Coven Dark Elf  Promo  search
17 The White Dwarf Attachment  Promo  search
18 WarCry Action  Promo  search
14 Winds of Magic Action  Promo  search

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