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card review Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory: Ensuring a Bright Hope of the Future!

Card Review
Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory: click to enlarge
Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory

Card text:

Blockericon.jpg Blocker

*  When you put this creature into the battle zone, when this creature attacks, or when this creature blocks, choose two of your opponent's creatures and tap it.

*  Double breaker

*  When your opponent would choose a creature for the effect of a fire creature or spell, this creature can't be chosen.

  • Collector Number: S1
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Mecha Del Sol/Hunter
  • Power: 7500
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Light
  • Artist: hippo
Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory
Ensuring a Bright Hope of the Future!

written by LV31
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Light's Shining Heroine
Hey Readers, Its me Shuriken6 Back with a new review for my loyal fans of mine . Well, with the new set DMR-09 hitting TCO and me personally taking a liking to the new Outrages that have stormed their ways into my heart as my new favorite race (Take that Oracle Scum ) I took an interest to start building decks for the Five New Exile creatures in the set. and While testing the deck for the Light Exile Creatures, I discovered Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory and how AMAZING she is in this deck. In this review, I'm gonna explain more in detail why I have a new liking for her and even share some history in whose she's based on. Without further ado, let's get started shall we?

Shedding Light on the Current Situation (AKA: History Sidestory ^_^)

Well then first thing's first. Joan of Arc, for those who don't know, is a well-known French Heroine by the name of Jeanne d'Arc who lived in the early 1400's. She's known as leading the French Army into many victories during the Hundred years' war, where she was eventually captured, put on trial and burned at the stake at the young age of 19 years old. Twenty-five years after her death however, she was found innocent of her accused crimes and became a Martyr. Surely at such a young age, this teenage warrior clearly made a name for herself, even becoming a Saint in Roman Catholicism in the year 1920. As she lead many victories for the French, her Hunter Counterpart, Joan of Arc Goddess of Victory continues to lead the Light Forces towards Victory alongside Jin, The Ogre Blade and the other Hunter Generals.

Lean, Mean Tappin Machine!!
When she comes into play, She taps. When she attacks, she taps. When she blocks, you guessed it. She taps again! Initially when making the Outrage deck for the Light Outrage Exile, I was going to make it Initiate-based with Craze Valkyrie as the control figure in the deck. But I thought about some notable Light Blockers that are just amazing, and Joan of Arc crossed my mind. "She also taps 2 creatures when she enters the battle zone, and she doesn't need evolution bait. Yeah, sure." I said, adding her to my deck. I then took a look at her effect to make sure I remember everything she did. Holy Crud was I mindblown. She exceeded my expectations. She taps two creatures for pretty much everything that might happen to her except when she dies. She attacks and she taps, she's summoned she taps stuff and blocks, same thing. She locks down your opponent's field so amazingly its beautiful to watch. And as an added feature that I simply love (and it's also a big ol' trollface to you Genji XX Lovers), she can't be the target of any Fire Spell or Abilities . So those blocker destruction-related stuff like Comet Missile and Rikabu Screwdriver out of Fire that target creatures ain't gonna work on this chick, nuff said.

Also to add on, All of that Tap and Bash is amazing for Beatdown decks, especially for the control aspect of having big blockers that can bash creatures afterward. In other words, Joan puts the TAP in Tap n' Bash ;)

Planning on using cards such as these three to take down the Goddess of Victory? Ha!

yeah, keep dreaming.

Artistic Tempest (Featured Deck)
I love Joan due to the fact that she's flexible to fit into any deck. She's a great finisher in Beatdown Decks, while a perfect staller for Control decks. Plus with her, you can clear a field and keep it like that.

Artistic Tempest Is a Light/Water... Ok gotta use a Kaijudo term for this: Midrange Deck. By midrange, it has the ability to be both Control and Beatdown, but not Rush. Nice progression with the outrages like Venerlight and Achorlite, with support of the Shinobi like Janit and Falconer (Everyone should have a Falconer.) for early attacks and rush if needed. Then we have the also amazing blocker Perfect Madonna (who is perfect for this deck <3), the Powerful Jetstone, and Joan providing the wall of defense, with last and obviously not the least, the Trumps and basis of the deck, Nike and Michaelangelo. also, Amaterasu, and Orochi for fun, spell-based shenanigans with Madonna.

Gateway to your opponent's demise
Starting off this section I'm going to mention 2 of the most Ideal cards for this creature. and that ladies and gentleman...

Heaven's Gate! My God this card is a must-have for a blocker deck. A free way to throw two Light Civilization blockers into the battle zone? YES PLZ!! Toss a duo of Joans into the Battle Zone and thats 4 Creatures on your opponent's side tapped instantly. Or Joan + Another notable Light Blocker of your choice, Light has a LOT of Angel Command Blockers that make excellent use of Heaven's Gate (The Lion-Based ones especially, and before them, Syrius and Milzam). Also, while we're on topic, Hyperspatial Mother Hole is a slightly weaker version of Heaven's Gate, allowing you to only put one Light Blocker into the Battle Zone from your hand. However this also gives you a Cost 6 or less Light, Water or Nature Psychic Creature out from the HP Zone, and who doesn't love Psychics? (Five Star, Pudding, Martini/Julia Matina all say Hi)

Angelic Support: As the rulers of Light, the Angel Command naturally have to support their subjects, especially in War. Here are a few that help Joan out in her never-ending fight.

During the Episode 2 Block, the Angel Commands have proven to have quite an impact on the block, throwing in tons and tons of blockers to make the abuse of Heaven's gate more prominent.

When Codename Oreore Lionel wins a Gachinko Judge matchup (when activated, both players reveal the top card of their deck. the card w/ the highest cost wins the match up. In the event of a tie, the initiator of the Gachinko Judge wins. both cards are sent to the bottom of the deck afterward.) You reveal cards until you end up with a Non-evolution creature with Blocker. Reveal Joan in his search and you got yourself two tapped creatures for you to run over.

Truename Tiger Legend is one of my personal favs (Aside from the fact its based on a White Tiger.) When you put him into play, Gachinko Judge time until you lose or stop yourself. each win gets you a non-evo light blocker. Once again, win Gachinko Judge, Get Joan out.

And this guy I've seen a lot on Blocker-based decks. Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom, draws you a card each time you put a blocker into play. For blocker-based decks, he's the ideal draw engine to replace what you throw down.

Joan's Army: Who said that Joan's army was just Light Creatures?

Moel, Love Attack, is a powerful young woman (just like Joan) who when dies, allows you to search your deck for a cost 8 or less Hunter and allows you to put it into the Battle Zone. Despite having a base power of 2000, your opponent will think twice before killing her off so easily. Doing so can bring Joan right out to avenge her young sniper's demise.

Go Hunting! Kaiser, a 6 for 6000+ who gives all of your Hunters Hunting, an ability that triggers when a Hunter Battles. for each Hunter you have, that specific Hunter gains +1000 for the duration of the match up.

Change of Mind! Bakel, Cloud Ogre is a searching Hunter as well; when he dies, you can search your deck for a Hunter and add it to your hand. Easy way to get Joan faster.

For the Light section, Saint Maria, Light Weapon is a 9 cost Light Hunter. At the end of your turn, you untap all of your Light Hunters. Each one grans you a new shield. W/ Joan, you can Swing, tap two, and send your other creatures to attack, end your turn, untap Joan, get shields and have the potential to tap two more creatures before your next turn

Lullaby, Light Weapon taps a creature when it or another Light Hunter comes into play into the battle zone. combo with Joan gets you three tapped creatures for your other creatures to flatten. Especially since Lullaby has Hunting.

Merrianne, Vizier of Light brings out one blocker from your grave into the battle zone when its destroyed. using cards that can kill your creature purposely like Rapid Reincarnation and Transmogrify while Joan is in the grave can get you a free Joan of Arc, in addition to another creature if you use one of the two mentioned spells. You also have Darkness to assist in this.

And speaking of Darkness, Heehaw, Cattepillar Rider returns one Hunter from your graveyard to your hand when he dies. Just in case Joan gets discarded or something, its easy to get her back.

Nagleen doesn't help Joan directly, but on the other hand, Since Joan is a Hunter, his hunting ability gives him +1000. And since he's a Blocker, he can support her in a LD or LWD Blocker deck as added defense. Cards don't have to have spectacular abilities to be important.

Miracle Re Born is an awesome spell to use with Joan. 5 cost spell that ressurects one cost 7 or less hunter from your grave. Joan gets discarded, Miracle Re Born her back to life. Indeed the fact that she's returned, and better than ever is a miracle.

Leo Way, Earth's Bretheren is a Great powerhouse of his own. I never understood until recently why Mana reccursion was so important and great, but now I see it. With Leo, you can retrun one hunter from your mana zone to your hand if you summon him or put another Hunter into the Battle Zone. So just in case you had to drop Joan in mana or she gets snared, Leo has her back and he can get her back for you.

Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Honorless Battle~ is her commanding General and her Brother in arms. When he attacks, you can drop one non-evolution creature from your hand into the Battle Zone. a Triple Break and a Free summon? Joan can tap those blockers and allow Jin to do some major reconstruction on your opponent's field. In Other words, Jin attacks, Joan enters, taps the blockers before your opponent can assign them to block, and Jin shatters three shields. Simple, effective and fun.

Binge-Eating Giant allows you to increase the value of your mana to as much as 3, allowing you to get your big creatures out a few turns early. Just be careful, because he "eats" the mana you tap (While he's in the battle zone, whatever mana you tap gets sent to the grave) so you better make it count.

Aqua Jet gives you a free draw for each hunter in the Battle Zone, and with Joan by his side, thats 2 cards for you at least.

Aqua Attack gives you the chance to look at the top two cards of your deck, giving you the chance to also add one of them to your hand and the other to the bottom of your deck. With Joan's tapping, you can get your hunters to beat down the tapped creatures and get you the necessary cards needed for your next move in the coming turns.

Deepsea Typhoon is a 2 for 2000 Water Blocker that acts as a mini Emergency Typhoon. allows you to draw a card and then discard one. Remember that LWD Blocker deck I mentioned? well, With Deepsea, you can draw and discard Joan, following it up by putting her into the Battle Zone Via ressurection spells like Inferno Sign or Miracle Re Born. Hey, it could work.

Kaiser "Demon Fang", Zenith of Certain Victory is a 11 cost Zero Creature that allows you to play Gachinko Judge for each of your opponents shields. for each win, you can bring out a Hunter from either your hand, grave or Mana zone. Looks Like Joan has yet again, a free ticket into the battle zone. And it looks like she's not coming alone either.

Bumping the cost up one more and adding 3000 power, we have Kiramaru, Great Miracle. When you summon him, you play 3 games of Gachinko Judge. Each creature revealed gets a free summon and spell gets a free cast. Joan, Jin and Eternal Meteor Kaiser are here and ready to do some damage. :3

Last but not least in the Zero Civ section is the pretty and fun card: Pudding, Reversal princess. When she's revealed in Gachinko Judge or when she enters the battle zone, she can tap or untap one creaure. Attack with Joan, tap two creatures, break shields. attack with a creature w/ Gachinko Judge, reveal Pudding, untap Joan and continue w/ the attack. attack with Joan again, tap two more creatures. Or even tap one of your opponent's creatures if Joan couldn't get to it. Either way, this is Girl Power at its finest.

For the Multi-civ section I picked Berlin. One of Joan's Light/Dark Hunters, berlin can't be the target of spells, and when he's discarded by one of your opponent's spells or abilities, he can retrieve 2 cards from your grave and add them to your hand, this includes the discarded Berlin. And he's a useful blocker. almost crazy not to use him.

Funk Raphsody of Hope, the Trio of Guards as they arm themselves to take on Pepper and Silva, their Water and Nature Counterparts respectively. The trio gives your hunters and aliens Speed Attacker, and when one of them are destroyed, you can bring out a 2nd copy of them from your hand, deck or mana zone.

Lastly we have Alien Mother. Ironically the enemy race, she assists the Hunters by making them Unblockable, and indestructible battle-wise. and when she's discarded, she's heading to the mana zone, still supporting the warriors who vow to protect her daughter.

The Block Busters
For a strong blocker thats pretty untouchable, there have to be ways to get rid of her, right?

Before you people start calling me out as to how 2 of these 3 cards can't kill Joan because she can't be targeted by Fire Abilities and spells, read closely. "Target" singles out a specific card. These cards don't target, they hit a wide field. Scarlet Skyterror and Super Explosive Duel Fire clear out fields of blockers on both sides. Since Joan isn't being targetted, she's still vulnerable to something like this. Critical Blade is a better version of Comet Missile; Plus its Darkness so Joan's definitely weak to this too, since its not Fire.

Jin's report on Joan's Whereabouts...

My fellow hunters, its with a heavy heart that I say that I report to you that Commander Joan of Arc has been killed in our battle against the aliens and the new enemies known as the Unknowns... Her death I know will impact all of us, but rest assured it will not be in vain. Let us fight, so that no one else must die at the hands of these tyrants!!

Joan of Arc was captured and destroyed by the Unknowns, a mysterious new race that has been revealed to be the masterminds of the Aliens attack on us. With our scientist in the Darkness Civilization they were able to revive the blueprints of the ancient Inferno Gate, to somehow revive my fallen General. Despite her new infusion of Darkness, this new Joan, is not the Woman that fought alongside me all these months. She's a war hungry hollow shell of a proud warrior that once was...

She's known as the Goddess of Ruin. And if left alone, she will indeed bring ruin to anyone foolish enough to control her...

In Conclusion...
Joan of Arc gets a Perfect 10 just because of how AMAZING she is. A Perfect tapping machine, she can lock down anything thrown in her direction and she's a powerful blocker to boot. Thankfully, if she ended up tapping creatures when she left the Battle Zone, she'd be Broken. But aside from that, she's perfect the way she is.

Well, thats another review added to my list. Check back soon for more reviews from yours truly. This is Shuriken6 saying: Andiamo!


Modified on July 22, 2013 12:14 am

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