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card review Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate: Violent Torrents And Cunning Shadows... Avatar Reviews Part 3

Card Review
Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate: click to enlarge
Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate

Card text:

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) Vortex Evolution - Put on one of your Merfolks and one of your Chimeras. This creature can't be blocked. Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields). When this creature leaves the Battle Zone, destroy all creatures in the Battle Zone.

  • Collector Number: S3
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Naga
  • Power: 9000
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Water/Darkness
Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate
Violent Torrents And Cunning Shadows... Avatar Reviews Part 3

written by LV31
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if you havent. If you have, then continue on...

A Cruel Fate Awaits

Hey Guys, sorry for taking so long on this one, TCO introduced some new cards and well... I just had to review them. So I apologize for making anyone wait for this. Anywho with that aside, Welcome Readers to Part 3 of my Avatar Review project. Now to introduce #3 of 6, is Karon and Nikki...

Wyatt sighed watching the two go back and forth. “Well compared to the other two duels, this one’s pretty dull.”

“Hate to admit it, but I agree with the kid.” Dylan said. “Karon, when is this gonna get interesting to watch?”

“Don’t worry boys…” Nikki drew her card and smirked. “The party’s just getting started.”

Karon looked at his hand, Deathliger, and Deathblood, the Shadow Mask. He looked over on Nikki’s side seeing the four creatures standing side by side.

“A blocker, two Merfolk and two Chimeras…” Karon thought to himself. “I need a plan or else I’m screwed.”

“Too late for plans my friend.” She set the mana and tapped all six.

“With the Violent Torrents, and the Cunning Shadows, allow these two to become one…Vortex Evolution: Cruel Naga: Avatar of Fate!”

She slid Pacific Dominator and Gigaslug together and set Cruel Naga on top of them.

Gigaslug jumped on top of dominator as it began to excrete a purple ooze around them, that hardened when it came into contact with him, resembling an Egg. The object cracked a bit eventually exploding as a silver object was ejected from the lower shell. The Silver mutant serpent descended into the Battle Zone, letting out a horrific screech that made all the creatures freeze in fear.

“The Merfolk represents the Heart of the Naga, showing its bravery and strength is to be feared. The Chimera represents the body, showing the cruel fate that awaits anyone who dares challenge her. The Cruel Naga gained the title as the Avatar of Fate, showing that through the evil bond between Water and Darkness, no one can escape her terror…” Nikki recited.

“Finally, we’re getting somewhere.” Wyatt said happily.

“What are we waiting for then?” Karon asked. “Let’s go.”

Cruel Naga Avatar of Fate, is up on my list, reigning over the Water and Darkness Civilizations. despite her appearance, in my fanfic, Nicole (Nikki) who's my Cruel Naga User acts like a motherly-older sister type of person towards the fighting duo known as Wyatt and Sarina. Wish i could say the same about her Dueling...

Terror from the Dark Depths of the Ocean

Cruel Naga is the Vortex Evolution of the Mystical Merfolk (Mermaids,and all that) and the horrific Chimeras (those mutant creatures made up of other creatures.) While the Cyber Lords and Light Bringers use technology to bring peace, hidden deep down in the ocean, lies the Dark Lords and Merfolk preforming Dark Arts, triggering grusome experiments as they try to create a force strong enough to take over the surface worlds. In a Nutshell, Cruel Naga is DEFINITELY a Force to be reckoned with. and for good reasons. As the first two reviews I'll reveal her Special ability. Drum Roll please...?

*Drum Roll*

Tactical Nuke: Complete and utter Creature Removal (AKA: 25-killstreak). That's right, once Naga leaves, all other creatures in the Battle Zone are Instantly Wiped, unless said otherwise. So either way, you're still screwed pretty badly.

So, what makes up a Naga? Chimeras and Merfolk.

Chimeras are creatures with "Giga" in their names (Gigaslug, Gigabalza, Gigarayze, etc.) They've appeared on and off within the TCG as the years went by, and at this point are rarely used at all. Very destructive creatures, most of them feature abilities that would destroy creatures on both sides of the field, cause you yourself to lose shields (which in one instance could actually help you win (Gigajadou) ) and finally have effects like Slayer, and discarding cards from your opponent's hand.

Merfolk Were introduced in DM-12 along with the Avatars. They were the new race of the Water Civilization, but at the time they didnt have much going for them. as they years went by and Cross Gears were introduced, then Creatures like Full Throttle Sergeant became useful for decks focusing on them. and even recently with the new DMR decks we have alien Merfolk such as Cebu Sargas Bouzou, with a Space Charge for Darkness.


(Full Throttle Sergeant)

(Cebu Sargas Bouzu)

Now then let's look at it's stats. So like Starnoid, she had Double Breaker and 9000 power. Going through the 2nd review (Starnoid's) I noticed my comment saying that Cruel Naga's the weakest of the Five, due to it's cost and power ratio. However, that's just going by stats. This creature is still deadly. The 2nd reason why this is, is the fact that it's Unblockable, a lovely trait inherited from her Merfolk side.

So while it's there, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Believe me i've been in situations where either A) Kill Naga, but have all my creatures go down with it, or B) Let the Stupid thing blast my shields to bits since i can't block it. Water and Darkness remains to be one of the most cunning civilization combinations ever and to this day it still is.

Cross #3: Fate
KG: Fate Cross is Nikki's deck in my fanfic, which basically plays on the relationship of Chimeras and the merfolk. In the older sets, since Merfolk were newer, they tend to not have a lot backing them up. Fortunately, the Chimeras could hold their own, and on top of that, have ways to support the Water Civilization. Unfortunately, that's all i got for this. Sorry guys

Naga's Nightmare Crew:
You should know what this means. So then, kicking off this Combo Portion is:

Naga go down the Hooooooole (Marionmancer)

Your probably saying: What the hell is this guy thinking? Well i'll tell you what i'm thinking. If you were caught in a situation where your opponent has a vast multitude of creatures ready to kick your butt come this turn, and you get Spiral Gate as a Trigger. Would you:

A) Send back one of the heavy Hitters,


B) Return your own creature.

Go ahead i'll give you 10 seconds to think. Ju, Kyu, Hachi, Nana, Roku, Go, Shi, San, Ni, Ichi. Came up with your answer? If you say A): Then you need to do your homework. B was the answer I was looking for. By sending back Naga, your opponent's creatures are wiped off the field. Yours are of course, but your opponent's more importantly. Then you can just re-summon Naga no problem afterward. Speaking of which, a better alternative to this is whats up next.

I'm Baaaaack... (Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate)

Force Again is a neat shield trigger that kills one of your creatures, and then puts them back into the Battle Zone. Why this is useful is the fact that this is the perfect spell for any creature that has abilities that trigger once they enter the Battle Zone. It's also perfect for any creature that Leaves as well. Use Force Again on Naga, Kill it, causing her to wipe the field clean, and then it comes back ready to do damage without worrying about your opponent trying anything.

What about Creatures now?

Kowabunga!! (Aqua Surfer)

Once again, another Water Shield Trigger. What can i say? Merfolk aren't so great physically, but their tools of the trade are what really shine. Aqua Surfer more or less is a Creature version of spiral gate, but seeing as it's not restricted, it's a good idea to keep it close in your deck, for bouncing purposes.

If I die, then so will your resources... (Schuka, Duke of Amnesia)

And this my friends, is just one of the perks of the mass destruction. If using a deck that specifies in Discarding, then creatures like Schuka will come in handy. Through Naga's absence, it'll trigger a Chain reaction, that will make abilities such as Schuka's activate. While it's ability to cause discarding of both players hands (which thinking about it, isn't so great with naga being sent back there), you'll not only kill the field, but kill the hand as well, stripping your opponent the opportunity for a counterattack (And giving you the opportunity for a counter attack of your own.)

For you Duelist who wanna try something such as a Water/Darkness/Nature Deck, Nature has your back when being blown back by the evil nuke.

Even in death, we still lend our strength to our allies (Mighty Shouter)

These Two, Mighty Shouter and Iron Arm Tribe, both turn into mana the second they bite the dust. So you kill your creatures for the sake of building your mana, which quite honestly doesn't seem like a completely bad idea, considering whatever situation you find yourself in.

I Ain't going nowhere; AWAKEN!! (Galaxy, Temporal Immortal)

Gotta give credit to subking. The counter removals were inspired from his Bolshack Superhero Review. And Galaxy is probably my favorite of them. When it leaves the Battle Zone, it awakens into it's more powerful form: King of Galaxy, Destruction Awakened (Shown Below)

So this serves as both a Combination and a Counter to Cruel Naga's effect. Not only does it not die, but it turns all of your creatures into blockers. and it counters Naga's destruction effect. But i'll leave it on a positive note and keep it here in the combo section.

Do you really wanna hurt me?
This is hard. I'm not gonna lie this is probably the hardest part of the review. Normally people would say "Terror Pit" or "Spiral Gate" as counters. But when you use removal gear on a creature who WILL remove your Creatures, it really makes you think twice.

Thank Alcadeias for Cross Gears (Sanfist, the Savage Vizier)

Found your answer. Grand Cross Catastrophe is one of the strongest Cross Gears to date. Whenever your creature is destroyed, it stays in the Battle Zone. Translated, your creature can't be killed by Naga's effect. So cross it onto a Slayer and watch it tear it to shreds.

Love to see you explode and such, but I gotta split. (Melnia, the Aqua Shadow)
Another Gear, Spiral Aura sends the crossed creature back to your hand once it dies, letting you reuse it to your leisure. Helps if your using a slayer.

Just Saying, Melnia the Aqua Shadow is a perfect example of a Slayer. She's unblockable, making a Tapped Naga a big target. and crossed with either/or Cross gears above, she works well when it comes to taking down the Beast of Burden.

Your Fate's Sealed
The Unblockability and the dreaded mass destruction made me shutter in fear time after time whenever i was faced against it. So that's definitely something to make your opponent literally cry as he tries to come up with a counter

Oh Come on, why them too?!
Her Mass Destruction perk takes out your creatures as well. And you opponent knows that very well, so don't be surprised if he/she uses that to their advantage. And the fact that it costs 6 mana for a Vortex evo that only has 9000 power is a let down compared to the first 2 Avatars.

Beauty in all Stages. Good and... Evil

Cruel Naga definitely won my vote to the whole Evil looking of the 5. Being the 2nd Darkness Based Avatar, the other Being Death Phoenix, She definitely looks evil. The Serpent-like Body, similar to a dragon, and yet more like a aquatic feel to it (probably the base of Poseida dragons?) while the Dark Lord-like woman on top of the head, making it resemble a sort of Centaur-like Chimera. Yeah, definitely won my vote of being just plain scary

Conclusion of Part 3:
Sweet Part 3 is done finally. Up at #4 is Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life, So stick around for that one.

Cruel naga gets a 9/10. Her unblockability and Nuking powers are to be feared by everyone. Unfortunately she kills off your creatures as well so that's something to look out for. On th e plus side, the 6 mana 9000 ratio seems worth it now doesn't it?

Well guys, it's been fun and i hope you enjoyed reading. Cya guys in part 4

Link to the Fanfiction Duel Masters: Vortex Wars


Modified on November 12, 2013 12:34 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: October 22, 2011 10:54 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

May be you can tell us more on the two race it evolves from? One of the biggest reasons Naga is not as used as much is because of the fact that it has to evolve on a Chimera and Merfolk...which is not popular at all these days. And also ruling of Forced Again states that you have to have the baits on the battlezone to put an evolution back (probably made because there are many cases in which certain creatures are spammed, especially Chirico).

Good Review, just missing the 'how to summon' part.
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 1, 2012 07:28 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

And also ruling of Forced Again states that you have to have the baits on the battlezone to put an evolution back (probably made because there are many cases in which certain creatures are spammed, especially Chirico).

Source?I cannot find it on DM wikia.
Back to top  

Avatar for hopeless
Subject:    Posted: August 27, 2013 06:18 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Hmmm.., this one is the best avatar review by you BECAUSE it led me change my mind for NAGA, I thought it was the worst vortex ever but now I guess I found the tactics behind it so it seems to be better, I guess its the only avatar which can beat the RUB decks, good work.
Back to top  

Avatar for spitfire2nd
Subject:    Posted: November 12, 2013 12:34 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Maybe u could mention a little more about how to summon it?
Personally, my favorite is Wily Carpenter -> Gigaryze ( return the Naga which u discarded) -> Naga.. but then again thats just my liking..
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