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WX-10 Chained Selector

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
WX-10 Chained Selector: 115 cards
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WX10-110 Aiyai LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-003 Aiyai★JOKER LRIG  LR  search
WX10-102 Aiyai★JOKER LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-017 Aiyai★Rays LRIG  LC  search
WX10-062 Amst, Roaring Gun SIGNI  search
WX10-016 Anne=Fourth, Early Clear Air ARTS  LC  search
WX10-032 Arowana, Water Phantom Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-090 Ashinaga, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-083 Ayatori, First Play SIGNI  search
WX10-034 Beigoma, Fourth Play Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-106 Beigoma, Fourth Play Princess SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-070 Beluga, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-023 Black Coffin ARTS  LC  search
WX10-091 Bokumakiri, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-065 Budo, Small Gun SIGNI  search
WX10-081 Buranko, Second Play SIGNI  search
WX10-085 Call Spell  search
WX10-004 Chain W Cannon ARTS  LR  search
WX10-109 Chemical Flash ARTS  Secret  search
WX10-038 Claras, Ultimate Sword SIGNI  search
WX10-051 Close Zone Spell  search
WX10-050 Code Anti Elechair SIGNI  search
WX10-092 Code Anti Hammerfake SIGNI  search
WX10-067 Code Art WGM SIGNI  search
WX10-033 Code Heart SWT SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-105 Code Heart SWT SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-045 COOLING OFF Spell  search
WX10-060 Cross Bounce Spell  search
WX10-019 Cup, Green Third Play Resona SIGNI  LC  search
WX10-005 Dragon Extinguishing Chain ARTS  LR  search
WX10-068 Dugong, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-073 EAT STAR Spell  search
WX10-013 Eldora×Mark III+ LRIG  LC  search
WX10-002 Eldora×Mark IV SUPER LRIG  LR  search
WX10-069 Erenozu, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-061 Figate, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX10-025 Five Rainbow ARTS  LC  search
WX10-031 Flame Cut of the Greatsword Spell  SR  search
WX10-066 Flame Rock of the Descending Star Spell  search
WX10-015 Flash Back ARTS  LC  search
WX10-047 Furami, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX10-089 Ganesha, Joy of Transgression SIGNI  search
WX10-053 Gathering Protection Spell  search
WX10-042 Guriana, Phantom Dragon SIGNI  search
WX10-039 Hachikyu, Greatsword SIGNI  search
WX10-094 Hanamakiri, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-TR02 Hanayo LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-009 Hanayo-Three, Binding Magic Flame LRIG  LC  search
WX10-077 Hashibiro, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX10-041 Hoiwas, Ballista SIGNI  search
WX10-011 Horse-Driving Flame Whip ARTS  LC  search
WX10-030 Iris Agate, Natural Stone SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-104 Iris Agate, Natural Stone SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-071 Iruka, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-088 Jigabachi, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-086 Karemakiri, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-082 Kendama, First Play SIGNI  search
WX10-048 Kisekae, Third Play SIGNI  search
WX10-024 Kumamusu, Black Phantom Insect Resona SIGNI  LC  search
WX10-035 Luster Spell  SR  search
WX10-059 M Five, Small Sword SIGNI  search
WX10-006 Merrygoron, Green Fourth Play Resona SIGNI  LR  search
WX10-TR04 Midoriko LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-012 Mirurun Milli LRIG  LC  search
WX10-095 Mitsubachi, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-021 Myuu=Icro LRIG  LC  search
WX10-072 Nafushu, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-080 Nagenawa, Second Play SIGNI  search
WX10-063 Napolehou, Explosive Gun SIGNI  search
WX10-078 Nawatobi, Third Play SIGNI  search
WX10-108 Nickel, Natural Source SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-054 Nuadu, Greatsword SIGNI  search
WX10-076 Ohajiki, Third Play SIGNI  search
WX10-049 Oomakiri, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX10-087 Parva, Waterside of Transgression SIGNI  search
WX10-026 Penalty Chance ARTS  LC  search
WX10-044 Pirarucu, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-TR03 Piruluk LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-008 Pluto, White Natural Star Resona SIGNI  LC  search
WX10-040 Resonance Spell  search
WX10-027 Ring Draw ARTS  LC  search
WX10-029 Rokukei, Ultimate Sword SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-064 Sabaana, Phantom Dragon SIGNI  search
WX10-057 Sanju, Medium Sword SIGNI  search
WX10-075 Saramawa, Third Play SIGNI  search
WX10-007 Sashe Moitié, Praying Messenger LRIG  LC  search
WX10-099 Servant D3 SIGNI  search
WX10-100 Servant O3 SIGNI  search
WX10-097 Servant Q3 SIGNI  search
WX10-098 Servant T3 SIGNI  search
WX10-052 Servant Y SIGNI  search
WX10-043 Shachi, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX10-079 Shigabosu, Second Play SIGNI  search
WX10-037 Shiva, Roaring Fang of Transgression SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-093 Skanda, Skanda of Transgression SIGNI  search
WX10-020 Spride, Green Third Play Resona SIGNI  LC  search
WX10-018 Storm Warning ARTS  LC  search
WX10-TR01 Tama LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-101 Tamayorihime Five, the Flame LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-028 Tansar Four, Natural Star Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-103 Tansar Four, Natural Star Princess SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-058 Tansar One, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX10-055 Tansar Three, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX10-056 Tansar Two, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX10-010 Three of Tamayorihime, Fiery Gun Dance LRIG  LC  search
WX10-074 Tsunahiki, Fourth Play SIGNI  search
WX10-TR05 Ulith LRIG  Secret  search
WX10-084 Untei, First Play SIGNI  search
WX10-022 Ut'ulls Chain ARTS  LC  search
WX10-036 Vesper, Great Phantom Insect SIGNI  SR  search
WX10-107 Vesper, Great Phantom Insect SIGNI  Secret  search
WX10-096 Violence Jealousy Spell  search
WX10-014 Worst Condition ARTS  LC  search
WX10-046 Yoyo, Fourth Play SIGNI  search
WX10-001 Tamayorihime Five, the Flame LRIG  LR  search

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