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card review Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom: Black Flames of Death and the Shadow of Destruction... Avatar Reviews Part 5

Card Review
Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
Black Flames of Death and the Shadow of Destruction... Avatar Reviews Part 5

written by shuriken6 

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Author Message

Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 1, 2012 04:33 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from shuriken6:

quote from vladutz:

You could steal add some more combo using this creature leaving the battle zone effect.And there are some cards wich works for all phoenix like universe gate that you could've spoked of

This right here is Constructive criticism; what you said before was just plain rude; (Boring fic really got to me) Especially since i worked so hard on that. Like I said though i was tired and i didn't wanna repeat myself, it wasn't because i wanted to get this out of the way. None of my reviews i intend to be like that. And I apologize for flipping out. I really take my card reviews and my fanfictions seriously, reason being is because I REALLY want to become a writer, it's one of my top 3 career choices and i plan on going to school in September this year to study Creative Writing. So when i hear people talk trash about stuff i put a whole lot of effort into i get really offended (Blame my lack of self esteem >.>) But what can I say? I'm human, it was just a once in a blue moon thing, it happens. ^_^

P.S.: two things:
  1. The Both of you need to stop fighting on my Review, take it somewhere else >.>
  2. Read my fanfiction. If it's that boring that people are going to skip over it, then try reading for yourself to see if i can prove other-wise. It won't kill you.
  3. Last thing: Mind changing the votes since its much better than before? I'd appreciate it

(Just read the new comment, still it won't kill you )

You're right shuriken,I respect what you said and end the fight here,while I will change my rating.
It seems we both have the same mindset,I also do reviews because writing is one of the 3 career choices (other than drawing and painting) I want to do and it also makes me full of madness when I see someone such as vladutz who thinks he has the right to throw dirt into someone who has way more experience than him and put a lot of effort into his creations.
Since without you I wouldn't make such detailed reviews (the difference between my Bolbalzak X review and my El Levain review is HUGE),I will do what you say.I also wish you to go to that school so you can study Creative Writing,along with more reviews.
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Avatar for hopeless
Subject:    Posted: August 27, 2013 06:14 am Reply with quote Report content icon

OMG, how long discussion for this you had shuriken but now you will tackle me XD as you know I am a vortex evo lover like you, we can have battles for each of our creations, remember true skill is natural, it is not effected that by saying you level 16 and I'm 3, though I'm only 13 years old XD SO DEPLOY YOUR SHIELDS AND GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE BATTLE BETWEEN THE AVATARS (please let me know if I'm getting overexcited for it).
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