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card review Reformation

Card Review
Reformation: click to enlarge

Card text:

+1 stealth action. Requires a ready anarch.
[chi] (D) Steal an equipment card from your predator or prey.
[dom] (D) Burn 1 blood to steal a hunting ground.
[ser] (D) Put a corruption counter on any vampire. If the number of your corruption counters on the vampire equals or exceeds his or her capacity, you may burn all of your corruption counters on that vampire to gain control of him or her.

  • Number: 110
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Action
  • Disciplines: Chimerstry/Dominate/Serpentis
written by czamora
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[Republished with permission from Andrew 'Wes' Weston (JOL Online)]

Previously I had mentioned that I did not see much of a point in making Setites into Anarchs. I hereby retract that statement. With Reformation, I think we will all be seeing more Setites reading Kropotkin and showing up at demonstrations dressed all in black. Oh yes.

I have also stated in the past that I did not think that "Corruption" decks were all that hot. By itself, I still do not see it as an extremely strong deck archetype, but with Reformation I suspect that it just got a lot more viable.

Unlike Corruption, this card does not need to be played by a Setite. Any anarch vampire with Serpentis will do. There are a variety of non-Setites that have Serpentis, including Nadima, Petru Sipos and Julius who can thus play this card. And it's not too difficult to slap a Serpentis skill card on a weenie vampire and use them instead. In fact, I think the weenified approach may work best with this card. More Reformations played means more vampires stolen.

Another advantage of this action over Corruption is that it can target methuselahs other than your prey. What this means is that you can effectively snipe at weenie decks across the table, stealing them for your own. This will both slow down the weenie deck and speed up your own deck. A weenie always comes in useful at some point in a game, whether as a rescuer or a "jab" bleeder for 1. Everyone hates weenie decks behind them, so you're probably doing somebody a favour, and if there's one thing we Setites love... it's people owing us favours.

And because Reformation is a different action from Corruption, there's nothing stopping a vampire from playing both in the same turn. Of course, not too many vampires are eligible to do this, ie having both a way to untap and being a Follower of Set.

I've been looking at Saqqaf as a potential abuser of this card, since he can play Corruption + Freak Drive + Reformation and get a pool for his troubles. That's a pretty strong combination. Gradually, once you have stolen a large minion you can then use Khobar Towers to "cash them in" for even more pool. And for those of you who like Diversion, Saqqaf also has [cel for].

One difference between this and Corruption is that Reformation can only target vampires. Corruption lets you also target allies. But who cares, really? It's the vampires that we will want most of the time, and they're are more efficient ways of stealing allies from our enemies, namely Entrancement and the less useful Lure of the Serpent.

The [dom] ability of Reformation also looks rather nice, since many loyal sons and daughters of our Dark Lord do seem to have that discipline. All that is required is inferior Dominate. Count Ormonde is the cheapest prospect at 5-capacity. And he can Cloak the Gathering to provide cover for your other "Reforming" vampires.

The [chi] ability is less useful to us Setites, but may find a place in a deck featuring Petru Sipos, but to my mind the Ravnos have better ways of stealing equipment from people than this card.

Within five minutes of seeing Reformation, I was building a deck in my head. It looks strong enough to possibly make Setites into the contenders we deserve to be. So be sure to play this card to your hidden heart's content and spread the word of both anarchism and our Dark Lord Sutekh!


Modified on February 28, 2012 03:26 am

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