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Age's End

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Age's End: 40 cards
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12 Aragorn, Well-Traveled Guide Companion  search
5 Army Long Trained Condition  search
6 Arwen, Royal Maiden Companion  search
13 Boromir, Destinated Guide Companion  search
24 Brought Down From Inside Condition  search
25 Eomer, Eored Captain Companion  search
26 Eowyn, Lady of the Mard Companion  search
28 Frodo, Little Master Companion  search
8 Gandalf, Wise Guide Companion  search
2 Gimli, Opinionated Guide Companion  search
10 Gollum, Threatening Guide Minion  search
16 Grima, Servant of Another Master Minion  search
34 In Twilight Condition  search
7 Legolas, Skeptical Guide Companion  search
33 Lurtz, Resilent Captain Minion  search
29 Merry, Resolute Friend Companion  search
14 Not Bound to His Fate Condition  search
30 Pippin, Steadfast Friend Companion  search
22 Pit Troll Minion  search
31 Rabbit Stew Condition  search
19 Reaching Tentacle Minion  search
32 Sam, Loyal Friend Companion  search
27 Sauron's Might Event  search
11 Smeagol, Pitiable Guide Companion  search
9 Stern Words Condition  search
3 Still Twiching Condition  search
15 Strenght in my Blood Condition  search
20 Strong Tentacle Minion  search
4 That's Two Event  search
18 The Balrog, Demon of Might Minion  search
1 The One Ring, The Great Ring Ring  search
40 The Witch King, Dark Lord Minion  search
23 Troll of the Deep Minion  search
35 Ulaire Attea, Dark Predator Minion  search
36 Ulaire Enquea, Dark Threat Minion  search
37 Ulaire Lemenya, Dark Enemy Minion  search
38 Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman Minion  search
39 Ulaire Toldea, Dark Shadow Minion  search
17 Urgency Condition  search
21 Watcher in the Water, Many-Tentacled Creature Minion  search

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