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card review Oninaguri, Infinite Fist: Punching Above the Rest!

Card Review
Oninaguri, Infinite Fist: click to enlarge
Oninaguri, Infinite Fist

Card text:

(This card is put into your mana zone tapped.)

*  Evolution - Put on one of your Hunters.

*  While battling a light creature, this creature gets +2000 power.

*  When this creature wins a battle, untap this creature.

*  Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

  • Collector Number: 1
  • Rarity: Promotional
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Human/Hunter/Alien
  • Power: 7000+
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Darkness/Fire
Oninaguri, Infinite Fist
Punching Above the Rest!

written by LV15
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Hey guys, I'm l0lxd and this is my first attempt at writing a card review. I hope you like it and please rate/comment on how I can do better!

General description:

So this guy comes from the set of DMD-05, Rising Dash Deck: Infinite Attack! , so he might be a little tricky to find in real life. BUT you're on TCO, where you have every card you can have, so it's not a problem to throw it in your virtual deck.

Ogre Beater is a Human/Hunter/Alien. There are quite a number of Hunters and Aliens now, but Humans have been quite absent from the OCG. Recently since DMR-05, Humans have began to make a comeback, and they are becoming even more powerful than before.


Here are it's effects:
■ Evolution—Put on one of your Hunters.
■ While battling a light creature, this creature gets +2000 power.
■ When this creature wins a battle, untap this creature.
■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

As you can see, it's an Evolution creature, which makes it quite difficult to summon. However, it's requirement is a Hunter creature, which is pretty common nowadays.

Here are some creatures which can aid you with the summoning of Ogre Beater.

Straight, Fighting Ogre is a awesome card to be with Infinite Fist. He reduces the cost of your Human Evolutions by 2, so Infinite Fist costs 4, which means you can evolve immediately on the next turn! Plus, he's an evolution bait for Ogre Beater too!

Curiosity Princess Pudding gives all your creatures in the battle zone the 'Hunter' race, so all your creatures can evolve into Infinite Fist!

If you don't control a shield, Laurier, Ogre Princess lets you search your deck for a Victory Rare creature. If it can evolve on Laurier (the only creature that can do so is Golden Age Ogremaru "Explosion"), then put it into the battle zone. Otherwise, you add it into your hand and shuffle your deck. Of course, the obvious method would be to get out Golden Age Ogremaru, but you only can do that when you have no shields. This serves as a cheap evolution bait for Infinite Fist.

Of course, the standard cheap Human/Hunters you can throw in your deck are

Vorg, Ogre Puppet
or Vorg, Brawler of Hell

Strategies and game play:
Moving on the the next effect of this card, while battling a light creature, this creature gets +2000 power. That might not seem like a lot, but combined with when this creature wins a battle, untap this creature, Ogre Beater is truly what it's name suggests, an Infinite Killer.

Combined with cards that tap the entire opponent's field (Holy Awe, Super Spark etc.), Ogre Beater can kill all of your opponent's creatures that has less power than Ogre Beater, and still come back for a second round of Double Shield-Breaking. PLUS, it gets a +2000 power boost when fighting against Light creatures, so pesky Light blockers won't get in your way.

Combos with other cards:

When one of your fire or nature Hunters wins a battle, you may put a Hunter that costs less than that Hunter from your mana zone or hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.

Although this doesn't work as well as a Crimson Sorge decktype, you're still able to summon loads of Psychics that cost 5 or less.

An ideal creature would be Boost, Crimson Lord, to get rid of creatures less than 3000 power that aren't tapped.

Victorious Pudding Pudding also can be summoned to disable any of your opponent's creatures for the next turn.

You can spam Merraine, Apostle of the Alps too, for extra blocking power.

(Creature spamming is a great way to awaken Jon, Temporal Explorer)


This turn, all of your creatures get "Power Attacker +3000". If you have an evolution creature or a linked god in your battle zone, all of your creatures get "Power Attacker +6000" instead.
This turn, when your creatures attack, if they have 6000 or more power they gain "Double Breaker".
This turn, when your creature attack, if they have 12000 or more power they gain "Triple Breaker".

Peacock Breath is a card that both complements the Civilisation and Evolution aspect of Infinite Fist. It can be used as a finishing card, to bulk up all your cheap creatures and give them Double/Triple Breaker.


Whenever any of your creatures attacks, you may choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and tap it

Thrumiss, Zephyr Guardian lets you tap an opponent's creature whenever one of your creatures attack. When you attack an opponent's creature with Infinite Fist, just use Thrumiss to tap another creature to kill.


Evolution - Put on one of your Ghosts.

Whenever one of your creatures attacks, your opponent discards a card at random from his hand.

Again, with the 'infinite attack' of Ogre Beater, you can discard the opponent's hand ridiculously through the use of Zero Nemesis, Shadow of Panic.


When you put this creature into the battle zone, one of your fire Hunter creatures in the battle zone can attack untapped creatures this turn.

Put Ike Ike Pippi into the battle zone, pick Ogre Beater... clear the entire field~!


Whenever one of your Hunters attacks, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. If that card is a non-evolution Hunter creature that costs less than the attacking creature, you may put it into the battle zone.

Fill your deck with cheap Hunters, attack with Ogre Beater when Blazing Boss! Vals Kaiser is in the battle zone, and (almost) endless supply of creatures!

Pack this with Galaxy Falcon, Counterattack Fortress, and all your Hunters get "Speed Attacker". Power!


Choose a race. This turn, each creature of that race can attack untapped creatures and can't be blocked while attacking a creature.

Relentless Blitz lets your Ogre Beater clear the entire opponent's field, while making them unable to block your attacks.

Ways to counteract it:

The standard Terror Pit/Hades Death Gate/Death Smoke etc. ... anything that destroys an opponent's creature can wipe out Ogre Beater.
However, you can use Savers, such as:
- Mother Alien (Gladly)
All your Aliens gain "Saver:Alien" (Ogre Beater is an Alien himself)

- Eat Cycle Mushroom

-Pasha, the Prophet
Saver:Evolution Creatures or Gods

-Sepa, White Knight Monk
Saver:Evolution Creatures

-Shubil Punch, Strong Defense Mecha
Saver:Creatures with power 6000 or more

-Super Psychen Pippi

-Wicked Leg Guardian Saint Bureiga
Saver:All Type

With 7000 power (9000 if you attack it with a Light creature) very early in the game (t4 if you use Straight, Fighting Ogre!), it is almost impossible to defeat. Also, it can clear the whole of the opponent's field when combined with other cards (see Combos section), so Ogre Beater is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Ogre Beater is an Evolution creature, which makes him pretty hard to get out. Plus, he costs 6 mana which is quite expensive. 7000 power isn't a lot for a creature of 6 mana, let alone an Evolution creature.

Plus, a weakness against Terror Pits and the like makes him super vulnerable against Shield Triggers.

So far, Ogre Beater, Infinite Fist can only be found in DMD-05. It is in foil.

Artwork and aesthetics:

As with most Japanese cards nowadays, the artwork on the card is rather messy and cluttered. This is no exception I can see a huge Human figure with large fists (the "Infinite Fist", I suspect). This card looks amazing in real life (I have it xD) because of the foil but other than that, it's rather cluttered.

The artist, TUBAKI HASAME has done great artworks before though.

Overall rating:
This card is just pure powerful, but an Evolution creature and low cost/power ratio brings it down a tad bit. His effect is lovely though, so I'll give him a 8.5/10.


That's it for my first card review! I hope you like it and don't forget to rate/comment!


Modified on December 24, 2012 11:31 am

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