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Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck

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Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck: 20 cards
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18 Agents In The Court / No Love For The Empire Objective  PM  search
3 Hutt Influence Effect  PM  search
16 Jabba's Palace: Antechamber Location  PM  search
6 Jabba's Palace: Lower Passages Location  PM  search
11 Lando With Vibro-Ax Character  PM  search
1 Mercenary Pilot Character  PM  search
2 Mighty Jabba Character  PM  search
8 My Kind Of Scum / Fearless And Inventive Objective  PM  search
4 No Escape Effect  PM  search
13 Ounee Ta Effect  PM  search
12 Palace Raider Character  PM  search
5 Power Of The Hutt Effect  PM  search
9 Racing Skiff [DS] Vehicle  PM  search
19 Racing Skiff [LS] Vehicle  PM  search
14 Seeking An Audience Effect  PM  search
10 Stun Blaster [DS] Weapon  PM  search
20 Stun Blaster [LS] Weapon  PM  search
7 Tatooine: Desert Heart Location  PM  search
17 Tatooine: Hutt Trade Route (Desert) Location  PM  search
15 Underworld Contacts Effect  PM  search

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