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card review Herald of Infernus

Card Review
Herald of Infernus: click to enlarge
Herald of Infernus

Card text:

War Cry — Whenever this creature wins a battle, you may put a non-evolution Dragon from your hand into the battle zone.

  • Collector Number: 41
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Level: 5
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 5000
  • Mana Value: 1
  • Illustrator: Tubaki Halsame
Herald of Infernus
written by grim_assation
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Yo people, its Grim_assation here writing the first ever Kaijudo review on TCO!

People Ask me why i kept my name grim_assation instead of assassin, But that's the thing that makes me unique and make people to stop and think about my name doesn't it? well there something very unique in every thing and everybody.. but sometimes its useless and sometimes its very useful.. Its the same case here in with Herald of Infernus... its a very unique and useful card these days in kaijudo TCG which was introduced in the set DragonStrike Infernus ( AKA 6DSI ).

An older Version

Ambitious Dragon:
This creature gains Power +2000 for each Fire Bird you control in the Battle Zone.
When you control a Fire Bird in the Battle Zone, this creature gains "Double Breaker".

Collector Number: 30
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Creature
Race: Armored Dragon
Power: 4000+
Cost: 5
Civilization: Fire

Another awesome card which was introduced in the game of duel masters in the set TEotU The End of the Universe....

and it also has 2 promos, of the sets DMC-43 Never Ending Hero , P-Y5 OCG Promos - Year 5 respectively ...


Its a very useful card at level 5, with an ability war cry, which can be used to summon any dragons for no cost..U just need to Banish en enemy creature with this card as generally the cards below or at level 5 at which this card generally is summoned have less power than this (fr ex:- Fumes, Weaponised Razorcat etc...) u just need to find then tapped or boost his ability with cards about which we will talk later in the combo section of the review... we can generally use it to play big dragons like Andromeda of the Citadel, Infernus the Awakened, Infernus the Immolator, Kurrager of the Hordes, etc.. at the Very beginning and have full control over the game... I feel like if it is awesome, and deserves a card review... Which after seeing the players can use it to polish their strategies in their way to use dragons...

Strategies and game play:

War Cry � Whenever this creature wins a battle, you may put a non-evolution Dragon from your hand into the battle zone.

War cry is an awesome ability give to Herald of Infernus by its Illustrator Tubaki Halsame which makes him en essential part of the dragon decks using fire ( most of the players use fire in there dragon decks ). The basic strategy before playing this should be to have a big dragon as mentioned above in hand and then target en enemy's creature with herald of infernus to be able to summon the Big dragon in hand free of cost...

Combos with other cards:

Herald of Infernus might be an awesome card but as soon as it enters the battle zone the enemy doesn't attacks and does his best to prevent him to win a battle against his creature or to banish him before he uses his ability ( War cry ).. so to prevent it and to compleate his work as soon as possible we need to play some good combos on it..

1.Lyra, the Blazing Sun

Lyra is another dragon ( Celestial Dragon ) whose ability 'Solar Flare' allowes him to tap target enemy creature, That creature doesn't untap at the start of your opponent's next turn.
which when used with Herald of Infernus can help u to summon 2 dragons at the same torn ( Lyra and the other in hand ) which can completely change the game anytime...

Not only lyra u can also use this with other creatures which can tap like Canyon Skimmer which will also act like a guard to HoL.. and spells like sparkstorm blast and solar flare...


You can simply Cast this spell and make HoL fight with a creature which has less power than him and then use war cry.. which is simple and effective even en opponent's blockers can't stop that...

3.Overcharge & Tracer Rounds

Both of this are spells which can allow your creatures to attack untapped creatures, if opponent is planning not to attack or trying to prevent it this cards can totally ruin his play.. simply effective ;D

4.Crystal Memory

If u have HoL but don't have the dragon or if it is discarded.. don't worry.. u can get another with help of crystal memory or if u have big dragons with u but lack HoL this card can help u getting it...

5. The 4 Useful Fire Birds...


if u have this card then u can summon HoL before turn and it can also save ur HoL if u oppenet tries to kill it with its Andromeda's Envoy, Andromeda won't refuse coz it can be helpful to bring him to the battle zone XD


Not much helpful to mr.HoL but it may help like it can get u more or better dragons in hand :/


Not much helpful.. but can be useful in certain circumstances like if ur opponent is using blockers.. this can prevent then from blocking and clear ur way to kill a target creature


and the last one is kenina.. it gives him power attacker to help him to kill bigger targets..

I don't thank Umbra is usleful coz u surely don't want HoL to die coz u can get ur dragons only when he wins XD..

Ways to counteract it:

You can easily counteract against him.. spells like terror pit, dead smoke & Root trap can stop him .. u can also use some more powerful blockers or maybe u can use cards like razor kinder puppet and mesmerise to discard the dragon in hand.. which will leave HoL of no use

Artwork and aesthetics:

Well i personally feel like mr. Tubaki Halsame has done a good job before its art work and its name Herald of Infernus is perfect as it can be useful to call a cost 11 Monarch dragon (Infernus the immolator) or infernus the awakend to the battle field at the beginning of the game.. its good at this part..

Overall rating:

Well this creature is a Good part of Dragon decks and can be used to call other dragons and can be used with many combos which makes him very helpful... but it also has many mistake.. it is good in the field of Artwork and aesthetics so i would personally like to give him a Eight and a half out of Ten...[8.5/10]

I like this card and use this card.. i hope u will also use it and my review will help u in ur games.. this was my first card review so if i have made a mistake.. i would like u to apologise me and i will like to improove it in my next review as this is surely not my last review.. Happy Gaming guyz.. have a good day

The End


Modified on June 22, 2013 06:08 am

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