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card review Infernity Mirage

Card Review
Infernity Mirage: click to enlarge
Infernity Mirage

Card text:

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. If you have no cards in your hand, you can Tribute this card to select 2 "Infernity" monsters in your Graveyard. Special Summon those monsters.

  • Number: TSHD-EN012
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Fiend
  • Attack Points: 0
  • Defense Points: 0
  • Level / Rank: 1
  • Attribute: Dark
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
Infernity Mirage
written by rexgoodwin
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General description:

Well personally I dont like to play against this card and infernitys deck because they are very fast to make the oponnet lose the duel and the activations of different cards: Spell, Effect monsters and traps but it's exciting when you play them on. Well this is the one that I like Infernity but the only bad thing is cant be summoned from the graveyard.

The text of this card is:

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. If you have no cards in your hand, you can Tribute this card to select 2 "Infernity" monsters in your Graveyard. Special Summon those monsters.

And the ruling of this card:

TCG Rulings

The first sentence of the effect is a condition, not an effect.

Tributing Infernity Mirage is a cost to activate its effect. The effect targets 2 “Infernity” monsters.

If you have 1 or more cards in your hand when this effect resolves, you will still Special Summon the targeted monsters.

If only 1 of the target monsters is in the Graveyard when the effect of Infernity Mirage resolves, it will still be Special Summoned.

OCG Rulings

The text "This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard." of "Infernity Mirage" is not treated as the effect of an Effect Monster.

Tributing "Infernity Mirage" is a cost to activate its effect.

The effect of "Infernity Mirage" targets two "Infernity" monsters in your Graveyard.

When resolving the effect of "Infernity Mirage", if one of the two targeted "Infernity" monsters is no longer in the Graveyard, then you can still Special Summon the remaining monster.


This is one of the few cards Infernity which must be in the hand or deck to summon with magic cards as I said can not be summoned from the graveyard.

Strategies and game play:

For good is a very difficult its invocation and cant for the bottomless trap hole or if the trial can be stopped but there is only one in the deck though may also many other cards but very few used in the current deck good step in order to give them the combos if I miss one comment and make suggestions

Combos with other cards:

This card should go in a Infernity deck and I think it would only convene when the graveyard Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Archfiend or at least archfiend acontinuacion combos that are very few and almost everyone follows the same play but very good Played.

One for One + One card in hand preferably an Infernity monster

This is the way that I like to summon it because I still have the normal sumon when I need a necromancer or a beetle in the field and I can also send an Infernity the cemetery

Stygian Security

This card can be searched and special summoned to the field by Stygian Security when stygian is destroyed by batlle.


When sangan is send from the field to the graveyard you can add Infernity Mirage to hand.

Well these are the main combos next only to summon a more dificult combos that make you an eye and hope it will help all of these combos k are no cards in hand

Trishula (this combo cannot be used in this times beacuse Trishula is a forbidden card but is one of better combos when trishula is 3 copies on extra deck unlees when have 1 copy on the extra deck.)

You have to have archfiend, a beetle, and necromancer in the cemetery and of course in the field mirage using the mirage effect to bring necromancer and archfiend using arhfiend effect and bring to Infernity Launcher using a necromancer and bring a beetle, using the effect of beetle and beetle bring two already and if your opponent has nothing to stand and lost sync and do a Trishula and use its effect and clean 1 card hand field and graveyard and use to Infernity Launcher may well be seen as a replacement to bring mirage necromancer and archfiend and repeat what you did with the exception of beetle effect to another and so on Trishula sweeping everything and you do OTK.

Hundred Eyes Dragon

This monster is very important because permits you to use the effect of Infernity mirage on the graveyard, When you summon Hundred Eyes (Infernity Archfiend+Infernity Necromancer+Infernity Avenger) you remove the infernity mirage from the grave and Hundred gains the effect of Infernity Mirrage you must tribute and take 2 infernity monsters and take more cards from the deck.

Leviair Sea Dragon

You can make this monster with tour guide from underworld (Semilimited) give another level 3 monster and xyz summon Leviair sea dragon next when you have removed Infernity Mirage you can special summon beacuse the condition is cannot summoned from de grave but when Infernity Mirage is special summoned when id removed you can use the effect and especial summon 2 infernity monsters.

Ways to counteract it:

Can countract it with:

Effect veiler
Divine wrath
Solemn Judgment
Solemn Warning
Compulsory Evacuation Device


Having 0 in atake and defense so there s no denying its invocation with heavily used card bottomless or trap hole


Also serious that has 0 in attack and defense as no serves to defend or to attack


On Tradecardsonline have 2 different variations:

TCG: "The shinning darknes"

OCG: "The shinning darknes"

Artwork and esthetics:

It a bad monster in the card have a red hair and a scary face as he says: "If I can use my effect my brothers inferntys make you lose the duel"

Its a very cool image and have good esthetics great creation of Konami.

Overall rating:

I give a 9 on infernity deck because in others deck cannot be use because infernity make the combo 0 Hand and is not a 10 because the eff can be negated with different cards.


Modified on January 20, 2013 05:14 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for fredtheking
Subject:    Posted: December 3, 2012 05:04 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I would have to agree woth you. Mirage is probably the top infernity monsters next to the release of infernity general whose effect is quite good. But overall this was a good card review
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LV35 United States send message

Avatar for dragonnathan
Member since
May 30, 2010
Subject: Mirage   Posted: December 17, 2012 05:20 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Actually, you did miss a couple things.

He combos with Armageddon Knight, Dark Grepher, or Foolish Burial to send him to the grave, or send the Stygian Street Patrol to the grave to summon it from the hand, or if you're really lucky, summon it with One for One by sending Stygian Street Patrol.

Either way, he works well in the grave thanks to Hundred-Eyes Dragon, or in the hand or removed pile because of Leviair or Stygian Street Patrol.

While you're looping, you can use Hundred-Eyes Dragon who copied its effect to summon two Infernity Necromancers, overlay for Leviair, summon the Mirage and keep it going.

I love my time with Infernities, and am glad the Barrier is FINALLY getting reprinted as a super.
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United States

Avatar for jimmythebass
Subject:    Posted: January 20, 2013 10:48 am Reply with quote Report content icon

The main problem that I have with this review is the poor grammar. I also don't entirely agree with him being a must-have in any Infernity deck; my Xyz variant works just fine without him, and he's generally not run in Randomizer builds.
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