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BS33: 95 cards
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32 Ashigaru Gunner Spirit  Common  search
77 Beast Fang Whirlwind Blade Spell  Uncommon  search
82 Brimming Summon Seas Spell  Common  search
79 Diamond Wall Spell  Common  search
CP03 Double Blaster Spell/Soul Burst  Promo  search
1 Dramaru Spirit  Common  search
38 E-Vulture Spirit/Soul Burst  Common  search
73 Fierce Dragon Flame Spell  Common  search
75 Fuurin Kazan Spell/Soul Burst  Common  search
22 Gaganbou Spirit  Uncommon  search
47 General Setodaishou Spirit  Common  search
83 Halo Liquidation Spell  Common  search
2 Homuragdoll Spirit  Uncommon  search
11 Honezumi Spirit  Common  search
13 Kemuriten Spirit  Common  search
42 Kinutanuki Spirit  Common  search
80 Kitsunebi Impact Spell  Common  search
50 Kyuubi Fox Spirit  Rare  search
50a Kyuubi Fox Spirit  Rare  search
78 Light Wings Sword Spell  Uncommon  search
59 Makkuoceros Spirit  Common  search
45 Makuragaeshi Kid Spirit  Common  search
36 Menoudragon Spirit  Rare  search
34 Musha Lizard Spirit  Common  search
5 Mushaceratops Spirit  Common  search
64 No. 12 Thousand Leaf Nexus  Common  search
66 No. 15 New Lagoon Nexus  Common  search
70 No. 2 Blue Forest Nexus  Common  search
62 No. 21 Divergence Hill Nexus  Common  search
68 No. 37 Fragrance River Nexus  Common  search
60 No. 43 Bear Book Nexus  Common  search
72 One-Shot Sure-Hit Draw Spell  Common  search
12 Purple Smoke Butterfly Spirit  Common  search
19 Purple Smoke Lion Spirit  Rare  search
74 Reverse Soul Curse Spell  Rare  search
56 Sasorizan Spirit  Common  search
6 Sengoku-Condor Spirit/Soul Burst  Rare  search
55 Shumokupanther Spirit  Uncommon  search
81 Soul Waltz Spell/Soul Burst  Rare  search
76 Summoning Technique Spell  Common  search
71 The Amitabha Tathagata Statue Nexus/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
23 The ArmoredMothShinobi Hyakude Spirit  Common  search
10 The AwakenedDragon Sumeragi-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
67 The Clever Machine Warship Futsunomitama Nexus/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
33 The CleverMachineBeast Shouen Spirit  Common  search
37 The CleverMachineDog Akitadog Spirit  Rare  search
35 The CleverMachineDragon ShiroganeDragon Spirit  Common  search
X03 The DaimyoBeast Yaibanokami Spirit  X Rare  search
17 The DarkAscetic Kurama Spirit  Uncommon  search
20 The DragonMaskOgre Biranba Spirit  Master Rare  search
40 The GenjiEightKnights Omodaka-the-Bushido Spirit  Common  search
39 The GenjiEightKnights TatenashiFortress Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
61 The Great Dragon Castle Honmaru Nexus/Soul Burst  Rare  search
CP02 The GunAngelia Canon Spirit/Soul Burst  Promo  search
CP01 The IceHero Mibrock-Baragan Spirit/Soul Burst  Promo  search
7 The LongswordGeneral Zangekidragon Spirit  Uncommon  search
X01 The MasterSwordsmanDragon Samurai-Dragon-Amatsu Spirit  X Rare  search
52 The MedicineSeller Terinosuke Spirit  Common  search
21 The Messenger Jenet Spirit  Common  search
15 The OgreHorseMusha Kugai Spirit  Common  search
58 The Peafowl WisdomKing Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
69 The Princesses' Floating Garden Nexus/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
57 The RagingSeaGeneral Shamon Spirit  Rare  search
4 The ResplendentCommander Hyoujindragon Spirit  Common  search
27 The Retainer Higumaru Spirit  Common  search
24 The Retainer Ratel Spirit  Common  search
26 The Retainer Yukinojou Spirit  Common  search
9 The RiderDragonGeneral Gaishuu Spirit  Rare  search
63 The Rocky Ogre Fortress Nexus/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
16 The ScytheOgre Shigan Spirit  Rare  search
48 The SengokuPrincess Kei Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
46 The SengokuPrincess Mikage Spirit  Uncommon  search
X05 The SengokuPrincess Mikoto Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
43 The SengokuPrincess Nadeshiko Spirit  Common  search
41 The SengokuPrincess Tanpopo Spirit  Common  search
49 The SengokuSixGeneral Bakelkatze Ultimate  Master Rare  search
X02 The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou Ultimate  X Rare  search
X04 The SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku Ultimate  X Rare  search
29 The SengokuSixGeneral Tensei Ultimate  Master Rare  search
X06 The SengokuSixGeneral Tidal-Blue Ultimate  X Rare  search
25 The ShellMusha Shikaku Spirit  Uncommon  search
28 The ShellWindDemon Yoroizumo Spirit  Rare  search
18 The Shikigami Kobushi Spirit  Common  search
54 The ShoreMusha Kirisame Spirit  Common  search
65 The Shuriken Ground Nexus/Soul Burst  Uncommon  search
XX01 The SixAbsoluteDeities Burly-Drag-Magna Spirit  X Rare  search
XX02 The SixAbsoluteDeities Sealing-Storm-Hydre Spirit  X Rare  search
8 The SunSkyDragon Rengyou Spirit  Common  search
53 The SurgeMusha Seijuurou Spirit  Common  search
3 The Tactician Crowderdragon Spirit  Common  search
51 The WaterMaster Otto Spirit  Common  search
30 The WindDemonGreatShinobi Quetzal Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
44 Tofuboy Spirit  Uncommon  search
14 Wolf Ogre Spirit  Common  search
31 Zakurokabutokage Spirit  Common  search

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