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BS36: 90 cards
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32 Akashic Guard Spirit  Common  search
29 Beam-Erkat Spirit  Common  search
76 Bonbeam Magic/Burst  Rare  search
46 Bontan Spirit  Common  search
65 Bronze Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
63 Divine Demon-God Brave  Common  search
75 Dream Barrier Spell  Common  search
59 Fang Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
57 Fire Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
72 Flame Barricade Spell  Rare  search
19 Fluorite-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
37 Gatlingpolar Spirit  Common  search
35 Giant-Panguard Spirit  Common  search
2 Gladiator Dragon Spirit  Common  search
5 Gorgosaurus Spirit  Rare  search
4 Haflingam Spirit  Common  search
38 Hangyoron Spirit  Common  search
1 Horned Weasel Spirit  Common  search
41 Jack O'Lantern Spirit  Rare  search
49 Kamonogennai Spirit  Common  search
64 Lobster Demon-God Brave  Common  search
58 Mystic Demon-God Brave  Common  search
61 Mythril Demon-God Brave  Master Rare  search
67 No. 16 Rich Mountain Nexus  Common  search
69 No. 28 Soldier Storehouse Nexus  Rare  search
70 No. 29 Apple Good Nexus  Common  search
66 No. 31 Bird Hunting Nexus  Common  search
71 No. 47 Offing Rope Nexus  Rare  search
68 No. 8 Thorn Castle Nexus  Common  search
11 Ourodra Spirit  Common  search
73 Poison Breath Spell  Rare  search
62 Pudding Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
14 Purple Smoke Fish Spirit  Common  search
30 Saber-Phoneus Spirit  Common  search
17 Skull Dragon Spirit  Common  search
54 Snakiraffe Spirit  Common  search
74 Sonic Bind Spell  Rare  search
12 Steam Snake Spirit  Common  search
51 Tanubeet Spirit  Common  search
21 The Beeman Bumble-B Spirit  Common  search
24 The Beeman Carpente-B Spirit  Common  search
28 The Beeman Leefcutta-B Spirit  Common  search
55 The BentenPrincess Saraswati Spirit  Rare  search
x08 The Blue OriginDragon Bangaea Spirit  X Rare  search
x06 The BoarTwelveGodKing Calamity-Boar Spirit  X Rare  search
x02 The DragonTwelveGodKing Ourovorius Spirit  X Rare  search
x03 The EighthMachBraver Sonicwasp-Ace Spirit  X Rare  search
53 The EighthStrangeBeast Twinhead Lion Spirit  Rare  search
20 The FarmerBird Hisui Spirit  Common  search
13 The Fifth's FourDragonHorsemen Red Rider Spirit  Rare  search
16 The Fifth's FourDragonHorsemen White Rider Spirit  Master Rare  search
x01 The FiveGoodDragonEmperors Aurelius Spirit  X Rare  search
7 The FiveGoodDragonEmperors Hadrianus Spirit  Common  search
9 The FiveGoodDragonEmperors Nerva Spirit  Common  search
8 The FiveGoodDragonEmperors Pius Spirit  Master Rare  search
10 The FiveGoodDragonEmperors Trajanus Spirit  Rare  search
CP02 The FourthKnight Wedgetail Spirit  X Rare  search
26 The FourthKnightCaptian Inuwasher Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
33 The FourthWarMachine Hervor Spirit  Rare  search
34 The FourthWarMachine Thrud Spirit  Rare  search
47 The Fruitsel Kyo-Houn Spirit  Master Rare  search
44 The Fruitsel La-Fran Spirit  Common  search
39 The Fruitsel Momopeach Spirit  Common  search
42 The GourmetFairy Sundae Spirit  Common  search
45 The GourmetFairy Suzette Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
x05 The GourmetFairyPrincess Fromage Spirit  X Rare  search
15 The GrimReaperNinthDragon Jet-The-Ripper Spirit  Master Rare  search
43 The IncognitoPrincess Suseri Spirit  Rare  search
6 The LavaBeast Volrus Spirit  Common  search
3 The NinthHorse Trakehner Spirit  Rare  search
P16-09A The PhantomGodKing Zemrias (Purple) Spirit  Promo  search
P16-09E The PhantomGodKing Zemrias(Green) Spirit  Promo  search
P16-09R The PhantomGodKing Zemrias(Red) Spirit  Promo  search
50 The SecondExplosiveBeast Hipcamel Spirit  Common  search
22 The SecondKnight Peliguard Spirit  Common  search
36 The SecondMachineBeast Drillasmoth Spirit  Master Rare  search
31 The SecondMachineBeast Indicotheriumer Spirit  Common  search
CP01 The SeventhSkyBeast Radiant-Pegas Spirit  Promo X  search
23 The Sixth's Beeman Mon-Hornet-B Spirit  Rare  search
x04 The SixthArtifactMecha Mammo-Aegis Spirit  X Rare  search
25 The StrangeFangShinobi Cheetah Spirit  Common  search
27 The StrayNinja Nijirou Spirit  Rare  search
52 The TenthExplosiveBeast Babyracer Spirit  Common  search
56 The TenthExplosiveBeast Grizzcrash Spirit  Master Rare  search
18 The Third's Purple Smoke Giant Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
x07 The White OriginDragon Metropolista Spirit  X Rare  search
48 Urimadillo Spirit  Common  search
77 Wild Crash Spell  Common  search
60 Wolf Demon-God Brave  Common  search
40 Wolfboy Spirit  Common  search

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