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Ultra Advent Saga Volume 1 – Awakening Saga

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Ultra Advent Saga Volume 1 – Awakening Saga: 125 cards
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21 Aliegon Spirit  Common  search
62 Amahydra Spirit  Common  search
33 Amanita Deer Spirit  Common  search
87 Aphrodite's Grandflower Temple Nexus  Common  search
4 Avatar Dragon Blue Spirit  Common  search
1 Avatar Dragon Red Spirit  Common  search
16 Baby Aliegon Spirit  Common  search
95 Belladonna Field Spell  Common  search
88 Brahma Flame Spell  Common  search
85 Brahma's Creation Temple Nexus  Common  search
RV007 Brave Draw Spell  Common  search
93 Clover Field Spell  Common  search
SP01 Dan Bashin Nexus  Promo  search
RV011 Flower Dance Draw Spell  Common  search
20 Galafin Snake Spirit  Common  search
17 Godseeker DancingDragon Nataraja Spirit  Common  search
48 Godseeker GrandflowerFairy Primula Spirit  Common  search
3 Godseeker PrayerDragon Abinaya Spirit  Common  search
RV008 Grim Reaper Spell  Common  search
34 Guineafowlrus Spirit  Common  search
94 Iris Field Spell  Rare  search
29 Kathakali Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
28 Mother Aliegon Spirit  Common  search
25 Mridangam Dragon Spirit  Common  search
32 Mushbit Spirit  Common  search
19 Muthu Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
22 Navarasa Dragon Spirit  Common  search
90 Nix Spark Spell  Common  search
38 Pinscher-Vivum Spirit  Common  search
92 Primrose Field Spell  Common  search
RV010 Regain Spell  Common  search
47 Sefer Spirit  Common  search
89 Shiva Castastrophe Spell  Common  search
86 Shiva's Destroyal Temple Nexus  Common  search
RV012 Spinning Sword Spell  Common  search
96 Splashing Horn Spell  Common  search
RV006 The AncientBeastKing Gilgamesh Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
7 The AstralBeastDragon Kyparissos Spirit  Common  search
10thX03 The BalanceDeity Libra-Golem X Spirit  X Rare  search
10 The BraveWarHorse Pedasos-Z Spirit  Common  search
8 The ChakramDragon Ma-Kram -Humanoid Form- Spirit  Common  search
81 The CharisSpiritWand Butterfly-Effect Brave  Master Rare  search
X01 The CreatorDragonDeity Generator Dragon-Zero Spirit  X Rare  search
X08 The CreatorGrandwalker Brahma Nexus  X Rare  search
RV002 The DarkKnight Lancelot Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
X02 The DestroyerDragonDeity Valdrum Spirit  X Rare  search
75 The DestroyerDragonSpear Trishula Brave  Master Rare  search
27 The DestroyerEvilDragon Maheshvara Spirit  Master Rare  search
X09 The DestroyerGrandwalker Shiva Nexus  X Rare  search
76 The DivineEvilTalon Godnail Brave  Common  search
78 The DivineFangblade Godfang Brave  Rare  search
84 The DivineMagicSword Godblade Brave  Common  search
80 The DivineMightyLance Godlance Brave  Common  search
82 The DivineStarStaff Godstaff Brave  Common  search
74 The DivineTwinSword God Edge Brave  Common  search
69 The EgytianAngelia Medjel Ultimate  Rare  search
70 The EgytianGreatAngelia Sopdiel Ultimate  Master Rare  search
RV004 The ElectricMan Train Spirit  Common  search
9 The ExplosiveDragon Ma-Zega- -Humanoid Form- Spirit  Master Rare  search
RV001 The FlameDragonDevil Ma-Gwo Spirit  Rare  search
44 The FullmoonMachineBeast Moon-Grizzly Spirit  Common  search
49 The GrandflowerFairy Azalea Spirit  Rare  search
51 The GrandflowerFairy Belladonna Spirit  Master Rare  search
50 The GrandflowerFairy Clover Spirit  Common  search
55 The GrandflowerFairy Gerbera Spirit  Rare  search
53 The GrandflowerFairy Iris Spirit  Common  search
54 The GrandflowerFairy Licorice Spirit  Common  search
56 The GrandflowerFairyQueen Marigold Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
X05 The GrandflowerHolySpirit Aphro-Urania Spirit  X Rare  search
59 The GrandseaBullKing Asterion Spirit  Common  search
58 The GrandseaPirate Semeel Spirit  Common  search
61 The GrandseaPirateCaptain Narwilliam Spirit  Common  search
X06 The GrandseaPirateEmperor Triton Spirit  X Rare  search
64 The GrandseaPirateShip Charybdis -Goddess Incarnate- Spirit/Burst  Common  search
83 The GrandseaTrident Triaina-Giga Brave  Rare  search
X10 The Grandwalker Aphrodite Nexus  X Rare  search
XX02 The Grandwalker Lilia Nexus  X Rare  search
39 The HeroBeast Bear-Cadmus Spirit  Master Rare  search
68 The HieroglyphCavalry Ace-Hejeul Ultimate  Master Rare  search
79 The HieroglyphDivineGun Jehut-Glyph Brave  Common  search
67 The HieroglyphPrincess Quin-Seshat Ultimate  Rare  search
43 The HieroglyphSoldier Paratrooper-Mehat Spirit  Common  search
40 The HieroglyphSoldier Sleeper-Uahb Spirit  Common  search
X04 The HieroglyphWarMachine Rebellion-Nehejet Ultimate  X Rare  search
45 The HolyLanceSteelKnight Leontius Spirit  Master Rare  search
14 The HypocenterDragon Ma-On -Dragon Form- Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
26 The IdatenDragon Skandarg Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
6 The LionDragon Tribhanga Spirit  Common  search
RV003 The LittlePhoenix Nix Spirit  Common  search
73 The LotusDivineBlade Rigveda Brave  Master Rare  search
18 The MaidDoll †Sonora† Spirit  Common  search
23 The MakaiNight Perdgawn Spirit  Common  search
SP02 The Moonlight Barone Nexus  Promo  search
13 The OceanStardragon Delphinios Spirit  Common  search
5 The PalaceDragon Taj Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
12 The PeerlessDragon Ma-Bu -Humanoid Form- Spirit  Rare  search
RV005 The PhantomPrincessDeity Echidna Spirit  Rare  search
52 The PhantomWingedBeast Akhekh Spirit  Common  search
10thX01 The PirateDeity Piscegalleon X Spirit  X Rare  search
31 The PrimordialSnakeEmperor Amun-Kematera Spirit  Master Rare  search
30 The QueenDoll †Bloody Mary† Spirit/Burst  Common  search
60 The SandseaPirate Aibeksheed Spirit  Common  search
71 The SandseaPiratePriest Dromed Ultimate  Rare  search
72 The SandseaSwordKing Jazlaan Ultimate  Master Rare  search
42 The SevenSister Taygete Spirit  Common  search
35 The ShellwingKnight Crusader Treehopper Spirit  Common  search
11 The ShurikenDragon Saighania Spirit  Common  search
37 The SkyBraver Blue Heron Spirit  Common  search
65 The SkyBraver Harshiens Ultimate  Master Rare  search
66 The SkyBraver Senecio-Hawk Ultimate  Rare  search
X03 The SkyEmeraldPhoenix Phara-Nix Ultimate  X Rare  search
77 The SkyTwinBlades Har-Edge Brave  Rare  search
24 The SnakeQueen Neferlula Spirit  Common  search
46 The SteelKnight Evangelos Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
41 The SteelMaiden003 Cressa Spirit  Common  search
57 The SunBeast Seg Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
X07 The TreasureSagaBlade Grand-Daeva Brave  X Rare  search
63 The TrishooterGrandseaPirate Diamante Spirit  Rare  search
10thX02 The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje X Spirit  X Rare  search
2 The WerewolfDragon Bhakti Spirit  Common  search
XX01 The ZodiacGoddess Grand-Lilia Spirit  X Rare  search
15 Thunder-Z-Byakko Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
RV009 ThunderStorm Spell  Common  search
91 Turbulence Ribbon Spell  Common  search
36 Yamashino Spirit  Common  search

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