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card review Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech: G Cross Aini, The Fly Low King of the Sky

Card Review
Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech: click to enlarge
Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech

Card text:

*  Evolution - Put on one of your Armored Dragons or Fire Birds.

*  When this creature attacks, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. If that card is a fire spell with "Hyperspatial" in its name, you may cast it from your graveyard without cost. (Then, put it back into your graveyard.)

*  Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

  • Collector Number: P56-Y9
  • Rarity: Promotional
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon/Fire Bird
  • Power: 6000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 5
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Yoichi Ito
Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech
G Cross Aini, The Fly Low King of the Sky

written by waileukwu
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I. General description:
Duel Masters had never been as disturbed as the psychics came into play, and since DM-36, more and more mechanism had been added to the game, many of them opening up new options of plays and strategies, or otherwise strengthening the advantages of each civilisations.
Fire had long been the civilisation that specialises in dealing maximum damage as fast as possible whether it be the battlezone, shields, or the mana zone. From burning to rushing, fire is the best choice possible. And yes, when psychics came in DM-36, a revolution began with many spells (and creatures) actually to summon a seemingly endless stream of over-costed creatures from a new zone of the Hyperspatial into the fray.
In PROMO of year 10, a creature by the name of Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech came into sight of the general public with the release of a Japanese Magazine (Coro Coro? Not so sure about this).
And with it, things like 5th turn Miracle NEXXX and 4th turn Gaial King became a possibility.

Here is what it does:

Galaxy Cross Aini, Sky Lord Dragonmech
5/Fire/Armored Dragon+Fire Bird/6000
Evolution Creature

* Evolution - Put on one of your Armored Dragons or Fire Birds.

* When this creature attacks, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. If that card is a fire spell with "Hyperspatial" in its name, you may cast it from your graveyard without cost. (Then, put it back into your graveyard.)

* Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

P.S. before I go on, anyone find this resembling one of the most imbalanced gods out there? Mad Romanoff, the Wicked God was its name, and this creature, instead of manazone, pulls stuff off the top of deck. Sweet lord. This might pack as much or even more than Mad in terms of spamming hyperspatials and psychics. Oh, and it breaks two shields and is 3000 power stronger.

II. Uses:

A creature's usefulness is manifested in four ways: its civilisation, race, cost, and abilities. Let's look them all first.

Civilisation: Fire is known for damage dealing. Does Galaxy Cross Aini do highest possible damage in the shortest time? No, not really. 6000 double breaks at cost 5 is only mediocre if not plain bad if placed with all the great rushes that fire offers. But yes...if played right, there are ways to break 5 shields just in the same turn you summon it, fastest at turn 4, and that is just plain awesome.

Race: Armored Dragon/ Fire Birds. From its name, one can tell that this is the Aini cousin for the lupia's Valkyrie Lupia, Sky Lord Dragonmech. For fire lovers, who would not cheer for such awesomeness? Along with creatures like Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral, creatures with races of such gets the awesome support that fire birds offer armored dragons and also retain the likely hood of being the smaller party, thus able to evolve on small birds.

Cost: 5. For fire rush, a lot. For mid games, fine. For dragged out games, very very good. Don't forget it is a Armored Dragon. Paired with the multiple cost reducers out there, 5 is really not that much. No, not at all.

* When this creature attacks, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. If that card is a fire spell with "Hyperspatial" in its name, you may cast it from your graveyard without cost. (Then, put it back into your graveyard.)

Holy smokes. Fire spell with Hyperspatial? You kidding me? This is the next bestest thing to that of Blue Divine Dragon Spell Grand Blue, and don't forget it is an evolution + cost only 5, two less than the later dragon. With this properties, you can turn this literal chick into the mother of a brood of infinite psychic spawns. The details are mentioned in the next sections with all the combos, but this certainly kick some serious butt. Just make sure you rearrange your deck in a way you know next card is a fire hyperspatial, and all hell is about to break lose. And also a great way to increase your graveyard if you want.

III. Strategies and game play:
Main strategy: know top of deck (through rearrangement or whatsoever), summon it, attack, cast hyperspatial, summon psychic.

Easy? Oh yes it is. The greatest plus (and draw back) of the creature is that it is an evolution with a "when this creature attacks" ability. You evolve it, then you can attack immediately, no need to wait for next turn. And when you attack, you get your beautiful psychics out and that is always a pain in the rear for the other person.

So in the beginning, the main strategy is to get a firebird out there for bait and keep it alive. Then evolve when you know the top of your deck is fire hyperspatial (that you want to cast) and then cast it by attacking.

The thing with Armored Dragons is that it has more savers other than shields, and they get easy boost from all kinds of other stuff. So keeping it alive is not that hard. So try to make sure it stays, and the more it attacks, the better your battlezone is going to look if you can get that streak of hyperspatials coming.

And it is much more effective earlier than later because you can just cast spells from hand with enough mana.

IV. Combos with other cards:
Will be divided into three parts, summoning, great friends-Spells, great friends-Combos, and having fun


It is an Armored Dragon that cost five. Don't be afraid to use the old tricks such as:

Cocco Lupia! This little fire bird is your best chance at getting it out at 4th turn without major complications (or even without putting down a mana card-helps against major discarding deck types). It is the best friend of dragons anyhow.

Cheering Pippi! This is the other fellow that achieves the same goal. Since G Cross Aini cost only 5, deduction of only 1 cost still allows you to summon it on 4th turn.

Other firebirds that cost 2/3/4-perfect bait for the chick that cost 5.

BTW, not recommanded to evolve on Armored Dragons because they usually cost more than 5 unless it is something like Bolshack NEX (after you get another lupia into the battlezone) or even psychic armored dragons. They are always fine baits if you do not want to sacrifice or have no other baits.

Great Friends-Spells

Fire Hyperspatials: The chick can use it no prob, so memorize their faces and bring them on!

They are arranged from best to worse...of course, this is only my idea:

Hyperspatial Storm Hole - Can summon 10 cost fire psychics and destroys a creature under 5000. That is deadly early on.

Hyperspatial Gaial Hole - Can summon 2 fire psychics with a total cost of 8. Go Gaial Kaiser, or two lesser ones. No one will blame you for summoning the wrong one especially if you need more psychic creatures out there.

Hyperspatial Shooting Hole - Can summon a 9 cost first psychic. That means other than final storm and Miracle, you get summon all the other fire psychics. Also destroy a creature with [blocker]. Great against a blocker spamming deck.

Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole - Classic, summon a 7 cost fire psychic or any with a total to 5. Extremely Versatile, the reason G Cross can have such a wide range of psychic application.

Hyperspatial Samurai Hole - its spell effect is better than Bolshack Hole, but it does not come with that putting any psychics with a total cost up to 5 that the previous hole has.

Hyperspatial Kutt Hole - Worst choice, only cost 3...well, go for this when you have no other choice.

Helpful Spells: You need these spells to make yourself an army of angry psychic creatures and increasing efficiency of psychics.

Synapse Cube-perfect 1 cost rearranger
Guard Vision-another of those 1 cost rearranger that can also rearrange another's deck.
Secret Clocktower-put that fire hyperspatial spell onto the top of your deck is always good.
Future Capsule-even better top deck rearranger but cost more. Shield Trigger is its highlight.
Whirlwind Slash-make the psychics that you summon have speed attacker. Without Tott Pippichi or its likes, your Armored Dragon's are not speed attackers. But this, costing only 1, can make the best use of psychics and is the key to breaking 5 shields turn 4.
Tulk's Fishing Reel-Jam that fire hyperspatial spell onto top of deck from grave. Tulk:'Take that, ha!'

Helpful Creatures: Also for the need of rearranging top of decks

Palpi Globe-rearrange 5 cards, you will need that
Aqua Strummer-same as above
Any creatures that can put cards from grave to top of deck. There are plenty. Not going to mention any names then.

Great Friends-Combos

Psychic creatures-Able to summon using spells mentioned above.
S7a/S10 Bolshack Dragon, the Temporal Blaze and S7b/S10 Bolshack Möbius, Victory Awakened
41a/110 Diana, Temporal Brave and 41b/110 El Diana, the Awakened Flash
47a/110 Aqua Cutlass, Temporal Swordsman and 47b/110 Aqua Excalibur, the Awakened Indigo Swordsman
53a/110 April, Temporal Gunprincess and 53b/110 Death April, the Awakened Requiem
59a/110 O'Flame, Temporal Djinn and 59b/110 O'Flayer, Awakened Djinn of Destruction
65a/110 Kaiman, Temporal Flower and 65b/110 Alligator, the Awakened Flower Beast

21a/55 Untouchable, Temporal Hero and 21b/55 Untouchable Powered, the Awakened Protean
24a/55 Martini, Temporal Dancer and 24b/55 Julia Matina, the Awakened Diva
30a/55 Kutt, Temporal Brawler and 30b/55 Severance, the Awakened Giant
33a/55 Jon, Temporal Explorer and 33b/55 Jonjo Jon, the Awakened Adventurer

S3a/S5 Storm Kaiser Double Cross, Temporal Kamikaze and S3b/55 Final Storm Double Cross NEX, the Miracle Awakened
22a/55 Deepsea Yanus, Temporal Warpanther and 22b/55 Crimson Lord Yanus, Temporal Warpanther
33a/55 Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit and 33b/55 Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit

(Indirectly) S3a/S5 Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal and S3b/S5 Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened
4a/55 Genji Double Cross, Temporal Swordsman and 4b/55 Crimson Genji Double Cross, the Swordmaster Awakened

1a/18 Master Lupia, Temporal Wing and 1b/18 Psychic NEX, the Awakened Blue Flame

1a/15 Storm Double Cross, Temporal Storm and 1b/15 Storm Kaiser Double Cross, the Awakened Kamikaze

P11a/Y9 Bolmeteus "Young Samurai" Dragon, Temporal Samurai and P11b/Y9 Mobius "Samurai" Dragon, the Awakened Army
P11a/Y10 Shooting Pipi
P10a/Y10 Zero Kaiser

53a/110 Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel
V2a/110 Gaial Kaiser
60a/110 Boost, Crimson Lord
62a/110 Dragonic Pippi
41a/110 Gaga Packun, Io Enforcer
54a/110 Zabi Polymer, Marshmallow Doll
61a/110 Gil Polymer's Pliers

Wow...a whole lot, isn't there? Well, I will take you through some that I think are extra worthy of making a combo with.

Need to say more about this? Once it wins a battle, it can become a six shield breaker plus destroying 2 6000 or less creature at the cost of your shields the very next turn. Super exciting.

This is Genji, and I suppose it hates blockers. Make Genji a speed attacker, and then attack with it on turn 4 will allow it to awaken into the all blocker crushing machine. Super exciting.

A speed attacker, a defensive ability. This is one of those creatures that you want to get out as soon as possible so that every broken shield is made use of. And then not to mention it give raise to the super ultra gaial king dragon.

The real bomb...a triple breaking 10000+ creature at your disposal at turn 4! Make it a speed attacker, and there goes 5 shields if all goes well. Then if it awakens next turn, you can rearrange top of deck with all that deck rearranging to own everything in your way. With all those extra turns at your disposal, let's see how many psychics u can get out before the war is won.

Something that can looked into. How many final storms does it need to bring out a Storm Genji? 10+10 is 20. And by the rate that G Cross pumps psychics out, it wouldn't that hard to get one out. The only is that G Cross loses its usefulness when the Super Awakened comes into play in full glory.

Having fun

Zarfeld the 2nd, Dark Knight-hyper hyperspatial spell spammage? You betcha.
Kagekiri, Bird of Fire-evolve this on G Cross Aini once it has down its work is also fine. It just became a three times attacker.
Rising NEX, the Enlightened-G Cross cost 5, Rising cost 6. Perfect. This super NEX creature will make sure everyone scream for mama...and let's say...we evolve Romanoff Kaiser NEX, the Super Enlightened on that? Well, That's oil on fire for sure
Pop Rubin: untap it to let it attack again, to abuse its ability again. At best two Hyperspatial Storm Hole. Now, is getting two Final Storm out so hard? No it is not. And is getting a Storm Genji out so hard? Nope, not at all.
Sir Leopol Deenay: Draw a card with each spell cast. You do want cards in hand, but just don't draw too much.

V. What it counters:

It is not as much of a counter measure as is it is a center of a deck. As a deck type revolve around it, the fairest way to say what it counters are decks that takes time to build up, like certain deck type focuses heavily on heaven's gate to pump out blockers. In that light, taking the strongest psychics into account, the psychics are probably much more powerful than the angel command blockers, especially when awakened (other than Aldora, but hey, there are a 23000 Miracle NEXXX and a 35000 Storm Genji).

What it utilizes are the psychic creatures. They can be very helpful in controlling the field, especially with firebirds and dragons working together.

VI. Ways to counteract it:

Anti-Summon: G Cross is an evolution. That gave it the advantage of attacking immediately. But evolutions requires a bait. Unlike the great imba Mad Romanoff, it does not have the ability to spring up from nowhere and then cast some spells like vice hole and summon diabolos Zeta turn 4(by the way, this combo using vice to summon diabolos is banned, just so you know).

So, simply put, kill the baits. Usually in early game, the only thing able to be summoned are things like cute little firebirds. Kill them all. Don't hesitate.

Later on you have big armored dragons. Harder to kill, especially if they sprang up in pairs like that omninous Bolshack NEX. Well, try your best. Or just bounce or put into mana or top of deck or bottom of deck. I don't care, just shove them away and make sure they stay there.

Also big huge discarding works, but make it fast. If you happen to discard G Cross, then congratulates, you slowed your opponent down.

Anti-Spell: G Cross cast fire hyperspatials. That limited its awesomeness greatly must understand, mono colored spells of the fire sorts are easy to suppress. So, just make sure spells can't cast.

No, I am not talking about things like Medusa that makes spells cost more to cast. That does nothing to G Cross. What you need are the mother and father of all spell controls, Queen Alcadeis and Alcadeis (or Alphadios...but that cost 10. How long will that take). Queen Alcadeis, introduced by Qbius in a wonderful card review (go search for it, it will broaden your view), can be summoned by turn 4 similarily to G Cross by turn 2 Faerie Life (things that add one more mana), turn 3 ashliger (cost reducer), turn 4 Queen on Ashligher. Beautiful. Since right now, all fire hyperspatials are mono fires, Queen will put her ban hammer down upon it.

Anti-Psychic or Creatures: Gallows, King Alcadeis (mostly), Alphadios, Kankuro (the revenge guy), Überdragon Abare Mugen from DMR, Sunburst NEX... you want more?

Anti-top of deck: Well, Bloody example of how to ruin another's deck rearrangement.

VII. Strengths/Pros:

In general
Superior race, superb ability, mediocre power and cost but race covers that.

Once summoned, hard to stop it from doing what it does best, pumping out psychics.
When it cast a hyperspatial spell, the spell is activated immediately, so easily control the field with all the destroying effect of the fire hyperspatials.
Getting a double breaker, a big fire psychic, and a spell cast on the same turn as early as turn 4? Too good to be true!

VIII. Weaknesses/Cons:

In general
Too dependent on bait, too dependent on top of deck.

Must attack to activate ability, and that usually means breaking shields. Shield triggers can make sure you cry your heart out as your poor psychics get terror pitted or natural snared or become target of other forms of cruelties
An evolution and bait are usually very weak.

IX. Variations/Artwork/Aesthetics:

Only available in PROMO format right now (P56/Y9) is pretty hard to get in real copies if you are not in Japan. Thanks Nerafim for uploading this

Just commenting on the artwork, it reminds me of a phoenix, raising from its ashes, which is in coherent with its race. Its armour plating are especially well down, and the way they cover its body tells of its Armored Dragon origin.

Yuichi Ito is the author of the work, and he made extra effort to give the wings the fiery effect. I love it. Kudos for the fine work

What I am not happy about is that patchy gloss they make over the card. I have seen this kind of pattern before, and that's on Chinese fakes for Yugiohs and Pokemon. Of course it is in better quality, but the way they reflect the light is kinda disturbing. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in any other forms. Gosh, I am stuck with this...

Thus it receives a hash 7/10

X. Overall rating:
Does it not remind you of the great and awesome Kagekiri, Bird of Fire and Rising NEX, the Enlightened by the way it evolves and how useful it is as an evolution? Does it not thrill you with the notion of actually able to pump final storm out on the 4th turn without the cliche green support (of course, blue support is kinda needed, but hey, it works perfectly in a mono fire deck too)

Just because it opened up a new way to use hyperspatials and short cut the hassle to wait for the spells to come, it deserves a 9/10. I deducted one because the

Though I need to deduct another .5 for the card being un-uniformly glossy, so...


8.5/10 is the final score!

XI. Sample Deck:
"Burning Gallows": A fun try to see that includes both Gallows and Gaial. Uses deck rearrangers and spell reducers for the massive amount of hyperspatial spells.

Burning Gallows Extend Format

"Mecha Tengu": A even more for fun deck revolving around G cross.

Mecha Tengu Extend Format

P.S. the secret

By the way, did I mention how can I break 5 shields on turn 4?

Here it is:

Turn 1-2: Charge mana, cast synapse cube, rearrange until you know the top card of deck is a fire hyperspatial. If you pack enough hyperspatial spell cards into deck, you should get one or two or even three. The deal here is to have Storm Hole for casting

Turn 3: Charge mana, summon Cocco Lupia. Only Cocco Lupia will work in this case

Turn 4: Charge mana, summon Galatica Cross Aini with three mana and evolve it on Cocco Lupia. Then cast spell Whirlwind Slash/Whirlwind Tailspin (tailspin should work, but not sure about if the psychic is summoned). You might question why I do that as G Cross is evolution, a natural speed attacker. No, the target of spell is Final Storm, which is a triple breaker. So attack with G Cross, cast Hyperspatial Storm from top of deck, and then attack with Final Storm. There, all five shields gone.

There is another meaner but more precise way utilising 1 turn deck rearranger, Chita Perloru (or other 2 cost firebirds) then Totto Pippichi then cast faerie gift, summon G Cross on the 2 cost firebird, attack with G Cross and cast Storm Hole, then attack with Final Storm, then attack with Totto Pippichi. There. If your opponent's shields sucked to that point, congratulations, you just won.


Modified on September 3, 2014 09:56 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject: comments, anyone?   Posted: August 10, 2011 04:16 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Hm, in Chinese forums, we have the custom of stealing the "SF" of any threads/posts. SF stands for Sofa...but yes not that you needed to know or anything

Anyway, any comments, decks, stuff, advice, you guys wanna give? Feel free to type some here. (or bellow here )
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kokujo_the_fma Premium Member
LV83 Spain send message

Avatar for kokujo_the_fma
Member since
October 9, 2008
Subject:    Posted: August 10, 2011 05:51 am Reply with quote Report content icon

:O Woah! Now that's one hell of an over-powered creature! *if you have your deck arranged perfectly, just like you suggested *
And if it would be untapped via Pop Rubin, it would be a storm of psychics coming!
Heh, this means that it's the best helper in summoning Final Storm as fast as you can?
Let's see how this guy works in a duel
Back to top  

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: August 10, 2011 06:52 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Yes, the only prerequisite to use it as the center of a deck is to rearrange your deck very nicely. Of course if you are daring, you can try a mono fire, but for me, I would rather try light/fire/water. Light to make blockers out of the dragons (wouldn't use Genji in this case) you get final storm as blockers you can mock poor Syrius because they are 1000 power weaker. Water to rearrange and draw. birds

Pop Rubin indeed rocks, especially the likes of G Cross and Bajula. And yes, this is the best final storm summoner in my honest opinion.
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Avatar for juncombo0
Subject:    Posted: August 14, 2011 08:25 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Awesome review. Like always , but u know what i don't like that card bcoz its depends if the top card is spell or not. and whenever i tried a creature like that i never ever get lucky enough that the top cards come out to be what i need. .But that's just me i know that this card will work awesome as u said if mixed with cards which allow to arrange the top cards of your deck.
and in the last sry for this late comment and rating i thought that i have already done it.
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Avatar for sekai
Subject:    Posted: January 24, 2012 09:53 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

G Aini, very underused. With Gaial Hole, situation got better duel to able to put out strong dragons at once. Good Overall, but must attack. Usually have to mix with water to be effective, so sometimes we call him Purple Aini as well.
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LV12 Yugoslavia send message

Avatar for ibuki01
Member since
December 17, 2014
Subject:    Posted: January 8, 2015 08:29 am Reply with quote Report content icon

a nice and sharp review
just curious that why some of the people give so low score for this
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