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card review Lust, Mystery Woman

Card Review
Lust, Mystery Woman: click to enlarge
Lust, Mystery Woman

  • Collector #: 77-240
  • Rarity: U
  • Card type: Ally
Lust, Mystery Woman
written by redlotus
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General description:
The second Lust ally from Premiere, it, like Cloaked Stranger, comes from a world in which homunculi leaders were harder to come by, and only a stage three Envy could recruit her without a faction penalty. As a result, this card is quite flexible in its use by allowing it to capitalize on the homunculi’s typically high wits in not only battles of wits, but of strength as well.

Due to her ability, which allows draining an opponent’s strength by Lust’s wits, this card runs extremely well in high strength, rebel decks. In these decks, use Lust’s high wits along with large numbers of allies to make a serious run at active player status, and use her ability to win strength battles. At five wits, she also works nicely in wits-based decks as well. As a result, decks that focus on both strength and wits show Lust at her best. As described further in the weakness section, Lust works best in dual strength/wits battle locations, which allow her to fight in wits, and defend if necessary in strength to preserve her ability. In strength-only locations, she should be held back until the last few moves of the search phase. Your opponent will likely be unwilling to challenge her head-on, which lets you move in for the kill once all of the variables are gone.

Among the rebel leaders, Greed is perhaps the best partner for Lust, as his constant presence can make including cards like Inhuman Power worthwhile in an otherwise sin-lite deck. For homunculi, Shou Tucker is an excellent choice, as most of the chimeras he is designed to work with are very high in strength, while he, as a homunculus leader, also does quite well in wits. A final sneaky leader combo to try is a Frank Archer deck, which tends to focus mostly on strength, but with a strong wits component. This gives an added bonus of putting more wits into your search for active player status, which is extremely important for some of Archer’s abilities. Finally, automail is actually quite helpful for Lust, as it allows for boosting both of her relevant attributes at a relatively low cost.

Her strength is her ability to tangle effectively in two attributes. Five wits are plenty for most rebel or Elric opponents during the early and middle parts of the game, as well as military allies in the early game. Her ability also makes it possible for her to take on a seven strength opponent to at least tie, which brings most opponents from most factions into her range early on.

Lust’s main problem is, like all abilities, is its single use. If it is canceled by Pressure or Alex Louis Armstrong: Strong and Beautiful, she is left with only three strength to fight against a presumably much stronger ally. Furthermore, cards like Antique Armor can result in you burning her ability only to see your opponent run, leaving her vulnerable. As a result, as touched on the strategy section, she is best used in a defensive posture until the last turn or two of the search phase.

This card was released only as an uncommon ally in Premiere.

Artwork and aesthetics:
This is one of the more interesting art choices for any of the Lust allies, showing perfectly Lust’s status as a shadow warrior for the homunculi. Overall, a very nice card design.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 7 out of 10. It has utility in a lot of different decks, from all-homunculi wits decks to multi-faction strength/wits combos. Her weaknesses if her ability is canceled mean that she must be used carefully, but this should not prevent you from using this very helpful ally.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:13 pm

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