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Return of Dr. Sloth

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Return of Dr. Sloth: 100 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Angelpuss Equipment  search
23 Attack of the Oranges! Item  search
24 Battle JubJub Neopet  search
78 Battle Stations Something Has Happened  search
41 Blue Cybunny Neopet  search
71 Blue Jetsam Neopet  search
72 Blue Kougra Neopet  search
25 Blue Sticky Hand Item  search
44 Buzz Bully Neopet  search
79 Buzzer Equipment  search
80 Bzzt Blaster Equipment  search
26 Cease Fire Something Has Happened  search
27 Commander Gormos Hero  search
2 Cooty Item  search
81 Cosmic Cheese Stars Item  search
42 Cosmic Yellow Grundo Neopet  search
45 Cybunny Scout Neopet  search
46 Cylara Hero  search
47 Defence Shield v2.0 Equipment  search
48 Detransmogrifier Item  search
3 Domination Something Has Happened  search
4 Dr Sloth Villain  search
82 Evil Fuzzle Item  search
49 Evil Sloth Clone #177 Villain  search
5 Fyora's Wand Equipment  search
21 Galactic Green Grundo Neopet  search
50 Garoo Elite Villain  search
28 Giant Space Fungus Villain  search
84 Goo Blaster Equipment  search
6 Gorix Hero  search
85 Gormball Item  search
43 Green Buzz Neopet  search
73 Green JubJub Neopet  search
51 Green Seven Villain  search
86 Grobleen Salad Item  search
87 Grundo Battle Helmet Equipment  search
29 Grundo Cafe Location  search
52 Grundo Programmer Neopet  search
88 Grundo Veggieballs Item  search
7 Grundo Warehouse Location  search
83 GX-4 Oscillabot Equipment  search
30 Intimidate Something Has Happened  search
8 Jetsam Ace Neopet  search
9 JubJub Engineer Neopet  search
53 Kougra Scientist Neopet  search
31 Kougra Trooper Neopet  search
32 Kreludor Location  search
54 Landing Party Something Has Happened  search
55 Maintenance Tunnels Location  search
89 Malfunction Something Has Happened  search
90 Marshmallow Grundos Item  search
56 Mootix Item  search
10 Mutant Babaa Equipment  search
57 Mutant Buzz Neopet  search
58 Mutant Doglefox Equipment  search
59 Mutant Grundo Neopet  search
33 Mutant Kadoatie Equipment  search
60 Mutox Syrup Item  search
34 Neopet v2 Villain  search
91 Orange Rambus Item  search
92 Planet Pops Item  search
93 Rally Something Has Happened  search
11 Reactor Core Location  search
74 Red Buzz Neopet  search
22 Red Cybunny Neopet  search
75 Red Jetsam Neopet  search
61 Resistance HQ Location  search
35 Retribution Something Has Happened  search
12 Ring of Sloth Item  search
36 Robot Jetsam Neopet  search
94 Robot Noil Equipment  search
95 Robot Spyder Equipment  search
96 Rocket Boots Equipment  search
97 Rubbish Chute Something Has Happened  search
98 Ruling the Universe Item  search
62 S950 Kreludan Defender Villain  search
63 Save the Day Something Has Happened  search
13 Self-Destruct Sequence Something Has Happened  search
14 Sleep Ray Equipment  search
64 Slimy Negg Item  search
65 Slorg Equipment  search
37 Sloth Plushie Item  search
38 Sloth Surprise Item  search
66 Sophix II Villain  search
15 Space Faerie Hero  search
39 Space Faerie Circlet Equipment  search
16 Space Faerie Doll Item  search
17 Space Faerie Token Item  search
18 Starry Cybunny Neopet  search
67 Starry Negg Item  search
19 Starry Paint Brush Item  search
68 Unmask Something Has Happened  search
99 Utility Belt Equipment  search
100 Vernax Item  search
69 Virtublaster 3000 Equipment  search
40 Xarthab Hero  search
76 Yellow JubJub Neopet  search
77 Yellow Kougra Neopet  search
20 Ylana Skyfire Villain  search
70 Zorlix Hero  search

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