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BS32: 92 cards
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30 Ashigaru Spear Spirit  Common  search
73 Blazing Roar Spell  Common  search
83 Crush and Build Spell  Common  search
34 Cupronicklelizard Spirit  Uncommon  search
74 Dark Initiation Spell  Common  search
81 Divine Spirit Beam Spell  Common  search
72 Flame Slash Spell/Soul Burst  Rare  search
79 Force Cloak Spell/Soul Burst  Rare  search
51 Gandala-Hydra Spirit  Common  search
61 Gohou-Golem Brave  Common  search
60 Himeneko Brave  Master Rare  search
53 Hoojiro-Tiger Spirit  Rare  search
75 Illusion Soul Extraction Spell/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
82 Kannon Thousand Fists Spell/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
37 Keukegen Spirit  Common  search
41 Kinshachi Spirit  Common  search
78 Limited Barrier Spell  Uncommon  search
69 No. 11 Tip Ball Nexus  Uncommon  search
65 No. 25 Grow Celebration Nexus  Common  search
71 No. 26 Capital Capital Nexus/Soul Burst  Common  search
63 No. 32 Island Root Nexus  Rare  search
67 No. 42 Long Cape Nexus  Common  search
62 No. 6 Mountain Shape Nexus  Common  search
11 Onmyou Child Spirit  Uncommon  search
57 Origamimonkey Brave  Common  search
12 Purple Smoke Boar Spirit  Common  search
16 Purple Smoke Tiger Spirit  Uncommon  search
6 Sanzokku-Bear Spirit  Common  search
10 Soul Ogre Spirit  Common  search
77 Spiral Needle Spell/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
76 Tatami Flip Technique Spell  Common  search
55 The ArmorDragonBlade Gouten Brave/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
58 The ArmoredBird Khirenjack Brave  Rare  search
24 The ArmoredMothShinobi Lunihel Spirit  Rare  search
26 The ArmoredMothShinobu Ooshio Spirit/Soul Burst  Common  search
42 The BiwaSwordsman Bokuboku Spirit  Common  search
9 The BlazingBeastGeneral Gurenberos Spirit  Master Rare  search
50 The Bull HermitPriest Spirit  Common  search
66 The Castle Tower Dock Nexus  Common  search
X04 The CleverMachineCommander Tycoon Spirit  X Rare  search
29 The CleverMachineDog Kishudog Spirit  Common  search
36 The CleverMachineFortress Hakugain Spirit/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
31 The CleverMachineMusha S23 Spirit  Common  search
33 The CleverMachineTactician Shimokaze Spirit  Master Rare  search
4 The Cub Tiger Spirit  Common  search
X02 The DivineSpiritKing Amehoshi-no-Mikoto Spirit  X Rare  search
8 The FightingWarDragon Chougen Spirit  Uncommon  search
48 The FiveSacred Douji Spirit  Master Rare  search
56 The FlameDragonKatana Onimaru Brave/Soul Burst  Rare  search
68 The Flowering Yellow Castle Gates Nexus  Common  search
68a The Flowering Yellow Castle Gates Nexus  Common  search
35 The GenjiEightKnights HizamaruBuster Spirit  Rare  search
32 The GenjiEightKnights TsukikazuLancer Spirit  Common  search
28 The GunSoldier Tanegashima Spirit  Common  search
54 The IronFist WisdomKing Spirit/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
70 The Lotus Blossom Pagoda Nexus/Soul Burst  Rare  search
X06 The LotusMonarch Senju Spirit  X Rare  search
47 The MasterBlacksmith Kamemitsu Spirit  Common  search
7 The MushaDragon Rindou Spirit/Soul Burst  Common  search
14 The Mystic Simon Spirit  Common  search
17 The Necromancer Yakumo Spirit  Rare  search
64 The Purple Smoke Valley Nexus  Common  search
52 The PurpleLotus WisdomKing Spirit  Uncommon  search
18 The ReversePriestess Rinne Spirit  Master Rare  search
49 The SeaDragon WisdomKing Spirit  Common  search
X01 The SengokuHero Gyuumonji Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
45 The SengokuPrincess Kuon Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
43 The SengokuPrincess Kuzunoha Spirit  Uncommon  search
38 The SengokuPrincess Mizuki Spirit  Common  search
39 The SengokuPrincess Turel Spirit  Master Rare  search
15 The Shikigami Garan Spirit  Common  search
13 The Shikigami Shuukai Spirit  Common  search
XX02 The SixAbsoluteDeities Affection El-Rafil Spirit  X Rare  search
XX01 The SixAbsoluteDeities Harvest-Thearth Spirit  X Rare  search
23 The StrangeFang Shinobi Jagan Spirit/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
25 The StrangeFangShinobi Kangaroo Spirit  Common  search
20 The StrangeFangShinobi Momonja Spirit  Common  search
5 The SwordsWarDragon Muramasa-Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
59 The TortoiseShellBeast Kabutogame Brave  Common  search
2 The WesternMusha Hakurai Spirit  Common  search
22 The WindDemon Greyknight Spirit  Uncommon  search
21 The WindDemon Sasakunai Spirit  Common  search
27 The WindDemonGreatShinobi Tokizane Spirit  Master Rare  search
X03 The WindDemonHead Shinobiou Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
46 The YellowSnake Douji Spirit  Common  search
44 The YoukaiBeast Nue Spirit  Rare  search
X05 The YoukaiGeneral Kashaneko-Ikusa Spirit  X Rare  search
19 Thornant Spirit  Common  search
3 Tsunobazuku Spirit  Common  search
1 Tsunotanu Spirit  Common  search
80 Yourai Spark Spell/Soul Burst  Common  search
40 Yuki Girl Spirit  Uncommon  search

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