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card review Deep Purple Dragon: Fire's leader against Water.

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Card Review
Deep Purple Dragon: click to enlarge
Deep Purple Dragon

Card text:

Double Breaker
Whenever your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone by the effect of a water creature or water spell, he can't choose this one.
If this creature or any of your other creatures in the battle zone are returned to your hand from the battle zone, reveal the top card of your deck. If a fire creature is revealed, you may put it into the battle zone.
Kung Fu Soul

All that can be heard from the lands of fire is the cry of "Fire up!".

  • Collector Number: S8
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 6000
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: YOICHI ITO
Deep Purple Dragon
Fire's leader against Water.

written by dawriterman
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This is my second review D:. It is about Deep Purple Dragon. I really got a lot of help from
expert writers like jun combo0 and an kit and i am eternally grateful to them. Rate and comment on how i can improve

General description:

We were having a discussion in Facebook group chat and the topic of Deep Purple Dragon not having
a review came up. So i volunteered to write it. It is really surprising that Deep Purple does
not have a review as it is one of the best cards that you can have in a Dragon/Fire bird
deck. Deep Purple works best in a Mono Fire Dragon/Fire Bird deck. It is a cost 7 power 6000 Armored Dragon with double breaker but the abilities more than make up for the lack of power. It cannot be chosen by a water spell nor for the effect of a water creature. Also whenever one of your creatures would be returned to your hand you may flip the top card of your deck and if it is a fire creature you may put it into the battle zone ( Now you get the part of a Mono Fire deck ).


As i said Deep Purple would really steal the show in a Mono Fire deck with some strong Dragons as then its effect would really come into play. A typical deck of Deep Purple Dragon would be :-

Fanfic control

Combos with other cards:

He he this is my favourite part. Deep Purple costs 7 so if you want to bring it in early then you should use

Cocco Lupia

" Come on My Dragon Friends. Lets show the world our power." -- Cocco Lupia.

Of course Cocco Is essential for any dragon deck and this cute little bird makes your Deep Purple Cost 2 less so it costs only 5 now Still think that is not enough and that your Cocco can be destroyed easily?

Well then on your next turn summon
Bolshack NEX

The Dragons knew the true worth of the Fire Birds.

This will let you put another Cocco Lupia and so now purple costs 4 less

Another good Fire bird which is not very frequently used would be Genji Aini.

"Sacrifices pave the way for Strength.".................Genji Aini.

Genji Aini lets you destroy a Dragon or Fire bird to put another Dragon or Fire bird with 1 cost more, 1 cost less or equal cost.

This paves the way for some combos like Genji Aini destroying itself to summon a Cocco.

Or Genji Aini destroying Bolshack NEX to summon Deep Purple.

If you don't have Deep Purple in hand Genji Aini comboing with a card is good enough for you to take it into your hand.
The card is another Lupia
Spear Lupia

"Spearing my way to the dragons.".........Spear Lupia

When Spear Lupia is destroyed you can take a dragon from your deck into your hand.

So Genji Aini + Spear Lupia Destroyed + put in Cocco or Mach Lupia + takeDeep Purple in hand.

What can be better

Another Light fire bird which helps all dragon decks are ( they are a mixed breed aren't they being light but are fire birds O.O)(thanks to Walieukwu for this)
Poppi Lucky

"Dont dare to touch my dragons." ..........Poppi Lucky.

Of course mana acceleration and other cards like the following help

But i would strongly advice not to have these cards as a Mono Fire deck would be the perfect deck to abuse Deep Purple's effect.

Now some really awesome combos with Deep Purple would be

Mach Lupia

"That's right Dragons are super Quick".......Mach Lupia.

Bolshack NEX

So when NEX returns with your Mach Lupia then you reveal a fire card. If it is say
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

" Burn through the defences" ...Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.

After you burn the shields of your opponent you return Bolmeteus and then flip the top card again

In this way you can literally end your opponent in turn 5.

Other good combo cards are

Pyrofighter Magnus

"Run faster than Light." ...Pyrofighter Magnus.

Shooting Exedrive

"Do i remind you of someone?".....Shooting Exedrive.

Choppaya Dragon, Blink Speed

"Dont blink or you will miss him".......Pyrofighter Magnus.

Put in Two Pyrofighters and Boom at the end of the turn when they return you will get many more creatures in the battlezone

Another Good creature which can be used is...
Immediate Effect!Hot springs

"Come and go like lightning"....Immediate effect!

When you return this creature along with an opponent creature you reveal the top card again and get 1 more creature + Immediate effect which can be summoned again

Though again I would advise you not to make a Water/Fire deck with Immediate effect.

Also "Martial Touch" Cards ( Martial touch is returning a creature to the hand to activate ability) work well with Deep Purple Dragon.

Abdullah Flame dragon

With Martial Touch of this creature you destroy all creatures with power 4000 or less and activate Deep Purple's ability.

Pythonman Dragon

Another Martial Guy

Gennai, The dismantler.

This is a good creature with mana reburst( summoning from mana) and martial touch which destroyes a light/water creature with power 5000 or less.

Looking for shield triggering Martial touch ability creatures. Well heres one..

Ponkichi, The Patched Pulverizer

(thanks to waileukwu for the martial touch creatures)

If your opponent discards Deep Purple by using cards like

Jenny, The suicide Doll

"Dont think i will die for nothing"......Jenny The suicide Doll.

Jenny, the dismantling Puppet.

"Take apart that hand.".................Jenny the Dismantling Puppet.

Ghost Touch

"Getting the shivers..".................Ghost Touch.

If Deep is discarded then you can use the following to resurrect it.
Inferno Sign of course the traditional resurrect card though it is up to you if you want to include Inferno Sign in your deck as that would make it a Darkness/Fire deck.

"You never know what secrets the grave can hold." ....Romanoff, The 1st Lord of the Demonic Eye.

But if you do go for a mono Fire deck the dragon which can put your Deep from grave would be...
Rising NEX, The Enlightened.

"Got a problem with me?" ....Rising NEX, The Enlightened.

Among its many abilities would be putting a dragon from your grave on its death. So you could tap Egnji Aini to put an Infinity as well as A deep Purple at once

Now again this was supposing the creature was returned in your turn. However if they are returned in your opponents turn then the effect still takes place.

So your opponent will think a hundred times before using

Aqua Surfer

Spiral Gate

Naruto Spiral

Intense Vacuuming Twist

Also some hardcore cards which cant choose Deep Purple would be
Miraculous Plague

"The disease that even the advanced Water doctors couldn't cure. Probably because they themselves spread it."

Miraculous Snare

"Cant run when i caught you"

Hide and seek

"Going somewhere?"

This means that you can attack in peace and most probably will end up winning and/or owning your opponent especially those having Water civilization decks specializing at bouncing.

Strategies and game play:

The above combos can be used in many ways. Typical Progression for you Deep Purple Dragon decks can be :-

T1 Mana charge
T2 Genji Aini
T3 Spear Lupia Genji Aini taps and destroys Spear Lupia. Now put Mach Lupia/Cocco Lupia and take Deep Purple Dragon/Bolshack NEX whichever you dont have
T3 Cocco Lupia. Genji Aini suicides itself to summon another Cocco or a Spear Lupia.
T4 Bolshack NEX + Cocco Lupia/ Bolshack NEX + Mach Lupia
T5 Deep Purple Dragon +Bolshack NEX + Mach Lupia

Let the Combo begin!

T1 Mana Charge
T2 Genji Aini
T3 Cocco Lupia. Genji Aini suicides for another Cocco
T4 Deep Purple Dragon
T5 Infinity Dragon or Bolshack NEX + Mach Lupia. Even 2 Bolshack NEX can be summoned.

Of course this is the ideal combo and not always happens. However one thing is sure that if you do get a Purple into the Battle zone with Mach, It is most likely you will win.

Ways to counteract it:

Of course Deep Purple Dragon is not invincible. Not being affected by Water does not mean it can not be affected by some classics like
Terror Pit

"Nothing can hide from me".......Terror Pit.

Super Infernal Gate Smash

"SMASH IT."...Super infernal Gate smash.

Also As it isn't a speed attacker Deep Purple can get into the the trap of..
Hades Death gate

And as Deep Purple costs 7 you can be sure that whatever your opponent takes out from the grave is going to be bad for you.

Also due to its deficit in power there are certain Fire cards too which can destroy it. ( Fire burns Fire after all )

Bolmeteus Kensei Dragon

Drag Moon, The Enlightened

Dragon Gear-Samurai Legend

Drill Trap

And finally a Space charge card which can destroy Deep Purple

Geo Samurai Giant

Thinking all is lost... Dont worry
Every thing has a solution and the solution this time is the awesome Infinity Dragon combined with Deep Purple

Its effect is to put the top card to your grave whenever a dragon is destroyed and if the top card is a fire bird or dragon your dragon does not leave the battle zone

So the best combo which i give in the end to protect your Deep is Infinity + Deep


The strengths of Deep Purple would be...

1. It cannot be chosen by any of your opponents Water spells or Creatures. So it is a Water destroyer in short

2. Whenever one of your creatures is returned to hand you may reveal and put the top card into your battle zone if it is a fire card. This is especially amazing with combos like Mach Lupia + Deep Purple and when you get lucky you may even be able to summon Cost 10 or Cost 12 fire creatures from your deck.

3.Combined with Infinity makes him impossible to leave the Battle zone.

So in short an awesome card.


1.The power is quite low so can easily be blocked or destroyed by other creatures.

2. Can be destroyed by spells or creatures of other civilizations.

3. The combos may take time to set.

These are the weaknesses which can be removed by a simple Infinity dragon though.


Deep Purple Dragon is only found in the set DM-36 Psychic Shock. Thus it is a super Rare card and no wonder because it is really good. It is also foiled.

Artwork and aesthetics:

Another very cool thing about Deep Purple Dragon is that its name suits its image perfectly.
The image of a huge dragon with Purple wings and a purple tail is wicked It carries a purple axe in one hand and is roaring about calling his platoons. This suits his ability
Also the Flavour text is matching.
Yes, this card really Fires Up the other cards in a good deck

Overall rating:
Seeing the many advantages I thought about giving a 10 to Deep Purple because it is really awesome once you have the right cards in the battle zone. However the opponent isn't fooling around and he would try his best to remove the Mach Lupias and Cocco Lupias so it may get tough to set up the combo and/or summon it. In this light i give it a 9/10
Hope you liked the review. Please Don't forget to Rate or comment to help me improve. Also read some of the other awesome reviews especially of writers like shuriken6 juncombo0 ankit and waileukwu.


Modified on March 18, 2013 11:01 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
Add your comments
Author Message

Avatar for wind_style
Subject:    Posted: July 17, 2012 08:31 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I think u miss some self-destroying creature like jenny, jasmin also trigger its effect, but it good if u got fire creature at top.

and it will be more better if u give effect of other cards which have combo with this card like effect of martial touch creatures, space charge charge and how there effect help with Deep Purple Dragon. cause new player maybe not know all cards effect(btw i forgot that space charge nature card's effect :p )

after all u did a good review

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Avatar for dawriterman
Subject: thanks   Posted: July 18, 2012 01:09 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Thanks a lot Wind Style By the way I dont think Jenny affects Deep Purple's effects.
Back to top  

Avatar for shobu_alexus
Subject:    Posted: August 2, 2012 01:04 am Reply with quote Report content icon

nice review and it also really worked in duel...with deep purple in battle zone, one of my opponents actually declared me before i could break all his shields because i had 5 attackers in bz and all his triggers were thums up for this one
Back to top  
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