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Series I Alpha

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Series I Alpha: 98 cards
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64a Argonian Battlecruiser - Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser [Star Left] search
64b Argonian Battlecruiser - Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser [Star Right] search
58 Argonian Destroyer - Argonian Blizzard Destroyer search
55a Argonian Frigate - Argonian Sunspot Frigate [Shadow Left] search
55b Argonian Frigate - Argonian Sunspot Frigate [Shadow Right] search
63 Argonian Heavy Cruiser - Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser [S6] search
61 Argonian Light Cruiser - Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser search
25 Argonian Strobe search
69 Asteroid Belt - Benakis Asteroid Belt search
78 Asteroid Field search
4 Base Station search
79 Black Hole search
5a Boarding Party search
5b Boarding Party [Corporate Human] search
56 Bolaar Light Pirate Raider search
84 Bolaar Pirate Raider [CG's 1st Mail Order] search
39 Breakdown [O1] search
44 Breakdown [O5] search
47 Bribe Pirate search
12 Captain search
13 Cargo search
67 Comet - Biruk's Comet search
71 Comet - Indig's Comet search
2a Defensive Satellites [Planet Left] search
2b Defensive Satellites [Planet Right] search
24 Deflection/Transfer Device search
6 Doctor R/C  search
7a Engineer [Indirigan - no shoulders] search
7b Engineer [Indirigan - with shoulders] search
23 Fighter R/E  search
9 Fighter Pilot search
48a Fleet Freighter [Front Left] search
48b Fleet Freighter [Front Right] search
51 Fleet Tug search
41 Forced Retreat [O3] search
45 Forced Retreat [O5] search
83 Growing Economy [Galactic Intercom #2 Insert] search
22 Heavy Phaser Refit search
20 Heavy Shield Refit search
40 Illness search
42 Injury search
38 Invinco Guardian search
27 Ion Storm [H2] search
31 Ion Storm [H5] search
52 Krebiz Battle Capsule search
62a Krebiz Claw Heavy Cruiser [Dust] search
62b Krebiz Claw Heavy Cruiser [Planet] search
53a Krebiz Clipper Frigate [Claws Left] search
53b Krebiz Clipper Frigate [Claws Right] search
54 Krebiz Heavy Capsule search
49 Krebiz Light Capsule search
59a Krebiz Mandible Light Cruiser - Krebiz Mandible Lt. Cruiser [Blue Planet] search
59b Krebiz Mandible Light Cruiser - Krebiz Mandible Lt. Cruiser [No Planet] search
50 Krebiz Medium Capsule search
57 Krebiz Pincer Destroyer search
14 Krebiz Pseudo Capsule search
65 Large Asteroid search
37 Large Phaser Eel search
10b Marine [Gable art] R/C  search
10a Marine [Matson art] R/C  search
70 Moon search
74 Nebula - Homecloud Nebula search
30a Nova [Effect Left] search
30b Nova [Effect Right] search
17 Phaser Refit search
75 Planet - Candor II search
76 Planet - Vektrea Prime search
80a Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas Giant search
80b Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas Giant [Probe Telemetry] search
34 Planet Gouge search
1 Planetary Shield search
28 Plasma Field T/H  search
15 Probe search
29 Pulsar search
43 Repair Delivery R/O  search
8 Science Officer R/C  search
35 Shield Fiend search
16 Shield Refit search
21a Shuttlecraft [Nose Left] R/E  search
21b Shuttlecraft [Nose Right] R/E  search
66 Small Moon search
72 Small Moon - Aldibrik Munitions Plant search
68 Small Nebula - Kalin's Small Red Nebula search
33 Small Phaser Eel search
73 Small Planet - Bolaar IV search
77 Small System - The Cramannerak System search
36 Space Dragon search
3 Space Station search
46 Surprise Attack search
81 System - Argo search
82 System - The Scandig System search
26 Time Warp search
18 Tractor Beam R/E  search
19 Transporter R/E  search
32 Type II Supernova search
60 Vektrean Light Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Light Cruiser search
11a Weapons Officer [Bolaar] search
11b Weapons Officer [Scorpead] search

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