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card review Hissing Miasma: Black defense

Card Review
Hissing Miasma: click to enlarge
Hissing Miasma

Card text:

Whenever a creature attacks you, its controller loses 1 life.

All that remains when the fog finishes are neat piles of polished bones, like acid-etched glass. Orzhov servants collect them to make altar chimes.

  • Number: 51
  • Rarity: U
  • Type: Enchantment
  • Mana cost: 1BB
  • Color: Black
  • Artist: Ben Thompson
Hissing Miasma
Black defense

written by benstiebel
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General description:
speak up your mind here about this card and how you like it or dislike it. Maybe dissect its parts and analyze each of its abilities and possibilities
This is a defensive card, an enchantment that forces opponents to pay life in order to attack you. It's fairly cheap, and once it's out it has no requirements to make its ability work.
how you would use this card, or how you expect other people to use it
This card is great for stall decks, especially against token decks or any any other deck that relies on attacking with many small creatures.
Strategies and game play:
discuss the strategies this card could be a part of and how it affects game play in general (especially if it's a new card)
It reduces an opponent's ability to attack by forcing them to pay one life for each creature that they attack with. This is useful since black is generally weak on the defensive end.
Combos with other cards:
identify other cards with which this one could make interesting combos
Meekstone or ensnaring bridge make hissing miasma more obnoxious since they limit the power of the creatures attacking you. Propaganda also works well with this card, adding an even greater cost to the attck.
Ways to counteract it:
how you think players can protect themselves against this card
The easiest way is to destroy it with disenchant, mortify, or naturalize. Another approach is to use big creatures. The loss of one life is not that big of a deal if you are hitting your opponent with a 7/7 thorn elemental than can deal damage as though it weren't blocked. Gain life cards like patron of the kitsune, noble purpose, and spirit link also take the bite out of hissing miasma.
List all the advantages of this card
Your opponent can either not attack, which is crippling to many decks, or they can have their life total whittled away with every one of their assaults.
List all the disadvantages of this card
It's an enchantment and those are fairly easy to get rid of, it can be countered, and it is useless against mill decks, direct damage decks, and decks with cards like portal to nothingness, coalition victory, or darksteel reactor. Basically hissing miasma is not a problem for any deck that can win the game without using creature attacks.
list all variations of this card that you are aware of: in which languages it has been printed, if there is an alternate art or promotional version, if it is available in foil, etc.
It is only available in Guildpact, is printed in foil, and is also printed in Spanish or Italian, I'm not sure which, or maybe both.
Artwork and aesthetics:
do you like the artwork? is it meaningful and relates to the card abilities (or the abilities relate to the art)?
The picture shows a wolf rider sagging under the weight of a fog. That is pretty much what the card does to opponents.
Overall rating:
give this card a general rating from 1 to 10.
7. It is a good card, but it has its weaknesses.


Modified on October 19, 2012 07:40 am

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