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card review Lust, Not Quite Human

Card Review
Lust, Not Quite Human: click to enlarge
Lust, Not Quite Human

  • Collector #: 36-140
  • Rarity: U
  • Card type: Ally
Lust, Not Quite Human
written by redlotus
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General description:
Following in the proud tradition of Military Escort, Obnoxious Locals, and Cray: Unwitting Dupe, Lust: Not Quite Human is an event card posing as an ally. Extremely cheap to recruit, Lust can be sacrificed to pull a vile event out of your discard pile and returned to your hand.

The only real strategy to this card is to find a vile card which works well with your deck, and use Lust to retrieve it. In theory Lust could be used for cannon fodder in a wits battle, but this is not the card’s primary purpose.

Though this card is and of itself part of a combo with your favorite vile event, a few cards can help to exploit vile cards better than Lust alone. Underhanded Means or Disgusting Acts are two advantages which reward you for using vile events, making the ability to recycle said events with Lust more potent.

This card’s only real strength is bringing events back from the dead. Its relatively low recruit cost is also nice, meaning that it can be run in any villain or morally ambiguous deck that relies on vile events can play it fairly early on.

Two facts seriously hinder this card’s usefulness. The first is its very low attributes, being unable to outwit cards like Trisha Elric: Supportive Mother, which is not designed to fight. With the large number of Lust allies available that are very good in combat, the low attributes on this one are striking. The second major weakness is the small pool of useful cards its ability can be used on. Though this may have changed in the last two expansions, there are very few vile events worth playing at all, let alone worth sacrificing an ally for.

This card was released only as an uncommon ally in Hero’s Passing.

Artwork and aesthetics:
In fitting with the theme of the expansion, this card depicts part of Hughes’s murder, shortly after he attempts to kill Lust. Not a personal favorite.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a 1 out of 10. It is largely unable to fight, and there are simply not enough good vile events for its ability to justify this card taking up a place that could be taken by Lust: Unstoppable, Lust: Handmaiden, or one of several other useful Lust allies. Furthermore, cards like Envy: Copycat, Gluttony: Big Fists, Woohoo!, or many others can bring events back from the discard pile without killing off an ally. This card was made as part of the noble/vile event gimmick that began in Hero’s Passing, and like many gimmicks, is not worth playing.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:12 pm

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