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card review Rising NEX, the Enlightened: God's Arch-Nemesis! the Enlightened Saga part 1

Card Review
Rising NEX, the Enlightened: click to enlarge
Rising NEX, the Enlightened

Card text:

* Ultimate Evolution—Put on one of your Evolution Armored Dragons or Evolution Fire Birds.

* When you put this creature into the battle zone, your opponent chooses the creature in their battle zone with the lowest power and destroys it.

* God slayer (Whenever this creature battles a God, destroy the God after the battle.)

* Triple breaker

* When this creature is destroyed, your opponent chooses their creature in battle zone that has the lowest power and destroys it. Then, destroy your creature in the battle zone that has the lowest power. Then, you may put a non-evolution Dragon from your graveyard into the battle zone.

  • Collector Number: 9
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Lunatic Emperor/Armored Dragon
  • Power: 13000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Toshiaki Takayama
Rising NEX, the Enlightened
God's Arch-Nemesis! the Enlightened Saga part 1

written by tudordan
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I wanted to do this review already since Monday,but at least is here.

What's up everyone,my name is tudordan coming up with the first The Enlightened Saga part,featuring........

Rising NEX,the Enlightened

Coming up from:

DM-33 Rising Dragon (S4/S5 - Super Rare),as you can see,he's featured in this pack's cover artwork.

DMC-64 CoroCoro Legend 7: Dynamite Movie (9/42 - Super Rare)

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best (12/36 - Super Rare)

Rising NEX,the Enlightened is an Ultimate Evolution Creature with 6 mana cost,13000 power,Triple Breaker and Lunatic Emperor/Armored Dragon races.
Ultimate Evolution Creatures work like Evolution Creatures,but they need an Evolution Creature as bait,which makes them kinda hard to summon.*almost* All of them have "the Enlightened" as suffix,Lunatic Emperor race,and a Moon Symbol instead of the Civilization Symbol under the card text,which will be used by their succesors too:Luna's Sun Kaisers.(Rising NEX is unique for being the only Lunatic Emperor Creature with a Sun Symbol instead of Moon Symbol)
While they are a bit hard to summon (you need to count the tricks that your opponent might throw in your face),most of them are powerfull by themselves,such as Skull Moon,the Enlightened.
Also,only Rising NEX,the Enlightened and Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight require special kinds of Evolution Baits.(Rising NEX,the Enlightened requires an Evolution Armored Dragon or an Evolution Fire Bird to be "sacrificed",which we will talk about that later,while Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight requires Light Evolution Creatures)

Now let's take a look at his abilities:

When you put this creature into the battle zone, your opponent chooses the creature in their battle zone with the lowest power and destroys it.

This ability is very situational,but shouldn't be underestimated!
The effectiveness of this ability depends a lot of the situation you're in and WHEN do you summon Rising NEX,the Enlightened !(to use this effect)
Here are some examples of where and when can this ability be usefull:
- If your opponent has some Support Creatures and you want to get rid of them fast and easy.(Most Support Creatures are weak,so killing them with this ability shouldn't be difficult)
- If your opponent has ONLY powerfull Creatures.(6000 power or more at least)While this kind of situation might be rare,it is also satisfying,because anyone loves taking down that Big Beast who will not give them peace.
If there is a tie,your opponent chooses what Creature to destroy.(which is pretty bad)

God Slayer

Yep,this ability deserves to be here.It is what makes Rising NEX,the Enlightened more unique,and also what makes him the ultimate anti-God Creature.
Gods aren't really a Creature,they're a part of it .They all feature the "God Link" mechanism,which makes them link with another God,who's name is written in card text.A God's card artwork also "spills out of the usual border towards the side that God can be linked with.If you link 2 or more Gods,then it usually results in in both Gods forming one larger picture with the "spill-over" artwork.Linked Gods don't get summoning sickness.Once linked,they are one Creature,with powers,names,costs,races,powers,civilizations and abilities combined.If they are destroyed,only 1 part is put into graveyard instead.
There are some Gods here who are a pain in the butt for all of us (Original Gods,The Emperor of Gods,Aku & Zen,etc.),this is why this Creature was created.
If Rising NEX,the Enlightened battles with a God and loses,instead of only 1 part off that God,the entire God is destroyed.I think that Rising NEX,the Enlightened and Überdragon Sunburst NEX are the reason why Gods are extinct now.

When this creature is destroyed, your opponent chooses their creature in battle zone that has the lowest power and destroys it. Then, destroy your creature in the battle zone that has the lowest power. Then, you may put a non-evolution Dragon from your graveyard into the battle zone.

So,this means we can use Rising NEX,the Enlightened's first ability again if he's destroyed,but this time at the cost of destroying one of your Creatures.This restriction might be bad if you have Support Creatures,but if you have weaklings that can be destroyed without problem,then you have nothing to worry about.
Now,we can revive a non-evolution Dragon and call him to join the war for FREE.The effectiveness of this depends a lot on what Dragons you have in your grave,which we will talk about that later.Obviously,reviving the first Dragon that was used as Evolution Bait to start the "Evolution Saga" (not the pack) is a good idea.

Here are some souls that you can use for my arrival.Choose wisely!

Here we will talk about what kind of Evolution Creatures you can use for our mighty NEX waiting to rise.Note that he requires Evolution Armored Dragons/Fire Birds.We will separate this category into 2 sections:

Evolution Armored Dragons:

If I will be Rising NEX himself,then so be it,I can't wait any longer! -Valkyrie Lupia,Sky Lord Dragonmech

Valkyrie Lupia,Sky Lord Dragonmech was made for Rising NEX,the Enlightened!
He is an Multicolored Evolution Creature with 5 mana cost,5000 power and Armored Dragon/Fire Bird races.
If he's present,then you can seek out for a Dragon in your deck and put him in your hand after you show him to your opponent,shuffling your deck afterwards.That Dragon is obviously Rising NEX himself.

However,there are some interesting weaknesses with this card:
- Evolution Armored Dragon/Fire Bird,this means he will eat them,and most Armored Dragon or Fire Birds are pretty usefull.
- 5 mana cost and 5000 power,this ratio isn't that good.
- Speaking of Evolution,we might have to put into account most negative tricks,which can make this guy almost impossible to summon (this will affect Rising NEX,the Enlightened as well)

While I wait for Rising NEX's arrival,I will make sure that everything is prepared for him! -Bolgalshack, Super Divine Dragoon

Bolgalshack, Super Divine Dragoon is an Evolution Creature with 7 mana cost,8000 power,Double Breaker and Armored Dragon/Tyranno Drake races.
While he can be put on top off any Armored Dragon or Tyranno Drake,it is highly adviced that you put him on top off an Armored Dragon if you want to use Rising NEX next,unless your opponent has a lot of weaklings.(In that case,I doubt that you would make it this far as I can bet it is a Rush deck)
Why Armored Dragon?Well,that Dragon can be revived if Rising NEX is destroyed,a Tyranno Drake won't.
The problem with Bolgalshack might be sacrificing your usefull Armored Dragon for him,and the fact that you can't choose Armored Dragons/Tyranno Drakes with his 2nd effect,which is kinda sad.

I always have big guns with me,but I never knew that I will be Rising NEX himself! -Bolpheus Heaven,Holy Super Dragon

Bolpheus Heaven,Holy Super Dragon is a Multicolored Vortex Evolution Creature,with 7 mana cost,13000 power,Triple Breaker and Angel Command/Armored Dragon races.
When he's present,you can cast a Light/Fire Spell from your hand for free.The effectiveness of this ability depends on what kind of spell you cast.
Also he has Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon's ability:He destroys a Creature with 6000 power or less at the cost of your shields everytime he attacks.
All of his abilities above are quite usefull,but can backfire sometimes.You need to have Light cards in your mana zone too,which asks for a better card pool.

If you didn't knew it,you know it now:Vortex Evolution Creatures are also counted as Evolution Creatures for Lunatic Emperors.The problem is,this card is even harder to summon than Rising NEX himself,wasting 2 of your usefull Angel Commands/Armored Dragons.But if you still want to summon him,then do it,but make sure you use 2 Armored Dragons as bait,so that you have more choices if your Rising NEX dies.

I think it is better now.Rising NEX should come!But while he will come,let's have some fun and smash some skulls! -Bolshack Ulpheus,Holy Dragon

This card is much easier to summon than his brother,Bolpheus Heaven.Bolshack Ulpheus is a Multicolored Evolution Creature with 7 mana cost,9000 power,Double Breaker and Angel Command/Armored Dragon/Hunter.
He has his older brother's ability to cast a Light/Fire Spell from your hand without cost,which is always great,depending on the Spell you've chosed.
While he's so much easier to use,he also lost something from his older brother:
- The ability to destroy one Creature with 6000 power or less.
- 4000 power,which is a pretty big number if we think about it for a second.
- One shield break.(this can save him,because it means reduced chances of proc'ing a nasty Shield Trigger)
Of course,using an Armored Dragon instead of a Command is highly adviced in order to summon him,just in case Rising NEX,the Enlightened dies.

Evolution Fire Birds:

While I wait for Rising NEX to come,I make sure he will know that his enemies are defenceless! -Boleas,Bird of Fire

Boleas,Bird of Fire is an Evolution Creature with 3 mana cost,5000 power,Fire Bird race and the ability to destroy a Blocker once present.
While Evolution Creature status can make his summoning conditions a little bit bad,3 mana cost will make it worth it,5000 power is pretty decent for his ratio,and destroying a Blocker can be effective depending on what kind of blocker we're talking about.(But is pretty funny if used on unbreakable walls such as Aldora,White Knight Spirit)

Rising NEX can come and smile upon me anytime,I will be there whenever he wants! -Pildol,Bird of Fire.

Pildol,Bird of Fire is an Evolution Creature with only 1 mana cost,5000 power and Fire Bird as race.
Even with his Evolution Creature status,he is extremely cheap to summon,so if you have 7 mana then what are you waiting for?RISE,my Lunatic NEX!!
Not only that,but 5000:1 is a great ratio,at his level he can hold himself pretty nicely.Just be carefull of your opponent's negative,dirty tricks and all will be ok.Also make sure that you have at least 6 mana,so that you can summon Rising NEX at your next turn.

Using Evolution Armored Dragons is highly adviced,because you know Rising NEX's abilities won't be entirely wasted,but if your Evolution Armored Dragons died,then using Evolution Fire Birds can be a pretty good solution.
(Ah yes,AVOID using the "Innocent" family,they won't give you anything except alternative "sacrifice" for your Evolution Armored Dragons/Fire Birds)

Here's a fact:I don't die unlike other Dragons,I just revive myself using my old soul!

I love it when Bolshack NEX does that,it gives us Fire Birds more reasons to follow him! -Cocco Lupia

Bolshack NEX is a Creature with 6 mana cost,6000+ (+1000 power for each Fire Bird in your grave if he attacks),Double Breaker and Armored Dragon race.
This guy can be used to start the Evolution Saga that will end as soon as Rising NEX joins the massacre (or will it end?).
He is not alone:he brought a Fire Bird with him to join the party.This ability is pretty versantile,from summoning Cocco Lupia which allows you to swarm the battlefield with more big,mean Dragons,to summoning defensive Lupias such as Peace Lupia.He gives a reason to use Evolution Fire Birds for Rising NEX:if Lunatic NEX dies,then Bolshack NEX willl get at least 8000 power when he attacks.

Weaklings mean nothing to me. -Bolshack Cross NEX

Bolshack Cross NEX is a Creature with 9 mana cost,12000+ (power attacker 5000,going to an impressive 17000),Speed Attacker,Triple Breaker and the power to seal anyone with cost 4 or less.
While you ,my reader, would ask something like "Why would you waste a powerfull Creature like that?",I have to tell you that Bolshack Cross NEX can be discarded too.There are many ways to kill him too.
Make sure that you know what are you doing,your Creatures with 4 cost or less are unuseable too,and this can cripple your support.

You kill my Enlightened Lord,you are screwed! Bolbalzak X

Bolbalzak X is a Multicolored Creature with 7 mana cost,6000 power,Double Breaker,Speed Attacker and Armored Dragon/Earth Dragon/Hunter races.
The reason why this guy is so awesome is because he untaps all the mana you've used.If you summoned Rising NEX and he get's killed then you know what to do!
Once this guy is here you can start with a powerhouse or speed attacker.
The only thing you might have to fear is spells that kill or tap,they are a pain in the butt for him.

C'mon,you call these defences? -Genji XX,Blastdragon

Genji XX,Blastdragon is a Creature with 6 mana cost,7000 power,Double Breaker,Speed Attacker and the ability to burn Blockers that come in his path if he decides to attack.
This guy is pretty usefull if you want to deal the finishing blow,but a big wall stands between you and your enemy.He is best used with Bolbalzak X,so that you have some more chances of winning!

You better say your prayers,using black magic against my revelations will awaken even the Rising NEX himself! -Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral

Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral is a Creature with 8 mana cost,6000 power,Double Breaker and Armored Dragon/Fire Bird races.
When he's present into battlefield,you reveal the top 3 cards of your deck,putting any Dragon or Fire Bird revealed into hand.If all 3 revealed cards are Dragons,then he goes RAGE MODE by giving himself speed attacker.
This Creature relies on luck.However,that luck can be increased with water cards that help you rearrange the top cards of your deck.If you are lucky enough,you can get even Rising NEX himself,if you have at least 2 copies of him of course!

I won't come in every war to help you,but here are some exceptions.Also here is my point of view when it comes to "strategy"

Rising NEX,the Enlightened is used in Anti-God Decks and some Dragon Decks.
Anti-God Decks:This one is very obvious,he was created to bring an end to the hostile Gods that brought nothing more than havoc for his lands.His "God Slayer" ability can make him a monster against most Gods,but here are some Gods that is really worth going Kamikaze with:
- The Original Gods: Pretty much Game Over if they are all linked,they are 6 parts making 1 Creature.Atom,the Divine Core is the biggest threat from all of them,with Gravity Zero effect if the Original Gods are almost linked,and if they are,then all your Creatures with 6 cost or less will go to Hell,while his will go to the "surface" instead.Of course the effectiveness off this ability will depends a lot on his allies.
- The Emperor of Gods: Probably my favorite enemies.The fun starts to be up if Suva,Emperor of Gods will come to play.Just go Kamikaze with Rising NEX,the Enlightened and watch how you won instantly with 1 move without breaking your opponent's shield.However,there are 2 Creatures that Adge and Moora,Emperor of Gods can link with:Suva and Vishu,Emperor of Gods OR Ana and Mani,Emperor of Gods.Most players will go with Ana and Mani,Emperor of Gods,because Suva,the Emperor of Gods can turn a game worse too many times.

Dragon Decks:This one is also obvious,by being an Armored Dragon,he's one of those Creatures that get a lot of Support,the only problem might be using a lot of Evolution Armored Dragons/Fire Birds to make sure that he will keep going -> better card pool.Fire Birds and some Dragons will give him all the support he needs.

In order to kick some mighty butt with Rising NEX,the Enlightened you need to take care of your opponent's weaklings.Not that hard,some Evolution Baits shown above can do it without problem (Bolgalshack,Super Divine Dragoon,Bolshack Ulpheus,Holy Dragon) also other Creatures as well.
However,while he tears any God to shreds,that doesn't mean you can't use it to kill other stuff!With 13000 power he can hold himself and kill some other meanies.

I am not alone when it comes to God annihilation: others are sick and tired of them too!

Rising NEX,arise!Your wings give us hope in this hopeless war against tyrannical Gods! -Galaxy Lupia

Galaxy Lupia is a Phoenix/Fire Bird with 9000 power,6 mana cost,Double Breaker,Galaxy Vortex Evolution Mechanism and Meteorburn effect.
When she uses her Meteorburn effect by sending 3 cards under her to grave,you can summon a NEX from your deck for free.She should be into the "Evolution Bait" category,but she's even harder to summon than Bolpheus Heaven!And yes,she can be used as Evolution Bait because she counts as "Evolution" Creature.
Another problem is eating your usefull Fire Birds like a cake,but the "Innocent" family can help with that problem.Evo chargers can also help by putting a Dragon under her,and 9000 power ,while can still hold on, makes her the most weakest Phoenix in my opinion.

Let me show you what can you do with guns! -Romanoff the 1st,Lord of the Demonic Eye

The infamous Romanoff Magic Shot combo,done by Romanoff the 1st,Lord of the Demonic Eye and Magic Shot - Romanoff Strike.Remember that Rising NEX,the Enlightened's abilities are best used against strong Creatures,but weaklings can be used as "meatshield" against this.Romanoff will take care of all Creatures that don't have 5500 power or more,opening the gate of Rising NEX's destruction!
Not only that,but Romanoff the 1st is a Zombie Dragon,so if he's killed,then you can revive him if Rising NEX is destroyed and kick some more butt.Of course,Romanoff the 1st has a wide variety of Darkness Spells to choose from,such as Terror Pit,making him pretty versantile.

Your souls are all mine! -Death Dragerion,the Supernova

Death Dragerion,the Supernova is another awesome Galaxy Vortex Evolution Creature that really deserves to be called DEATH.If this guy comes to play and attacks,his Meteorburn will annihilate everyone who doesn't have more than 9000 power.
Make sure that your Evolution Bait for Rising NEX has more than 9000 power as well,or else you just killed it and ruined your chances.(and no you can't use Death Dragerion as Evolution Bait for our Lunatic Emperor)
If you summon DEATH first then you're sure that your opponent has Creatures with at least 9500 power,easy prey for Rising NEX's ability,but he is even harder to summon than Galaxy Lupia and eats 3 mana.

Fools think that killing Dragons will save them and their families,but wise ones know that the reality is different,REALLY different! -Necrodragon Guljeneraid

Necrodragon Guljeneraid really deserves to be called a Zombie Dragon.His ability is basically Gravity Zero but used from hell,if one of your Dragons is destroyed,Guljeneraid will come out from his broken soul,more mighty than ever.
A good combo should be using 3 Guljeneraids as Evolution Baits for DEATH,so that you can use his Meteorburn effect and destroy one of your Dragons (not the Evolution bait used for Rising NEX tho).
This Zombie basically screams "SPAM ME!!" so just do it and your opponent will be surprised when he realizes that he has to deal with 5 Creatures.(4 x Guljeneraid and the Dragon revived through Rising NEX's effect,but this event is quite rare)

Why................don'!!! -Rising NEX,the Enlightened's enemies

Probably one of the best spells you can use for Rising NEX!It is called Force Again,it is pretty cheap with 4 mana cost and is also a Shield Trigger,so you can summon it from your broken shields.It is an usefull spell combined with Creatures that have effects when they're present,when they're destroyed,when they leave the battlefield or all 3 as a whole.With this Spell you:
- Killed 1 weak hostile Creature and revived one of your Dragons,but one of your weaklings is killed too!
- Killed 1 more weak hostile Creature.
Below is a combo that you can use with this Spell:
Rising NEX,the Enlightened (make sure you have some Necrodragon Guljeneraids along with 1 more Dragon) + Force Again + Rising NEX,the Enlightened along with some Necrodragon Guljeneraids and the revived Dragon

Look,there's no such thing as "I don't wanna fight!",if I want you to fight,YOU FIGHT!! -Tornado Shiva XX,Blastdragon

Players that use Gods won't attack with them if they see Rising NEX,unless your opponent is sure that you're almost finished.With Tornado Shiva,your opponent has no choice but to lose their precious Gods,but that's only if Tornado Shiva attacks mind you.
If Tornado Shiva is choosed by your opponent,then he will call his XX brothers,allowing you to search your deck for a XX Creature and put it in your hand before shuffling and after you show it to your opponent.There are some XX Creatures that are really good on their own such as GENJI XX,Blastdragon,but you need to force your opponent to choose Tornado Shiva somewhat.
There are more examples of Creatures that force others to battle each other,but Tornado Shiva XX,Blastdragon is a perfect example.

My destiny is to become Rising NEX himself and get my revenge against tyrannical Gods for killing my father! -Jack Raidou,Battle Dragon

Jack Raidou,Battle Dragon looks like he's nothing special with 5 mana and 5000 power,but he can start the Evolution Saga that will transform him in a Lunatic Emperor.
He allows you to search your deck for an Evolution Creature that shares a race with him (he has 3 races: Armored Dragon/Tyranno Drake/Samurai) and put it in your hand after you show it to your opponent,shuffling afterwards.Pretty usefull if you have Rising NEX,the Enlightened in your hand but no Evolution Bait for him or Vice Versa.
A good Combo is:
- Summoning Jack Raidou,Battle Dragon first and searching for Valkirie Lupia,Sky Lord Dragonmech
- Summoning Valkirie Lupia,Sky Lord Dragonmech next and searching your deck for Rising NEX,the Enlightened (you need at least 1 Light card in mana zone,this further asks for better card pool)
- And finally,summoning Rising NEX,the Enlightened.......
All of this is done in at least 2 turns,but you must be carefull of your opponent's dirty tricks.

I am not alone in this war,but neither are Gods,they have followers:

Your magic has no effect against us,we're prepared for it -Joan of Arc,Goddess of Victory

Creatures that can't be chosen can make Rising NEX,the Enlightened less usefull,Joan of Arc,Goddess of Victory is one such example.
However,Joan of Arc is also effective an making 2 of your Creatures vulnerable,including our Lunatic Emperor.She is really a pain,but in comparison with Rising NEX,the Enlightened,she is not strong physically so she would be crushed.But AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!

Killing a Lunatic Emperor with weaklings is actually possible! -Ballom,Master of Death

Slayers are also hypereffective against any powerhouse,Rising NEX,the Enlightened included.They are kamikaze Creatures that will self-destruct in order to take our mighty Dragon to hell with them.How to counter a Slayer depends a lot on what kind of Slayer are we talking about.
For example,Melnia,the Aqua Shadow is an UNBLOCKABLE Slayer with a cheap mana cost of 2,which can make the situations worse especially if Rising NEX,the Enlightened is tapped.However,most Slayers are weak (Melnia has only 1000 power as you can see),so destroying them with our Lunatic Emperor's effect shouldn't be hard.

Let me show you how to kill Gods properly my brother! -Überdragon Sunburst NEX

Überdragon Sunburst NEX is the definition of a fighting Creature,also Rising NEX's brother and another anti-God Creature.He won't stop killing until a bigger powerhouse kills him or nothing is left anymore.He has 11000+,but if he fights with a Creature that has 12000 power or more,then his power will rise to an incredible 22000,which is enough to kill most Creatures,so Rising NEX is in big trouble if this guy joins the war.
However,if we take a look at him,he's just pure mindless fighting,no defence on his own,so he will fall against most negative tricks.Also,Creatures that have 11500 power are hypereffective against him.

These powers are from Heaven itself! -Marsyas, Spirit of the Sun

Creatures that win all battles are basically just like Slayers,but they don't die in battle.Marsyas is one perfect example,and since Light Civilization is specialized in Creature tapping,our Rising NEX,the Enlightened is in big risk.With only 5 mana,he's pretty cheap,but only 2000 power,so our Lunatic Emperor can destroy him with his effect without effort.I remember there is a Fortress version called "Silver Glory, Invincible Fortress" and a Psychic Creature version who's name I don't remember.But the Fortress version makes the situations worse than Marsyas.

Just because we share the same blood does not mean we should share the same war! -Tornado Shiva XX,Blastdragon

Yep,our ally can also be our enemy.We already said what does this guy do,so well skip this part.
Make sure that you have a way to prevent this guy from attacking,especially if he has big,ugly friends with him that can't wait to feast on Rising NEX's soul.If the situation is on your favor,then killing him using Rising NEX's effect sounds like a good answer,but remember that if you choose him then he will call his other XX buddies.The only counter I can think off at the moment is killing him as soon as he's out,but it can be hard to do.

The gates are opened.Our hope shall rise once again! -Alphadios's Soldiers

Heaven's Gate is a Spell with Shield Trigger that allows your opponent to summon 2 blockers for free.The effectiveness of this Spell depends a lot on what kind of blockers are used.But no matter what blockers are summoned,this spell can delay us for at least 2 turns,unless you are lucky enough to have cards in your hand such as GENJI XX,Blastdragon.
If unbreakable walls such as Aldora,White Knight Spirit or Milzam,Spirit of Miracles are summoned through this Spell then you will have a hard time to get rid of them.

My strenght is what gives me the will to fight!

- One of the most unique Lunatic Emperors you can find. (the only non-Darkness Creature with a form of Slayer,the only Lunatic Emperor without the moon symbol and the only Lunatic Emperor that requires a specific kind of Evolution Bait)
- 13000 power,can hold himself very well.
- Triple Breaker,*can* be used as a finisher.
- One of the best Anti-God Creatures you can find. (other being Überdragon Sunburst NEX)

I can't believe that Lunatic Emperors have to share the same situation that weaklings have:WEAKNESS!

- Ultimate Evolution Creature,hard to summon,requiring Evolution Armored Dragons/Fire Birds makes the situation even worse.
- Triple Breaker,while this is a pro,it is also a con because you have a high chance of proc'ing a Shield Trigger everytime you attack with Rising NEX,the Enlightened.
- His abilities are situational/requires too much effort to use them on the Creatures you want
- No defence on his own,prone to most negative effects.

I don't know what's more beautifull:shapeshifting or rulling?

Here are the versions of this card available,all written in japanese:

DM-33 Rising Dragon version.

DMC-64 CoroCoro Legend 7: Dynamite Movie version.

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best version.

Tell me how beautifull do you think I am?

Toshiaki Takayama starts to be my favorite drawer now,almost all my reviews are about Cards drawn by him.It is really a shame that he's pretty underrated.
Now let's go on the subject:Another beautifull and detailed Dragon,waiting to put an end to the tyrannical Gods,and their followers.They will all taste his 8 blades in their flesh anyway.I see why this card is so unique now.

Judgement?That happened millenias ago,when I was still in my old,rotten self:

He gets an 8/10 from me.
He is very situational,pretty usefull against a God deck,but otherwise,his hard evolving conditions combined with abilities that require a lot of effort to make sure that you hit the right targets with them prevent me from giving this card a 10.However,once he's out,Gods or not,he will still rule the battlefield like a Lunatic Emperor.


Modified on February 27, 2013 02:53 pm

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Author Message

Avatar for sekai
Subject:    Posted: February 2, 2012 10:20 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I remember watching the movie for Duel Masters and Shobu used this beautiful creature against the godlinked Adge Suva. In a way, Shobu demonstrated how this card can be used.

Of course, it is a perfect anti god creature, also as a monster that can shred your opponent's defense easily. I like the way you mention different sets. Anyhow, great review, one of your best.
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 2, 2012 10:27 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from sekai:

I remember watching the movie for Duel Masters and Shobu used this beautiful creature against the godlinked Adge Suva. In a way, Shobu demonstrated how this card can be used.

Of course, it is a perfect anti god creature, also as a monster that can shred your opponent's defense easily. I like the way you mention different sets. Anyhow, great review, one of your best.

This is not all,I want to do 5 parts of The Enlightened Saga,working on Tornado Moon,the Enlightened now.
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LV31 United States send message

Avatar for shuriken6
Member since
July 1, 2010
Subject: @adding onto my comment   Posted: February 4, 2012 07:34 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

In the Movie (Like Sekai mentioned) Rising NEX wasn't a part of the original 5 Emperors since he came afterward during the last duel, Which was pretty epic.

DM Lunatic God Saga AMV

My 2nd AMV i made last month for the lunatic God Saga movie, just to show you how awesome the movie was
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Avatar for tudordan
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quote from shuriken6:

In the Movie (Like Sekai mentioned) Rising NEX wasn't a part of the original 5 Emperors since he came afterward during the last duel, Which was pretty epic.

DM Lunatic God Saga AMV

My 2nd AMV i made last month for the lunatic God Saga movie, just to show you how awesome the movie was

I know he wasn't,but who cares?
The Enlightened Saga features my most favorite Creatures from all Civilizations (not the movie).

EDIT:My favorite card,Skull Moon,the Enlightened is even more badass in that movie.
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