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BSC25: 54 cards
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49 Assemble Wind Spell  Common  search
38 Beetle Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
37 Bone Beast Demon-God Brave  Common  search
5 Ceratosaura Spirit  Common  search
4 Corythosaura Spirit  Common  search
34 Curse Demon-God Brave  Common  search
47 Death Hazard Spell  Rare  search
33 Dinosaur Demon-God Brave  Common  search
48 Double Sonic Spell  Rare  search
35 Dragon Machine Demon-God Brave  Master Rare  search
7 Dragonoid-Blizzard Spirit  Common  search
6 Dragonoid-Fire Spirit  Common  search
40 Eagle Demon-God Brave  Common  search
45 Flame Blow Spell  Common  search
x04 Flame Demon-God Brave  X Rare  search
36 Holy Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
44 Imagine Draw Spell  Rare  search
46 Imagine Return Spell  Common  search
22 Kurumahopper Spirit  Common  search
39 Leopard Demon-God Brave  Common  search
1 Modernic-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
12 Purple Smoke Crocodile Spirit  Common  search
29 The ArmoredMothShinobi Higenaga Spirit  Master Rare  search
30 The ArmoredMothShinobi Nokogiri Spirit  Master Rare  search
41 The Awakening Demon-God of Flame Nexus  Common  search
20 The BlackDragonRider Darks Spirit  Master Rare  search
13 The BoneKeeper Escuda Spirit  Common  search
14 The BoneKeeper Lanchea Spirit  Common  search
x02 The DemonGodDragonRider Gardea Spirit  X Rare  search
43 The Dormant Demon-God of Wind Nexus  Common  search
21 The DriveCat Devon Spirit  Common  search
28 The DriveCat Mainecoo Spirit  Common  search
27 The DriveCat Somalily Spirit  Common  search
23 The EighthKnight Alver-Sephyros Spirit  Rare  search
24 The EighthKnight Blast-Condor Spirit  Rare  search
2 The FirstArmoredHorse Percheron Spirit  Common  search
42 The Holy and Accursed Triumphal Arch Nexus  Common  search
15 The HolyDemon Desperia Spirit  Common  search
16 The HolyDemon Esperansa Spirit  Common  search
19 The HolyDragonRider Paladium Spirit  Master Rare  search
18 The MatchlessMusha Sakuma-Guardian Spirit  Rare  search
17 The MatchlessMusha Shibata-Guardian Spirit  Rare  search
x01 The SeventhFlameEmperor Blazel Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
25 The SkyKnight Gold-Pheasant Spirit  Common  search
26 The SkyKnight Silver-Crane Spirit  Common  search
11 The SnakePriest Rhinora Spirit  Common  search
3 The ThirdBlackImperialSteed Andaluzia Spirit  Rare  search
10 The ThirdWhiteImperialSteed Lipitzzaner Spirit  Rare  search
8 The TranquilityDragon Peacemaker Spirit  Master Rare  search
9 The WarfareDragon Warmonger Spirit  Master Rare  search
x03 The WhitePhoenixFowl Silvias Spirit  X Rare  search
32 Twin Headed Demon-God Brave  Common  search
31 Unicorn Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
x05 Wind Demon-God Brave  X Rare  search

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