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card review Envy, Just a Rumor

Card Review
Envy, Just a Rumor: click to enlarge
Envy, Just a Rumor

  • Collector #: 33-140
  • Rarity: C
  • Card type: Ally
Envy, Just a Rumor
written by redlotus
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General description:
After being largely absent from Blood & Water and Artificial Human, being limited to only a rare in each, Envy as an ally made his return in Hero’s Passing. Boasting respectable attributes for his low cost, this Envy is fully capable of holding his own in a wits fight or in a low level strength fight. His ability follows in the vein of Do Our Bidding in an effort to shut down the card drawing seen largely in Elric decks.

This Envy is largely intended to be a fighter, as his ability is not good enough to simply leave him to rot at home. At 4/5/0, he can do well in the early stages, particularly in wits. His ability plays well into decks that emphasize card control, as explored in the combos section.

There are few true “combos” to run with this Envy, though there are other cards which fit well with his general theme. As mentioned above, Do Our Bidding also helps lock down players who try to rely on card drawing events like Burning the Past. Furthermore, cards like Exposed help you to further manipulate the cards your opponent can have his hand. For extreme control, Sloth: Miss Guidance can make drawing cards extremely painful for your opponent with her passive ability.

His strengths come mostly from his decent stats. Though certainly not a haymaker, Envy can hold his own, and is able to be recruited by every level one homunculus leader. Though the high-level events are largely out of his reach, he is able to play most of the basic wits pumps, as well as many strength events. His ability is a nice bonus, but that is not the main reason for playing this card.

The lack of a standout ability does hinder this card’s playability. Though a control deck that focuses on taking all of the surprise out of an opponent’s hand is certainly possible, the Fullmetal Alchemist game just does not have a deep enough pool of cards to make it a serious strategy.

This card was released as a common ally in Hero’s Passing, as well as an autographed edition in Alchemist’s Gate.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The art on this is actually pretty funny, featuring the now-classic Ed doodle of Envy following his Fifth Laboratory encounter. It was an interesting route to take, and I believe it worked.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a 5 out of 10. It is not a bad card by any means. It is cheap to recruit, unlike many of the bigger Envy allies, and has better stats than Voice of Reason and Causing a Fuhrer. It also has fewer risks associated with it than Doppelganger due to its higher “fixed” attributes. However, it also lacks the pop, either in attributes or in ability, to make it any better than average.


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