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card review Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie: Day Break's Chimes Resonates for Those who Survives

Card Review
Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie: click to enlarge
Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie

Card text:

Blockericon.jpg Blocker (Whenever an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.)

*  While blocking, this creature gets +2000 power.
At the end of your turn, untap all of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone.

(At the start of your game, separate your psychic creatures from your deck and put them into the hyperspatial zone. If a psychic creature would leave the battle zone, return it to the hyperspatial zone instead.)

Blockericon.jpg Blocker

*  Quadruple breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

*  At the end of your turn, untap all of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone. For each light Hunter creature untapped in this way, you may put the top card of your deck into your shield zone face-down.

*  When this creature leaves the battle zone, you may discard a card instead.

*  Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

  • Collector Number: V1
  • Rarity: Victory Rare
  • Type: Psychic Super Creature
  • Race: Mecha Del Sol/Hunter//Shining Command Dragon/Hunter
  • Power: 5500/195
  • Cost: 6/39
  • Civilization: Light
  • Artist: Ishibashi Yosuke
Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie
Day Break's Chimes Resonates for Those who Survives

written by waileukwu
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First of all, this is a comprehensive review of the Psychic Super Creature. While you look at the picture to the left of this, please know that TCO hasn't updated the picture of this great Psychic Super Creature.

I. General description:
Duel Masters had never been as disturbed as the psychics came into play, and since DM-36, more and more mechanism had been added to the game, many of them opening up new options of plays and strategies, or otherwise strengthening the advantages of each civilisations, expanding the current meta in a much more meaningful way.

DMR proved to be a new milestone, as two game changing element has been added into the game. Victory Rares and Psychic Super Creatures they are called. Gaial, Gallows, Volg, GOLDEN, and Saint Chan Merri. Surprising, all the Victory Rare Psychic Super Creatures (wow, long phrase, so will later call VRPSC) at the moment are divided as either hunters or aliens. HunterVRPSC are all mono-colored (Fire for Gaial, Darkness for Thunder Tiger, and Light for Saint Chan Merrie), and all the AlienVRPSC are multicolored (Fire Water Darkness for Gallows, and Red Light Darkness for GOLDEN). I am not going to try to post all their pictures, but feel free to check them out at DM wiki.

Well, light had long been the civilisation that specialises in being steadfast in furry of onslaughter, never falter, never losing ground, never stopping to look for that day when it will destroy its opponent. In short, it is made to be perfect with no gaps for mistake. It is made to stay in the battlezone, to foil your enemies plans as it is, and stopping your opponent's steps to victory while getting closer to yours.

DMR-01 gave a glimpse into the new worlds where Aliens and Hunters fought in an eternal battle. And in it there is a creature that can virtually save the hunters on her side from being crushed in battle while strengthening herself by erecting new shields.

It is called Saint Maria, Light Weapon.

Light/Mecha Del Sol + Hunter/9/11500

■ Blocker

■ At the end of your turn, untap all of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone. For each light Hunter creature untapped in this way, you may put the top card of your deck into your shield zone face-down.

■ Double breaker

DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter brought on the full power of the Hunters. Dark GUY, End of the Century HDM, BoboX, and oh yes, the Victory Rare Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon and its parts just to form the amazing and beautiful Saint Chan Merrie.

Here is what the super psychic creature does:

Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie
39/Light/Mecha Del Sol+Hunter/19500
Psychic Super Creature


■ Q・ブレイカー (このクリーチャーはシールドを4枚ブレイクする)

■ 自分のターンの終わりに、バトルゾーンにある自分のハンター・クリーチャーをすべてアンタップする。こうしてアンタップした光のハンター1体につき、自分の山札の上から1枚を裏向きのまま、新しいシールドとして自分のシールドゾーンに加えてもよい。

■ このクリーチャーがバトルゾーンを離れる時、かわりに自分の手札を1枚捨ててもよい。

■ リンク解除 (このクリーチャーがバトルゾーンを離れる時、そのサイキック・セルのいずれか1枚を選んで超次元ゾーンに戻し、残りのカードを裏返す)

What you don't understand Japanese? Ok, I will translate :3

■ Blocker

■ Quadruple breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

■ At the end of your turn, untap all of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone. For each light Hunter creature untapped in this way, you may put the top card of your deck into your shield zone face-down.

■ When this creature leaves the battle zone, you may discard a card instead.

■ Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

P.S. Remind you of great light creatures? King Galaxy, Saint Maria, Alephtina, and the lovely Perfect Galaxy?

P.S.S. But we are not done! This is the only the beginning of Saint Chan Merri! We have to introduce the founding members of the ultimate fusion first.

DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter: Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon (V1b/V2 - Victory Rare)
DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter: Chandelier, Light Weapon (4b/16 - Rare)
DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter: Merriane, Apostle of the Alps (9b/16 - Uncommon)

Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon
Light/Mecha Del Sol + Hunter/6/5500+

■ Blocker

■ While blocking, this creature gets +2000 power.

■ At the end of your turn, untap all of your hunter creatures in the battle zone.

Chandelier, Light Weapon
Light/Mecha Del Sol + Hunter/2/1000

■ When this creature would be destroyed, you may discard a light card from your hand instead.

■ Psychic Link: At the start of your turn, if there is a "Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon" and "Merriane, Apostle of the Alps" in your battle zone, you may flip this creature and that creature and link them.

Merriane, Apostle of the Alps
Light/Initiate + Hunter/3/3000

■ Blocker

■ This creature can't attack players.

As quoting from rks_blitzer, 'Saint Chan-Merrie's abilities are obviously the combined effects of its parts', Saint Chan-Merrie gets her abilities in an upgraded format from its parts.

When you have all three of the creatures above during the start of your turn, you get to turn flip them over and turn into one giant creature (girl).
Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon


Chandelier, Light Weapon


Merriane, Apostle of the Alps


Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie

III. Strategies and game play:
I will cover the summoning basics here, on what spells/creatures one can use to bring about the glory of Saint Chan Merrie.

Basic Spells:
The traditional way of spamming psychics.

Hyperspatial 'DM36-37' Holes - These DM-36 spells are the first in this era. They can summon the likes of pretty everything other than the super big psychics. So, with Bolshack, Energy, Revive, and Faerie, you can summon the smaller parts of Saint Chan Merrie together, and with Vice, Dravita, and Shiny, you can bring out Saint Ave Maria Directly or its two parts together, so is extra recommended.

Hyperspatial Mother Hole,Hyperspatial Gallows Hole - Can summon a 7 cost water/light psychic from hyperspatial zone. Basically other than Gallows Kaiser, you are talking about using this with Saint Ave Maria. Mother is so suitable as you can bring out nice blockers as well. Joan of Arc or Saint Maria even, while Gallows Hole can act as a removal, especially against psychics.

Other Spells
These are some other very nice spells that you should have in a deck with Saint Chain Merrie.
Hyperspatial Extra Hole
Hyperspatial Surprise Hole
These two spells would either help with refilling your deck by putting back 2 cards so that you wouldn't discard yourself into decking out or just providing you with that extra part for your Saint Chan Merrie.

The 4 cost spells from DMR doesn't really seem to go well with Saint Chan Merrie or its parts, neither helping with their effects nor able to bring out Saint Ave Maria but rather seemingly not to be used to their maximal potential

The three 7 cost Hyperspatial spells are not suitable for use. Can waste your deck space if you are planning to get it out completely.

The advantage of using creatures to summon is probably when the cost of casting spells are too high, or they are banned by the likes of the Alcadeis family. So here are some creatures that would bring Saint Ave Maria into Battle Zone.


I ring the bell for you 'Lehi'! ―Yodel Weiss, the Prophet

Yodel Weiss, the Prophet

Oh, made specifically for Saint Ave Maria! As all Super Psychic Creatures do, Saint Chan Merrie's special prince is here! Not only he brings out the biggest piece of Saint Chan Merrie (and almost no other psychics other than Victory Pudding Pudding) it is also a Saver for psychics (Saint Ave Maria). Range is a bit narrow, but its ability always makes it good for your psychics.

Geo Crashing Mirandal, the Dimensional Force
Cebu Algol, the Electrical Vanguard
Gaga Carina, Spirit of Lightstreams
The one to watch for among the three is Geo Crashing Miranda
It is a really useful alien that allows you to summon a light/fire/nature psychic with a cost of 6 or less. Even if it is an Alien, you can bring out Saint Ave Maria just the same.
The other two are not so good in this sense, but also usable to bring out the smaller parts.

Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman - When you summon this baby, you can destroy any number of your creatures (other than itself, since it has to do the shamaning thingy), and then put that many psychics that cost 6 or less into the battlezone. If you can afford it, you can summon 8 psychics in one go. It is like perfectly made for Saint Ave Maria...of course, Blitzer is going to complain that it is really made for Volg Thunder (and I agree), but it is always fun to bring out this creature if you have the chance.

IV. Combos with other cards:

Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon

--Hyperspatial Mother Hole
+ Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory + Whirlwind Slash= You get to tap 2 creatures because Joan of Arc' effect, then both able to kill off portion of your opponent's creatures, then untap when your turn ends. Lovely

+ Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom + gravity zero of Webius, Bloody Shadow + Zabi Mira= You get to draw about 4 cards and if you are lucky, even more blockers for you. With Zabi Mira, this combo can easily make everything happen for a Saint Chan Merrie come together.

--Small Hunters
= Untap at the end of your turn so no fear of getting attacked

= Untap at the end of your turn so no fear of losing a few of your tapped Hunters you just placed in from your Mana Zone.

Jin, the Imperial Ogre Blade
This master of of a gang can put in all your nature Hunters into Battle Zone...tapped. So what Saint Ave Maria would do, is just untap them at the end of your turn. Save and sound they would be.


Pudding Pudding the Eternal
This little loli turns your aliens in your Battle Zone into Hunters...which means they all get untapped as well! Perfect with Geo Miranda!

--Pudding Pudding
= Untap your Aliens

It has a superb survival skill, so how do we utilize that? Now, here are some fun uses:

ちょっと踏み台になってくれっス。マジ、スマーンっス ― 友斬のマジ・スマーン

To me you are a springboard. Really, I am Sorry. ― Mybad Forreals, Friendly Slicer

Mybad Forreals, Friendly Slicer

If you didn't laugh when you see the name of the creature, then you really lack sense of humor...

But yes, ok fine, I will go with Maji Suman, the Friend Slicer any how. Basically when it enters the Battle Zone, it has to kill a creature. Not just any creature, but must be a Psychic Creature. Now normally your psychics are not really put into Battle Zone for killing, but this creature can afford to die if you discard a card. Fattening your grave and also putting a cheap double breaker into the fray of this whole mess. Also a Hunter if you want that boost from Saint Chain Merrie or Saint Ave Maria.

You can also use Chandelier as a source of graving, but only light into Grave is a Hindrance in a way.

Merriane, Apostle of the Alps
Since it is a small blocker, it doesn't get much support, or does it?

Murmur, Apostle of the Formation
The most basic blocker support. 4 of these would make your creatures unbelievably big. Oh, did I mention that it also shares the same race as Merriane?

Ulcelios, Spirit of the Holy Core
This creature makes your Merriane's death worth it. I mentioned it here because Merriane is quite easy to die, and thus...but yes, I would use it with Mother Hole any day.

Silver Glory, Invincible Fortress
Well, all winning Merriane is indeed rather good, no? All creatures can really use this anyhow, just that this is a blocker.

Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie

Now comes the biggy. She stays alive easily, and punches hard. Great at defense, she can easily make your opponent pay for allow her to be linked. In a way, she feels like Ken Geki, just sitting there, doing nothing other than breaking shields and blocker. So how to enhance her punching power and help her stay alive? Here are a few.

Other wise known as, Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory

■ Blocker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, when this creature attacks, or when this creature blocks, choose two of your opponent's creatures and tap it.

■ When your opponent would choose a creature for the effect of a fire creature or spell, this creature can't be chosen.

Well, I have mentioned it with Saint Ave Maria, but with Saint Chan Merrie it works even better. Other than making it extremely hard for your opponent to get anything alive on Battle Zone due to Joan's Tap and Bash (Saint Chan Merrie part of that bashing as well), you always can untap the duo, giving 2 extra shields, then making life hard for your opponent to try breaking them.

Cyber N World

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, each player shuffles their hand and graveyard into their deck and shuffles it. Then each player draws 5 cards.

This creature fits Saint Chan Merrie so well that words can't even begin to describe. Well, that's because in order to stay alive, Saint Chan Merrie needs a lot of cards in hand. For each deaths, she has to pay one card in hand to stay in Battle Zone. So naturally you would have a lot of cards in your grave, and then comes some creatures like Volg Tiger and begins to thin your deck out. What can you do? Answer is Cyber N World. Putting those discarded cards and spells that you put Saint into Battle Zone with. Then draw five!

Five cards! That means Saint Chan can be removed 5 more times before Link Releasing. How perfect is that!

Poppi Lucky
This little Firebird gives all dragons the effect to be not 'choosable' while it is in Battle Zone. Since when Saint Chan Merrie is awakened, it is a Shinny Command Dragon, it naturally gets another survival skill, which is never bad, especially against the likes of Shinra Skull Moon.

紅蓮の怒 鬼流院 刃
Crimson Rage, the Imperial Ogre Blade
The simple best Hunter support you can ask for. Wait, it doesn't even just support, it can be the answer to everything! If Saint Chan Merrie wings a Battle, it can put a Hunter than cost less than 39 from Mana or Hyperspatial Zone into Battle Zone...that is anything! Wait, Saint Chan Merrie is a not a Nature Creature! Fear not, we have this!

Now all creatures in your Battle Zone that are Fire and Light is also Nature in their Civilization! Go spam that Crimson Rage!

--Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal/Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened
This is something that can looked into. When Saint Chan Merrie Awakens, you get one of these beast due to Saint costing 39, which is plenty to bring Last Storm out. Of course, it is not the best bait, but at least it can. That's all that matters in a way :3

Kutt + Severance
Since psychics creatures being returned to hand = death, rest assured that this doublesided buddies can take care of your Saint Chan Merrie and her prats easily. So long Hide and Seek!

Final Note:
Since it is a Psychic Super Creature made of Psychic Creatures, cost reducers for the spells or creatures that summons it are also a critical make up of a good psychic deck with Saint Chan Merrie. I picked 4 creatures that you will most often encounter or use in such cases. Most importantly they only cost 3-4 each, and they are a perfect bait Zabi Mira's destruction effect.

--Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier: Ever since it appeared, it had a dominate root in light blocker decks that rely on heaven's gate. Now we can use it for the likes of Mother Hole and many other Hyperspatial spells.

--Franz the 1st, the Ice Fang: This is the most common spell cost reducer, even more than Essence Elf perhaps due to its civilization and race of knights.

VI. Ways to counteract it:

Saint is a Psychic Creature. Just stop it or destroy it to stop it from becoming the big creature. How? Let me introduce you to some of its mortal enemies.

Your mortal enemies-Part 1-Psychic creatures.

First thing that comes to mind is this. This is gotta be the biggest and worst enemy of Saint Chan Merrie:

雲龍 ディス・イズ・大横綱
Unryu Deis Izu, Great Yokozuna
Looking at its ugly face, you will have no idea how destructive this beast is against Saint. Indeed, it is ridiculous how badly this creature hates Saint Chan Merrie because it overcomes her in every possible way. First of all, it has 20000 power, which is 500 more than Saint Chan Merrie. Then it has the ability to force your opponent to block. That's not all, when it wins, it untaps! That means when it attack, Saint have to block, and then Yokozuna can bash her again and again, until you have no more cards in hand, then which Yokozuna will slowly dismantle her, breaking her into parts with her Link Release ability, then keep mauling until there is nothing left. Gosh. I never understood why they produced a Very Rare Psychic Super Creature that can really take care of a Victory Rare Psychic Super Creature (that came out 1 set later!)

Rumble, Temporal Sage
Rumble Lecer, Terror Awakened

■ Whenever this creature would battle, destroy the other creature instead of battling.

Oh, whenever you see this beast when it is unawakened, bash it with all you have because one awakened, it is almost unstoppable. Rumble Lecter is a creature you don't want to attack it, don't want it to attack you when you have to block. This is due to a special rule called 'Double Substitution' . Sounds simple? No, not at all! Whenever an effect with the word instead in it triggers another effect with instead, only the first activates! That means when it would battle with Saint Chan Merrie, you get to trigger its 'instead destroyed' effect. Then...please don't be so horrified when you find out you can't discard to save it or Link Release. Yes, even Link Release is an instead effect. It basically just vaporize the entire creature and puts it back straight into Hyperspatial Zone like nothing ever existed.

DZ, the Temporal Ruler
DDZ, the Evil Awakened
In a way, I wasn't sure about this. DDZ is an amazing creature, and if it is awakened before you awakened Saint Chan Merrie, then you have some big problem on your hand. Other wise, every time it attacks in its awakened side, you would have to discard two cards. Of course, Saint Chan Merrie is the only one that can survive this crazy creature's beating.

Your mortal enemies-Part 2-Creatures.

Actually a lot, not talking about all those Slayers and big blockers, nor Olzekia and those creatures that only knows how to destroy, these are some critical ones that will make you suffer if you don't pay attention. I want to talk about Khancrow as well, but its revenge chance doesn't work well against Saint Chan Merrie.

Codename Sherlock

Ok, for you lazy folks here is its effect:

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all psychic creatures.

■ Nobody can put psychic creatures into the battle zone.

■ Quadruple breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

■ When your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone, this creature can't be chosen. (It can still be attacked or blocked.)

Basically what this means if that if you haven't linked the 3 psychics, you are going to be left with the puny Chandelier if you chose to save it, and it will probably not get anything done afterwards. It being Light and Dark would be almost impossible to remove so yeah...enjoy your days without your psychics.

Shinra Skull Moon

■ Whenever this creature would be destroyed, you may destroy one of your opponent's creatures instead.

Same as Rumble Lecter. You see this creature, you let him break shields or what and don't touch him. Don't attack him...because he has lower power than you, he would be destroyed then...'instead' destroy Saint Chan Merrie. Then Saint is gone before you know.

While battling creatures over 12000 power, it gets 11000 more power, bring it to 22000 power total. That's a sum of number that is higher than of Saint Chan Merrie, and can repeatedly bash on her if it happens to able to be able to attack untapped creatures or when there are no Shields and Saint Chan Merrie is your last blocker (or no blocker stronger than Sunburst NEX). In a way Saint Chan Merrie is ridiculously weak to Fist of Forever effects.

For another example, see the ultimate Anti Saint Chan Merrie, Yokozuna.

Her husband completely demolish psychics, but even without her husband, she is still as active as ever. The only reason I listed her here, is that she is probably the only creature that ban spells (other than Disturbed Chuusa) and can appear before you finish getting your Saint Chan Merrie out. Of course, you have enough creatures to put them into Battle Zone.

Hundred-Strike Doll Magnum, the answer to all Psychic Creatures. When you are playing a psychic deck, you don't want to play with it with one of these on the battle zone. If you have no creatures, whatever you put into the battlezone will be destroyed, if not you have to keep sacrificing ur minor creatures. No pain no gain?

Nariel, the Oracle, is an amazingly annoying card. It will stop all creature with power over 3000 from attacking. Yes, if you have linked Saint Chan Merrie, she really could do nothing other than blocking attacks from your opponent. So glad it is restricted.

Black Ganveet
See for yourself, this 7 cost Demon Command is probably the only creature that loves discarding so much that it will discard everything from both Player's Hands. Eh...without Hand, Saint Chan Merrie is very vulnerable!

Liger Blade
Number hater of small psychic, this creature is pretty sick in a way that just the moment before you get to link, everything is once again gone. Saint Chan Merrie's parts all fall into this creature's range of destruction.

There are a few more undiscriminating cards to take out psychics, such as these:
Bolshack Superhero
Answer is Useless
Bring it to Em Psychics!

Oh well. Lastly but not least we have here:

Perfect Galaxy
Perfect Galaxy, the one creature that you will not get enough of. The biggest problem is that even you are a Quadruple Breaker with 19500 power, he is still going to block you and survive. The only thing that happens is you getting a free shield. Restricted as well, so you wouldn't face it as often as you would.

Your mortal enemies-Part 3-Spells.

Since putting into hand = death, yes, Hide and Seek will make you discard a card...then what? Discard another from your hand? Double Loss :O

When Saint Chan Merrie Awakens, it is almost indestructible.
Still it is worthy to mention that it will be killed by spells such as the common Terror Pits and such, returned to hand by the common Spiral Gates, put into mana zone by the common Natural Snares...which you can easily discard a card from hand to keep your dear Saint Chan Merrie alive. Of course, too many discarding spells, like Ghost Touch, Lost Soul, and many many more.

By the way here is a spell to be scared of:

Why? This is Hades Death Gate. It destroys an untapped creature, which Saint Chan Merrie should always be (due to its untapping ability at the end of her turn), and pull out a creature grave that cost less than it (ok, there are no creatures costing less than Saint Chan Merrie other than 1-2 Psychic Creatures, which is not your concern now). That means they can put whatever they want from Grave into Battle Zone.

V. What it counters:

Being a Psychic Super Creature, it naturally has something to be proud of. Other than being the Shield Trigger Killer, it can also trump many creatures/spells/abilities. Here are some notable ones.

Gaial Kaiser
Red ABYTHEN Kaiser
A speed attacker with a cost of 8 and a pretty much unchoosable 7 cost psychic. If Saint Ave Maria blocks, you would actually win the battle since Saint Ave Maria can +2000 when blocking. You can say, 'She torched you man!'

Well, unless the grave is filled with fire cards, when unawakened, it is weaker than the blocking power of Saint Ave Maria, then when awakened, is weaker than Saint Chan Merrie. Kinda the perfect example of 'last year she was taller than you, this year she is still taller'.

Codename Sherlock
Yes, this. Why so? Mostly because if you actually linked Saint Chan Merrie, you are probably ok. It is the only Psychic Super Creature known to human kind that can survive a Codename Sherlock in the face and live to tell the tale.

Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier/Darkness Ganveet, the Assassin Awakened
Saint Chan Merrie is pretty anti Ganveet. First of all, it untap Hunters, which keeps them alive when Black Ganveet descends on it. Then we have its awakened form, which actually makes Saint Chan Merrie a bit sad because it can make her discard two cards from Hand, but can easily block him and do him over.

VII. Strengths/Pros:

--Great Race, being a command and a dragon and an Hunter. Will get a lot of race support that I haven't mentioned.

--Saint Ave Maria blocks rather well, and great Hunter Synergy.

--Chandelier have a survival mechanism.

--Merriane a decently useful blocker for Assault Decks.

--High Power of 19500.

--Unafraid of Grudge Gathering (39 cost, really, 39 cards in Grave? You kinda won because your opponent decked out)

--Small parts, almost easiest of all the 3 creature Psychic Super Creature to put into Battle Zone and link.

--Can attack then return to a position to defend.

--Shield Adder.

--Purely hard to remove.

VIII. Weaknesses/Cons:

--Parts are fairly weak and easily killed.

--High cost so have to be careful of certain cost related abilities.

--Very dependent on Hand, once Hand is gone, it goes.

IX. Variations/Artwork/Aesthetics:

Saint Chan Merrie and all its parts are drawn by the same person, Ishibashi Yosuke. His drawing style is rather solid, feeling everything with color. As for Saint Chan Merrie, the theme is same as most of the Mecha Del Sols, which is mostly a pellet of Blue and Gold

This is Saint Ave Maria. Notice the big blue X in the back and the little blue arrow that comes from the body of the Light Weapon. Like Saint Maria, it has that kinda of hooked metallic hair, and a ring that carries laser blasters. All in all, the creature is quite well done, but needs the foiled background to make it shine as it did.

This is Merriane. Yes, there is also that little blue arrow coming out from its chest for some reason unknown. It is a little Mobile Armor...yes, gundam terminology, but it has two sparks emitting hand.

Like the Angel in EVA...this creature has cloth/ribbon as arms, where it spirals around a chain of lightning. Noble, it is, head raised with pride. Two bells actually formed its shoulders. Looking at the position of her gems, it probably signifies that Chandelier is the upper body of Saint Chan Merrie.

If you noticed, the parts on the Saint Ave Maria, Merriane and Chandelier are actually also on Saint Chan Merrie, unlike the other Super Psychics that looks like another creature. The head, was part of Merriane, and now has a pair of observant eyes, looking at her prey. She holds a lightning spear, and the other hand pointed forth, apparently ready throw the deadly bolt forth. In a way, her lower half of body is from Saint Ave Maria while the larger ring migrated upwards, deprived of its laser blaster but with now engravings on them. Yes, she is ready, ready to hunt.

X. Overall rating:

Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon
They have to be this Christian, do they? Saint Ave Maria indeed, quite a tiny beautiful blocker that allows untapping of creatures at the end of your turn. Wonderful.

Chandelier, Light Weapon
Chandelier is referring to Shan Bell actually, sharing the same ability. Quite Interestingly it is also a Mecha Del Sol.

Merriane, Apostle of the Alps
Merriane...that is so merry. I believe it suppose to be going with the Alpine theme of Sound of the Music or something, so yes.

Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie
Saint Chan Merrie. Along with its cost, 39, it actually reads "San Ku, Ho Yu!" before the Saint Chan Merrie part. Yes, its name is also taken out of its smaller bits. Big creature, powerful attacker, and yeah, it defends really well.

I will give it 9/10!

XI. Sample Deck:

Perfect Merrie
I am just trying to keep Saint Chan Merrie while Incorporating the powerful draw and recycling power of Cyber N World!


As I survived Mother's Trials, Sound of Holy Bells Resonated.

XI. Sample Meta Deck:
Ok, scrap whatever I put up before. Everything is theoratical until worked out in actual life. So in Jp Meta, basically the most advance form of game play for Duel Master currently (As Blitzer can say, TCO is pretty much nothing. We are just beginning to catch up). For E1 games (Episode 1 cards only), Saint Chan Merrie do appear in some of the winning decks.

Here are some:

Light/Fire/Nature Ekusu

4【霞み妖精 ジャスミン】

Evolution Creatures:


HP Zone:

Rather an aggressive play of Hunters, this deck boost an early mana accel through Jasmine and Faerie Life, then transition into either using Weiss or Hyperspatial shinny hole. Using Apache to bring out Gaial Kaiser and once hit 7 mana, Bolbalzak Ex's rule will begin. Can be used to bring out more creatures through HP spells or evolve directly into Abare Mugen. In a way, Dragons for attack, Saint Chan Merrie's parts for defence.

Light/Water Heaven's Gate



HP Zone:

This is a Heaven's Gates deck, using Saint Maria and Naka and Lord Reis. For Hyperspatials, we have Surprise, Mother, White Blue Hole. Using draws, this deck focuses on staying alive and gathering a good enough hand that can be unleashed by turn 6, when Heaven's Gate can be casted. Of course, you can also rely on your shields to provide some of those lovely Shield Triggers. White Blue also helps with stalling by placing cards from hand into Shields.


Modified on December 15, 2012 06:28 am

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July 18, 2010
Subject:    Posted: November 19, 2011 10:45 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Two things:
-You forgot to put Saint Ave-Maria's pic on here.
-It's worth mentioning as part of the theme that:
--All the Hunter psychic links are mono-colored, while all the Alien psychic links are multicolored.
--Saint Chan-Merrie's abilities are obviously the combined effects of its parts.
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Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: November 20, 2011 11:38 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

so hasty, blitzer :3 Ok, yes, I will include all its parts, I will include suggestions, I will include many other things, but yes, the review is not done. Thanks for your undivided attention, and yes, thanks for the comment

Wow three yeses (4).
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July 1, 2010
Subject:    Posted: November 21, 2011 06:14 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

so hasty, blitzer :3 Ok, yes, I will include all its parts, I will include suggestions, I will include many other things, but yes, the review is not done. Thanks for your undivided attention, and yes, thanks for the comment

Wow three yeses (4).

Its hard to read the yellow text >< try using orange, on here, its a slightly darker yellow, but its readable
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Avatar for blitzkreig
Subject:    Posted: March 26, 2012 11:04 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I dont't wanna criticize anything on the review,cause i'm a beginner...but based on what i have seen:you do a great job everytime u do a review,,a perfect 10 outta 10 from me!
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July 1, 2010
Subject: Yup... definitely winning this week   Posted: March 30, 2012 09:12 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Well by the looks of it, i can expect this to win this week for sure. DM FTW
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