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Series V Time Gates

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Series V Time Gates: 157 cards
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117 Accelerated Aging search
108 Accelerated Burn search
129 Ante Accelerator search
75 Anti-Time Exchange search
66 Anti-Time Mine Field search
77 Artifact - Timeglass search
4 Aurora Borealis search
102 Base Relocation search
50 Base Thrusters R/E  search
135 Catastrophic Repetition search
118 Cessation of Engagement R/O  search
113 Cessation of Events R/O  search
130 Cessation of Fire R/O  search
126 Cessation of Production R/O  search
131 Cessation of Time R/O  search
119 Continuum Disorder R/O  search
120 Crew Capture search
31 Criminal Judge search
109 Crinkled Timeline R/O  search
15 Cryogenic Convict search
90 Cybercyst search
18 Cybersist search
103 Discard Delay R/O  search
84 Discard Equivalency search
114 Discard Exchange R/O  search
43 Distortion Generator R/E  search
104 Dream State R/O  search
9 Dyson Sphere search
105 Early Shipment search
57 Entity Swap R/H  search
36 Father of Time search
115 Flood search
78 Frayed Time Spindle search
55 Future Ship search
106 Future Transmission search
121 Galacticnet search
79 Headquarters Overhaul search
110 Instant Reaction R/O  search
98 Intercept Action R/O  search
19 Invasion Force search
10 Janitor R/C  search
111 Lost In Space R/O  search
3 Mirror Skinned Phaser Eel search
80 Modified Timeline search
5 Monster Halt search
147 Out of Phase World search
127 Out of Season R/O  search
99 Past Transmission R/O  search
51 Phaser Distorter search
1 Premonition R/A  search
128 Quantum Occurrence search
8 Repair Supply Base search
132 Repeat Fire search
89 Research Mandator search
133 Reserve Call Up R/O  search
122 Resource Theft R/O  search
71 Sequential Continuum search
136 Ship from the Future R/S  search
107a Shipping Delays #1 R/O  search
107j Shipping Delays #10 R/O  search
107b Shipping Delays #2 R/O  search
107c Shipping Delays #3 R/O  search
107d Shipping Delays #4 R/O  search
107e Shipping Delays #5 R/O  search
107f Shipping Delays #6 R/O  search
107g Shipping Delays #7 R/O  search
107h Shipping Delays #8 R/O  search
107i Shipping Delays #9 R/O  search
58 Space-Time Diversion search
45 Space-Time Portal search
67 Star Well R/H  search
52 Starburst Accelerator search
39 Statis Canister - Stasis Canister R/E  search
62 Stellar Gas Cloud R/H  search
91 Suark Beast search
11 Suark Breed [C1] search
13 Suark Breed [C2] search
16 Suark Breed [C3] search
20 Suark Breed [C4] search
24 Suark Breed [C5] search
28 Suark Breed [C6] search
85 Suspended Animation R/L  search
6 Temporal Comprehension search
76 Temporal Correction R/L  search
34 Temporal Engineer R/C  search
56 Temporal Fighter search
61 Temporal Ion Storm search
73 Temporal Loophole search
21 Temporal Mechanic search
2 Temporal Shifter search
46 Temporal Shuttle search
88 Temporal Snake [M2/8] search
93 Temporal Snake [M4/6] search
97 Temporal Snake [M6/4] search
41 Temporal Transporter [R/E3] R/E  search
47 Temporal Transporter [R/E7] R/E  search
29 Time Assault Team R/C  search
40 Time Capsule [E2] search
42 Time Capsule [E4] search
44 Time Capsule [E6] search
100 Time Compression R/O  search
134 Time Discrepancy R/O  search
38 Time Dragoness [D6] search
146 Time Enclave [T2] search
148 Time Enclave [T6] search
74 Time Evacuation R/L  search
72 Time Exchange R/L  search
116 Time Expansion search
94 Time Fiend search
48 Time Gap Generator R/E  search
123 Time Gate R/O  search
95 Time Guardian search
68 Time Intrusion search
124 Time Jump R/O  search
92 Time Keeper R/M  search
12 Time Knight [C1/9] search
37 Time Knight [C10] search
14 Time Knight [C2/8] search
17 Time Knight [C3/7] search
23 Time Knight [C4/6] search
27 Time Knight [C5/5] search
30 Time Knight [C6/4] search
32 Time Knight [C7/3] search
33 Time Knight [C8/2] search
35 Time Knight [C9/1] search
7 Time Lore R/A  search
53 Time Machine search
25 Time Merchant search
49 Time Screen R/E  search
54 Time Shield search
137 Time Ship [S1] search
139 Time Ship [S3] search
142 Time Ship [S5] search
101 Time Skip R/O  search
112 Time Switch R/O  search
96 Time Thief search
63 Time Tornado search
59 Time Trap R/H  search
64 Time Typhoon R/H  search
60 Time Wave [H5] search
65 Time Wave [H7] search
69 Time Wave [H9] search
86 Timeline Alteration search
87 Timeline Reversal search
144 Tranoan Battlecruiser search
140 Tranoan Destroyer search
145 Tranoan Dreadnought search
138 Tranoan Frigate search
143 Tranoan Time Cruiser search
141 Tranoan Time Ship search
22 Trophy Hunter R/C  search
81 Twist of Fate R/L  search
70 Unlucky Crew Action R/L  search
82 Vacuum Effect R/L  search
26 Veterinarian R/C  search
83 Well of Time search
125 Wreckage Survivors search

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