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card review Skull Moon, the Enlightened: Forever cursed,forever eternal! the Enlightened Saga part 3

Card Review
Skull Moon, the Enlightened: click to enlarge
Skull Moon, the Enlightened

Card text:

Ultimate Evolution: Put on 1 of your Evolution creatures.
Whenever this creature would be destroyed, you may destroy 1 of your opponent's creatures instead.
Triple Breaker

  • Collector Number: S5
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Lunatic Emperor/Dark Lord
  • Power: 12000
  • Cost: 8
  • Civilization: Darkness
  • Artist: Toshiaki Takayama
Skull Moon, the Enlightened
Forever cursed,forever eternal! the Enlightened Saga part 3

written by tudordan
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Before we go on,make sure you read my Rising NEX review and my Tornado Moon review.If you did then go on.

What's up everyone,my name is tudordan coming up with the 3rd part of the Enlightened Saga featuring one of my favorite cards...................

Skull Moon,the Enlightened

Coming up from:

DM-32 Evolution Saga (Plus One Dream) (S5/S10 - Super Rare)

DMC-64 CoroCoro Legend 7: Dynamite Movie (6/42 - Super Rare)

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best (7/36 - Super Rare)

Skull Moon,the Enlightened is an Ultimate Evolution Creature with 8 mana cost,12000 power,Triple Breaker and Lunatic Emperor/Dark Lord races.
If you've read my previous reviews you already know what is an Ultimate Evolution Creature and what does it have (Moon Symbol,"the Enlightened" as suffix,pretty awesome Creatures,etc.),so we'll skip it.
Ultimate Evolution mechanism combined with 8 mana and Dark Lord might make him hard to summon,but there are some Creatures such as Maxval, Electro Fuuma who can reduce his cost,along with some Savers from Darkness Civilization.I really wanted Skull Moon,the Enlightened to be a Demon Command tho,Dark Lord doesn't really fit him.
12000 power at his level is pretty decent,able to hold out his own and not that easy to destroy.
Triple Breaker might make him proc some nasty Shield Triggers,but can still be used as a finisher.
Now let's take a look at his ability:

Whenever this creature would be destroyed, you may destroy 1 of your opponent's creatures instead.

Darkness Civilization is known for Creature destroying.Skull Moon,the Enlightened does it slowly and painfully.This ability is what makes him an annoying Creature who NEVER dies already (except when he's alone) and what makes him very good by himself,clearing the field slowly whenever he's destroyed.
This ability is very good with:
- Cards that destroy your Creatures,usually from Darkness Civilization.(Deadly Love,Chains of Sacrifice,etc.)
- Cards that force your enemy to put Creatures into battlefield.(Stratosphere Giant)
- Cards that allow your Creatures to attack untapped enemies,this is usually usefull if your opponent has a big bully such as Terradragon Diruga Vejida,by attacking that colossus with Skull Moon,the Enlightened and destroying his support.
- Cards that make our Skull Moon unblockable,such as Invisible Suit,when your enemy has some unbreakable walls such as Aldora,White Knight Spirit and you want to kill someone else but you fear he might block you.
Your enemy won't have the guts to attack Skull Moon if he has any brain,but he knows he can't let a Creature with 12000 power and Triple Breaker wander free either.Just like Romanoff Kaiser NEX,your opponent is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I love it when I use this ability on Ballcadeias,Overlord of Demons,even tho this is just a dream,any player with some IQ wouldn't even think about summoning Ballcadeias.

I have a problem,I don't know what Evolution Bait shall I use for Skull Moon:

No worries,this is a special chapter where we will talk about what Evolution Baits should we use for Skull Moon,the Enlightened,but we will talk here about Evolution Creatures ONLY!

Necromancy is what I do and what I will use to make my army. -Hades,Emperor of Death

A very good Creature that's named after that badass Greek God of the Underworld?YES PLEASE.
She shows us the Grave Evolution Mechanism - her Evolution Bait is any dead Creature's soul (except Evolution Creatures of course).You should only use her if you're up against a discard deck and Skull Moon (along with 1 more non-evolution Creature) is in grave,of if you have someone such as Gordnov the 5th,Demonic Eye Death Dragon.At your next turn you can basically revive Skull Moon,The Enlightened using Hades's effect and Skull Moon will use Hades as Evolution Bait.Pretty easy to do if you have the right conditions for it.
With 9000 power she can hold itself,but at her level there are some Creatures with more than 9000 power that can crush her very hard,so make sure you have some Savers or at least Blockers.

While Skull Moon will show me the path,I will go with my other Darklords and study some more necromancy. -King Balcry, Demonic Eye Lord

King Balcry, Demonic Eye Lord is pretty good,a stronger version of Hades who can summon Dark Lords from Grave using necromancy.Even tho he can summon them without cost,his effect is limited to Dark Lords,which is a bummer sometimes,but that Dark Lord can start another Evolution Saga in case King Balcry is destroyed.This ability is effective depending on that Dark Lord.
Unlike Hades,King Balcry is cheaper,has more power and Knight race which has some support prepared for him.At your next turn you can evolve this guy into Skull Moon,the Enlightened and have one more Dark Lord to start the massacre.

Your magic is powerless against ME! -Gedora,Lord of Demons

Are you afraid to use Hades or King Balcry because they have no defence on their own?No worries,that's why you can use Gedora,Lord of Demons.
He is pretty cheap if you have the support for it (6 mana) and Spells cannot hurt him,so he has some defence that will give you enough time to unleash this beast and evolve him into a Lunatic Dark Lord.
A problem you might have is how to defend him against Creatures - 7000 power is pretty decent,but still makes him somewhat weak especially at his level.Another problem would be "wasting" your usefull Demon Commands,but he has a pretty wide variety to choose,from cheap Demon Commands such as Deathraios,Cursed Blade Reaper to Demon Commands such as Trox,General of Destruction.

Holy was the star that came over The Underworld,but unholy was the Reaper who rose and started the assault against his dreadfull enemies,the White Knights! -Dorballom,Lord of Demons

XENOM,the Reaper King shows us a good mechanism called "Break Bonus",which activates only if he breaks shields and still lives.If he does,then some cards from your opponent's hand will go to hell.Since this mechanism activates for each shield broken,3 cards are gone,which is very good.I highly advice you to discard the cards that used to be shields,so you won't risk an usefull Card that used to be a shield broken by him.
He is also very good physically,even with his Evolution mechanism,13000:7 ratio is very good.Like Gedora,he has a wide variety of Demon Commands to choose from.Be sure that you have the protection required,as this guy has no defence on his own.
Remember that this Creature get's support from the Reaper World and Demon Command's World.

Lunatic Emperor blood is what goes through my soul and my body. -Sarutahiko,the Great Hero

Nature Civilization is here to support Darkness Civilization in order to bring destruction upon the world,and as support you get a lot of Nature Cards that help you increase your mana to summon Skull Moon faster.He is pretty cheap to summon (only 5 mana) but if you want to use him then you must have Beast Folks or Origins,which asks further for a better card pool.Also you have at least 3 turns to protect him from most negative tricks that can be thrown in his face,which is a bummer.That and only 5000 power.

In what deck should I use him?Or how to use him overall?

Skull Moon,the Enlightened is used in decks specialized in Creature killing,mono-Darkness or Multicolored Deck with Darkness,doesn't really matter.What actually matters is having the Evolution Bait up and ready to evolve to it's next form,which can be almost impossible if you are up against moderate control over the battle field.Skull Moon,the Enlightened has pretty harsh summoning conditions,so you will find yourself building up a deck around him.

I suppose this Creature has some interesting strategy ain't it?

Strategy?That's simple,either your opponent will foolishly try to escape from Skull Moon,the Enlightened's curse but ends up destroying his own Creatures,or you can just use cards that kill you Creatures in order to annoy your opponent.What kind of cards?We will talk about that later.
By the time you summoned Skull Moon,the Enlightened,the whole battlefield should be overwhelmed with Creatures from both sides,unless you have the advantage or your opponent has it.If your opponent has some powerhouses (Creatures with more than 15000 power) then go kamikaze with Skull Moon,the Enlightened's on them in order to destroy either the battling Creature (possible,losing a battle counts as being destroyed,at least that's what I remember),it's Support or it's other powerhouses.

Ah yes,here's a hint from someone called waileukwu:
The "Double Substitution" rulling is the reason why this card is awesome,so awesome that even cards such as Perfect Galaxy,Spirit of Immortality are completely murdered even with their effects.

Can you give me some ideas about what card to use with Skull Moon?

Here we will talk about Skull Moon's buddies,who can do some interesting combos that will make your opponent go RAGE:

Prepare to lose your souls if you try to stop the Decapitator and Skull Moon himself! -Olzekia,General of Decapitation

Olzekia,General of Decapitation and Skull Moon,the Enlightened is a beasty duo.With Olzekia's effect,if you're choosing Skull Moon,then you kill 3 birds with 1 shot.
This will lead to pretty great fireworks and surprised/annoyed enemy.
Olzekia himself has decent power on his own (6000),but a little bit higher mana cost (7) which leads to a not-so-good ratio of 6000:7.Combining that with no defence on his own makes him only usefull for his effect.There is a Spell version of himself,which is called Chains of Sacrifice,does exactly what he does but costs 8 mana.

Friend or Foe,is all the same,it is all broken by my strenght and Skull Moon's curse! -Daidalos,General of Fury

Daidalos,General of Fury is another badass Demon Command that goes up from a Creature with restrictive nature to a Creature that's overpowered.
As you can see,in order for him to attack,one of your own Creature is sacrificed.If you use Skull Moon as sacrifice,instead of one allied Creature dead,one hostile Creature is dead.
By the time you summoned Skull Moon you should have at least 2 Daidalos,which makes it even more funny when your opponent's Creatures die one by one.With 11000 power and an absurdly cheap cost of 4,Daidalos will MURDER anything.Skull Moon with Daidalos and Olzekia will make the situation even more funny,is almost like you have Ballom's effect in battlefield everytime you attack.

The gates are opened,the real war started,and the enemy's soul shall be forever cursed again! -Skull Moon,the Enlightened

Hellgate Moon,the Enlightened is another Lunatic Emperor with a Devil Mask that will open the door to Skull Moon's paradise.When he's present,ALL Creatures will rise from their coffin in order to battle once more.Now I expect some questions like:
- "How can you summon both Skull Moon and this guy?Both Ultimate Evolution Creatures,1 with 8 mana cost and the other with 10,that's almost impossible." Yes,is impossible,but you don't summon both of them at the same time,you summon Hellgate first then Skull Moon,so that you're sure that all your enemy's troops (Creatures) are here before Skull Moon's arrival.This can be done in 1 turn or even the turn you summoned Hellgate if Skull Moon is in graveyard.
- "Why would you want your opponent to put all his Creatures into battlefield from grave?" I do this in order to make sure that there ARE Creatures that can be destroyed by Skull Moon's effect.Think of Skull Moon's enemies as his own support against the likes of Terror Pit and Deadly Love,if your opponent has no Creatures into battlefield then Skull Moon can be killed very easily.
Summoning this Devil Mask and Skull Moon soon after shouldn't be hard,as this guy has 10 mana cost.
Attacking with this guy or not,that's your choice.There are some times when you shouldn't attack with Hellgate,for example if you know that your opponent has Terror Pit in his shields.(you don't want to lose Hellgate)
I could put this guy into the Evolution Bait category (Ultimate Evolution Creatures can be used as Evolution Baits,pretty funny eh?) but we we're talking about Evolution Creatures only!

I am here to give you strenght while you are weak,to give you hope while you have none,to give you a chance while you don't have! -Baban Ban Ban,Earth's Blessing

Baban Ban Ban,along with Romanesk,the Dragon Wizard,opens the door to any Slow Deck that can't wait to unleash their wrath any longer.Only use this guy if you have the Evolution Bait for Skull Moon ready,but you don't have the mana to summon the Lunatic Dark Lord.
When he's present your mana is increased for each card you have in mana zone,for example if you have 8 mana then from the top of your deck you put card into mana zone until you have 16.Now you have MORE than enough mana to summon Dark Lord right away.
What's even more awesome is that this Creature can be summoned from mana,but you need to have 10 mana (9 for tapping,while that 1 mana is himself).His Wild Soul mechanism is just a bonus.

Your souls shall be forever under the Reaper's Command! -Bell Hell De Gaul, Footprint of the Reaper

Bell Hell De Gaul is another Reaper with the Demon Command race,but he won't destroy your opponent's Creatures....instead,he will shuffle your deck and put a non-evolution Demon Command into battlefield for free whenever a poor soul is crushed.Destroying a Creature with Skull Moon,the Enlightened is a walk in the park,so your opponent would be eventually overwhelmed by Demon Commands waiting to feast on his heart.Putting some lucky Creatures like Daidalos or Olzekia can be even more funny than it already is.
The only problem this Creature has is his ratio,which is 6000:7,not that good.Also no defence on his own,so his Demonic army can be stopped with a single slash.

I definitely won't want to meet this Creature as my enemy,are there counters against him?

Yes,my reader,there are counters:

Let's do it with Gaia's style! -Silver Shovel

Cards that can remove Creatures from battlefield with ways other than destroying are hypereffective against Skull Moon,the Enlightened!Natural Snare is one perfect example.
Think of Natural Snare as a Nature Terror Pit who sends Creatures to mana rather than Grave.Since this Spell has Shield Trigger,Skull Moon,the Enlightened has a very high chance of proc'ing it.However,you are gifted with 3 more mana to use,which shouldn't bother you.
I can think of 2 Counters against this Spell:
- Cards that make your Creatures not able to be choosed by your opponent.(Patrial Flame)
- Creatures that restrict Spells (Light Divine Dragon Spell Del Fin)

Your magic has no effect against us,so better lay your weapons down NOW! -Petrova,Channeler of Suns

Creatures that can't be chosen can also make Skull Moon,the Enlightened less usefull,leading soon after into his DEATH!If you want to take these kind of Creatures out,you need to kill them using brute force.Petrova Channeler of Suns is just an example,but she can make a powerfull army that will overwhelm us soon.There is also a Crossgear called Patrial Flame who gives to it's crossed Creature the power to not be chosen by hostile Creature or Spell Effect,which is even worse.This is where Fire Civilization proves itself to be usefull,because it gives you the power to attack untapped Creatures.

How does it feel when you're helpless and you can't do anything now? -Nariel,the Oracle

Nariel is a perfect stall Creature.When he's present any Creature with 3000 power or more is completely sealed,and by sealed I mean that they can't attack anymore.(they can still block however)
If your opponent summons this Creature then you're screwed.It will make Skull Moon,the Enlightened nothing more than a Creature waiting and watching how you slowly burn.This gives your enemy reasons to safely ignore him and focus on YOU!
However,this card has 2 weaknessess:
1. -He's restricted to 1.(THANK YOU,can't even imagine 4 copies of this card!)
2. -He has only 1000 power and no defence on his own,so if you summon someone such as Olzekia,General of Decapitation or cast a Spell like Deadly Love then you are finally free from his chains.

Sorry but you need to enlighten yourself even more! -Eternal Meteor Kaiser

Eternal Meteor Kaiser is very annoying,a Red Command Dragon/Hunter who has the power to make your Creatures come into play tapped while his have Speed Attacker.
What's even worse is that he can be summoned for FREE if you we're unlucky enough to discard him from your enemy's hands.However,Skull Moon is not used usually in discarding decks,so this shouldn't be as threatening as it sounds.
He gets support from 2 worlds:the Dragon World and the Hunter World.The Dragon World has massive support up and ready for him,which is almost unfair.
However this Creature has 2 interesting weaknessess:
- No defence on his own,this means that you can summon/cast Creatures/Spells such as Olzekia or Chains of Sacrifice/Deadly Love to eat Eternal Meteor Kaiser and his Supporting Creatures alive!
- 8000:8,at his level he would be crushed HARD.

Tell me something about his pros!

- One of the most interesting Lunatic Emperors from the Darkness Civilization.
- 12000 power,can hold his own butt very well.
- Triple Breaker,can be used as a finisher.
- Awesome ability that makes him one of my favorite Creatures.
- Badass artwork.(We will talk about this later)

How many weaknessess does this card have?

- Ultimate Evolution Creature,if you want an awesome Creature that can win a game by it's own then you need to take care of it's Evolution Bait.
- 8 mana cost,very hard to summon.
- Dark Lord race,I wish he was a Demon Command instead.If we combine all of these 3 facts,then we know why Skull Moon,the Enlightened is that powerfull,because he has harsh summoning conditions.
- Triple Breaker,this is both a pro and a con,because you can proc some Shield Triggers that can turn a game around.
- Relies way too much on the enemy's Creatures,if your opponent does not have any,then our Lunatic Emperor is damned.

How many versions does this card have?

Skull Moon,the Enlightened has 3 versions of himself,each is written in japanese.

DM-32 Evolution Saga (S5/S10 - Super Rare) version.

DMC-64 CoroCoro Legend 7: Dynamite Movie (6/42 - Super Rare) version.

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best (7/36 - Super Rare) version.

I really like Skull Moon's artwork,what about you?

Yes,my reader,I also love Skull Moon,the Enlightened artwork.
This is yet another masterpiece made by my favorite drawer called Toshiaki Takayama.I think that at least half of my reviews are about cards drawn by him.
Now let's take a look at him:
This card looks so evil,you can even feel the diabolical energy coming from his cursed bones.With his 4 blades of Doom not even Angels would save you from your fate.The pink little spirits floating around him are the fools who tried to face him and kill him,but they did nothing more than digging their own graves.Even Ballcadeias,Overlord of Demons is afraid of him and his doom,this should say something.

What's your note about this card overall?

Glad you asked,my reader.
This card get's more than 10/10 from me,one of my favorites.I can't believe how many times did this card saved me from that big monster called Ballcadeias.Not only that but it is also a fun card,and made a lot of players ragequit because this card NEVER EVER DIES!


Modified on February 16, 2012 10:30 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: February 12, 2012 11:04 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Eh...I am going to take a guess that you do not know the 'Double Substitution' ruling? T_T

That is exactly the reason they reprint this card twice, it is because it is one of the smoothest removal of the game. Nothing can stop him once it is on the roll.

So I guess I would just wait for you to take a look at it, but if u ahve questions, you can ask me or message me.

By the way, You would really want Yata Izuna for ultimate evolutions.
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 13, 2012 04:54 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

Eh...I am going to take a guess that you do not know the 'Double Substitution' ruling? T_T

That is exactly the reason they reprint this card twice, it is because it is one of the smoothest removal of the game. Nothing can stop him once it is on the roll.

So I guess I would just wait for you to take a look at it, but if u ahve questions, you can ask me or message me.

By the way, You would really want Yata Izuna for ultimate evolutions.

What is this Double Subsitution rulling?And yeah that's one of the reasons why I love this card,once he's out few can remove him.
Back to top Modified on February 13, 2012 04:54 am 
Hong Kong

Avatar for lostofx
Subject: Hey i have a counter against him   Posted: October 28, 2016 05:11 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Intense Vacuuming Twist, Redzone X, Dokindam Area, case closed.
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