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card review Lord Skycrusher: The Blazing Agitator

Card Review
Lord Skycrusher: click to enlarge
Lord Skycrusher

Card text:

Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
Royal Command - Whenever this creature attacks, choose one of your other creatures. It gets +5000 power and "'Double Breaker" until the end of the turn.

  • Collector Number: S5
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Level: 7
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 7000
  • Mana Value: 1
  • Illustrator: Jason
Lord Skycrusher
The Blazing Agitator

written by LV32
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In Seven years all they did was flip my picture around and give me abilities that I actually deserved... (Lord Skycrusher)

Into the Fire
Yo people, its shuriken6 here writing the first ever Kaijudo review on TCO! * Applause*

Well anyhow, seeing as this is one of my personal favorite cards at the moment, I figured I get started with the Fire Civilization as the basis of the first review. And instead of Tatsurion, We're going with this bad boy from the olden days. Making his debut it's the one and only Skycrusher the agita- wait hold on... Ah, name change... Excuse me; I mean, Making his debut in the Dojo Edition, its the one and only Lord Skycrusher!

He's back and So much better than ever
So then, Looking back we can see that the Dragonoid (Drakon) we once knew as Skycrusher the Agitator way back when, has became the god of the Dragonoids known as an Armored Dragon. And it only took seven years, and a Game reboot to achieve that. Of course, he did get perks along with that.

For one thing, its a Double Breaker now, it has an extra 3000 power backing it up now, and its dropped that Mana burning Tap ability in favor of his new ability: Royal Command, which I will get to in just a sec. Personally I think its a major upgrade to the previous card and a lot of people will probably agree with that statement. Now then, as for his Royal Command Ability, Skycrusher leads his troops with an iron claw. At the same time, he boosts his troops, giving one of them +5000 and Double Breaker. What makes this better, is the fact that its not restricted to either Race or Civilization so anything can receive it.

A little something called: Synergy
Well since the first base set isn't officially released, the Kaijudo TCGO has been kind enough to sneak in peeks of what cards to expect. This benefits because we can see what can be a great addition to Skycrusher's army. So... Lets go then.


Destroy them Tatsurion! (Lord Skycrusher)

Well in my head this seemed like a no-brainer. With Tatsurion's Fury Charge Ability, The extra +5000 makes him a 11000 powered steamroller that will flatten any of your opponent's tapped creatures without a doubt. And of course that goes double for:

Who can virtually knock down three creatures at once; Howitzer, takes out a 4000 creature, and then Who's Next, mows down 2 more

Dun, Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun, Dun Dun: Can't Touch This! (Gilaflame the Assaulter)

Definitely one of the more sought-out combos concerning Skycrusher. With Gilaflame the Assaulter's Fast Attack (The renamed Speed Attacker) and Blurring Speed (A name for his returning to hand effect at the end of the turn), Skycrusher can turn Gilaflame into a 10,000 Speed Attacker with Double Breaker (for only 4 mana!)

Ferocious little thing aren't you...? (Bolshack Dragon)

A Level 3 creature with the ability to attack untapped creatures. Boosted by the Lord himself, This little fella can become a 7000 powerhouse that can knock down giants like Roaming Bloodmane


Move Faster you Maggots! Lord Skycrusher will not tolerate flattened soldiers! (Pyro Trooper)

Not exactly Fire, but of course, if Skycrusher does lose his slow soldiers due to them being overran... these longhorns can do a nice job. At base power of 4000, being boosted up to 9K, in addition to their Unblockability for anything weaker, Skycrusher's forces can fare even against the Tower Keepers

Bloodmane Smash!!(Roaming Bloodmane)

Wow, Burning Mane's been busy for the last 6 years...

(Him Six years ago...)

Going by a new name, Roaming Bloodmane stays true to his name. His crimson red mane flowing in the wind he smacks things out the way with the two trees in his paws. Same with Longhorn, he's also unblockable by anything weaker than him, via. Tactical Camoflague. But even better, is that when he's boosted by skycrusher, he gets boosted to 11,000, so he gets the chance to break the Tower Keeper and walk away with the satisfaction that he got to smack stuff around.

Shooting down the Skycrusher
There's plenty of generic cards that can get Skycrusher off the field, and I've faced this plenty of times in my DM reviews. Terror Pit, Veil Vortex and Root Trap. Three removal cards that will rip Skycrusher from the sky faster than you can say Agitator. So thats why I won't go into detail with them. instead I'll mention these.

Say Hello to my Little Friends (Potato Gun Glu-urrgle)

This little guy... He's awesome. whenever it battles, instead of battling, he can bounce the opposing creature back automatically, no questions asked. Downside is that it only happens on your turns, so if your opponent has something that can beat it, and they attack it... well then, looks like we're eating french fries for dinner.

And the troll said: Let there be light!
Skucrusher: FUUUUUUUUU

A lot of people hate this card. But it can really mess someone up pretty nicely. When Skycrusher attacks, before the shield breaks, he passes his Royal Command ability to one of his creatures. If Sunshock triggers, simply tap the receiving creature, rendering Skycrusher's ability: Wasted. Trolling with style

Fit to be King
Level 7 7000 powered Dragon that can give +5000 and 2x Breaker to an ally. Thats pretty sweet, especially against blockers and such.

I show no weakness...
Seeing as this game's new, he's a pretty solid card. He's powerful on his own, and he can turn your other creatures into threats as well. So its hard to say whether or not he has a true weakness, aside from generic removal.

Did you know?
Lord Skycrusher's original appearance in the states was Skycrusher the Agitator, a level 7 4000 powered creature that has the tap ability: Each player puts a card from his mana zone into his graveyard. (but you guys knew that cuz I pointed it out early on)

Final Verdict
Lord Skycrusher gets an 9/10. Solid stats and abilities, balanced pretty well and since he's a dragon, there's no telling how much more useful he'll be in the future


Modified on February 12, 2013 05:26 pm

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