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card review Terradragon Arque Delacerna: The Master of the Dark Jungle...

Card Review
Terradragon Arque Delacerna: click to enlarge
Terradragon Arque Delacerna

Card text:

Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields). When this creature would be discarded from your hand during your opponent's turn you may put it into the battle zone instead.

  • Collector Number: S1
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Earth Dragon
  • Power: 6000
  • Cost: 8
  • Civilization: Nature
Terradragon Arque Delacerna
The Master of the Dark Jungle...

written by anaskhan
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Hey guys its Anas here making my first DM review. At the arrival of Eternal Phoenix the new mechanisms are released in DM so players start using Japenese cards In TCO or anywhere most of them and English cards getting unfamous because when the Jap sets released named Episode 1 : Dark Side We got a card named Eternal Meteor Kaiser which is really active card its couple of effects is same as the card im reviewing but it is in eng this card's name is Terrdragon Arque Delacerna which is release from a ENGLISH set named
Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures

This set also release some Great cards like Soul Phoenix, Aura Pegasus Cruel Naga and many more sp lets start th review.

General description:

Lets see his effect first
* Double Breaker ( this creature breaks two shields)
* When this creatuire is discarded from your hand during your opponent's turn you may put it into the battle zone instead of graveyard.

Because of his Discarding effect it is really popular
Hmm.. This card is like

Eternal Meteor Kaiser

because of his discard ability

Any double breaker with cost 8 for eg:
Ancient Giant

This card is really useful against darkness decks because darkness decks usually use to discard cards from opponent's hand and because of this careture's Discarding ability this will be very helpful. I dont see many players using this card so im trying to make this card popular this is an Eng EMk a lil and would be very useful..

This card is used in Dragons, Control, or fast Killing Decks Why i say fast because if your opponent discards it he is in BZ very quickly on 2nd or 3rd turn or maybe later But if you dont have this card in hand you can swap this from by various cards which i'll tell you in combo section. Anayways, here is a Experiment deck Delacerna's Swap This deck might give you some ideas to summon Delacerna as quick as possible So if you dont used this card yet then make your decks on this card and Enjoy!!

Strategies and game play:

Hmm Strategies this card has really cool strategies i mean it can be summon by lots of ways for example:
By Memories, Dimension Gate and then if your oppornnt discard your cards from hand Delacerna is in Battle zone, if your opponent casts Cranium Clamp because of Clamp's effect your discard 2 of your choice so discard this or any other cool dragon, and because this is a dragon so Kachua Keeper of the Icegate maybe help you to summon it from deck and he also give it Speed Attacker then at the end of turn destroy Delacerna....See you can summon Delacerna From Deck,Hand,by discarding your cards....I think you guys are *bored* here is a Deck profil in which my friend showing his real life Delacerna's Deck. And here is a duel in which my friend suumon a Delacerna by his discarding effect A duel in which Delacerna is summoned . SO i hope you know what i mean...

Combos with other cards:

Hmm so the combo section starts lets starts with basic combos...Like Fire Birds they help in reducing costs of Delacerna...

Cocco Lupia as everyone knows this card helps reducing Dragon's cost by 2 because Delacerna has 8 cost it will help him.

Totto Pipicchi this Fire Bird is used to give all Dragons Speed Attacker as Delacerna is a Dragon it will help him.

Poppo "yatarou" Pappi this Fire Bird is a Dragon/Samurai Saver so if by chance Delacerna is destroyed you can save him with help of Poppo.

Dark Lupia this creature's effect is "If one of your Dragons destroyed you may destroy one of your opponent's creature".

Cocco Gil Lupia this creature reduces Dragon's cost by 1.

Chitta Peloru this Fire Bird provides our Dragons the ability of attacking Untapped creatures.

Eco Aini This Fire Bird is used for some mana accel.

Lunar Kuroro This Fire Bird's effect is :
All creatures in the battle zone gain "Slayer".
Whenever your Dragons attack, you may return 1 creature from your graveyard to your hand. Thats mean whenever delacerna or any Dragon attacks youm ay return 1 card from graveyard to hand.

Lupia Lapia This creature reduces Dragon's cost by 1 and if this creature is destroyed you may put it into mana zone and return 1 Dragon from mana zone to hand.

Pop Rubin you can use th Tap abiilty of Rubin to Untap Delacerna.

Rinne Lupia If one of you Dragons or Fire Birds are Destroyed you may return taht card to deck and Shuffle the deck instead so if Dela destroyed grab it back to deck.

Poppo poppo This is a Phoenix or Dragon saver.

Now lets talk about conbos other than Fire Birds hmm here are some...

You can put memories in shield Zone and Delacerna with other Super Emeral then when your shields are broken you got Dela as trigger but beware of Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.

Kachua Keeper, pf the Icegate by the help of Kachua you can summon Delacerna directly from deck he gains Speed attacker and destroys at end of that turn.

Shadow Sword 'Yagyuu' Dragon if you have Delacerna with a NEX or Bolmeteus Samurai dragon in the battle zone and you also have Shadow sword in Battle zone your Delacerna gains triple breaker and gain +4000 when attacks.

Bolshack NEX = Fire Birds = to Dragon's cost reducers so if you summon Bolshack NEX then Cocco with his effec then you can summon Delacerna into 5th Turn.

Glais Mejicula, the extreme this creature's effect is if your opponent breaks your shields then you may Discard 2 cards from your hand instead so this will help to summon delacerna quickly.

Charmilia, the Entrice this card's Tap ABility provides us to take a creature from deck to hand.

Dimension Gate this card is used to take any creature from your deck to your hand so take Delacerna and do what you want.

Emergency Typhoon if you got tthis card as a trigger then Draw 2 cards and DISCARD 1 card so you can Discard delacerna as well.

I think i should stop but there are also some ways like if your opponent gets Jennys and discards your hand then Delacerna can be summoned in 2nd,3rd or in 4th Turn..

Ways to counteract it:
some cards can counter everything Old Surfers,Terror Pits,Gate,Hades...Let me show you some:

Aqua Surfer
Terror Pit
Hades Death Gate
And also some slayers like
Pierr, Physco Doll
Lunar Kuroro
thats are somke ways to counter Delacerna...

Strengths and pros:
-This creature has ability of when discard put it into battle zone.
-It has 8 cost but it can be reduced by Fire Birds because it is a Dragon.
-It has Double Breaker so it can break two shields.

Weakness and cons:
-It has 8 cost and if you don't get Fire Birds then it will hard to summon.
-If you got couple of them when first draw or at starting of game then it will damage you.
-It has no defense by own.

Artwork and aesthetics:
This artwork is Awesome a Dragon like Football coming with Sword sticks and ropes in his hand have lots of tails and he is also a big giant.

This card is only released in English so it has only Art:

There is no more Variations :/

Overall ratings:
I'm giving this beautiful Dragon a 8.5/10 yup -1.5 because it has 8 cost and has no defense by himself thats all why im giving it a 8.5.

Thanks for reading!

By : anaskhan

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Modified on March 20, 2012 02:59 am

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