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card review White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore: Misconception Block

Card Review
White Hare in the Moon`s Shadow, Pellinore: click to enlarge
White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore

Card text:

[AUTO](VC): Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage): [Choose two of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards, and put them on the bottom of your deck in any order] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two of your «Gold Paladin», and those units get [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
[AUTO]: [Choose a «Gold Paladin» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (RC) from your deck, if your opponent has a grade 2 or greater vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, put this unit on your (VC).

With the entrusted feelings in their hearts, the knights set off filled with fighting spirit.

  • Number: BT07-007
  • Rarity: RRR
  • Clan: Gold Paladin
  • Nation: United Sanctuary
  • Race: Human
  • Power: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
  • Trigger: None
White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore
Misconception Block

written by bumibombed
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Welcome to misconception block! A Card review series where I review the most overrated and underrated cards. Please leave a like and leave suggestions for cards you want me to review, also, this is my first card review so don't be to harsh, Kay?

General description:
This guy is currently the worst of the RRR grade 3's of the Gold Paladin clan, and is easily the most overrated. Let's examine he's skill for a minute shall we?

Firstly, his so called "Superior Ride", I used quotations because it's not a superior ride. Bushiroad has stated that it's "a movement between circles" and as such, it doesn't take break rides. The only way to make him work as a break ride is to ride Garmore and hold off on the +10k search for lop ear, and have a 24% chance of getting him if you have four. So let's examine that shall we? Garmore's search requires CB2 and lop ear's search the top three requires a discard. That's a -3 for a 24% chance to get Pellinore. And if you do manage to get him you, still have to discard to ride him which still leaves you with a minus 3. Now it's time to examine his ability to attack a forth time and luck sack with him. Now the most effective way I know to do this is with Vivian and a 7k boost. Firstly, you put one of your colunms to the bottom of your deck toto add 10k to Vivian's colunm which I count as a minus one and I will explain why later. Anyway, if Vivian's attack hits, you may CB1 and have an 8% chance to call Pellinore if you have 8% chance to pull Pellinore if you have four. Then, you discard a card to get another twin drive and attack. So what's the problem here? If you asked that your retarded, the big problem is that bloody 8%, which, by this point, you may realize, is my biggest concern with this skill. The luck needed to pull this off is ridiculous. Without the 8% this would have been An awesome skill. Now let's examine the quick ride. This believe it or not, has the maximum percentage of 66% without minusing you by that much, which in all fairness is awsome. But remember how I said maximum? well you have a 24% chance of getting a 24% chance to get an 18% chance to get pellinore. each time it took 24% to get a pellinore. To do this you need to use spring breeze messenger to call a hop ear to call another. If at any point you find a pellinore, just call him. So to be fair, this one's not that bad.

Now, let's talk about his second skill. This skill is only a plus when you mix him in with Vivian or when you're finishing the game. Why? Because retiring 2 to give +10k to a colunm is just stupid. That is, unless you play Vivian or other superior calling units. You see, Vivian's skill allows for a forth attack in place of the newly retired units, which is pretty good. But other than for final turning,Vivian, or your a very unlucky caller, never use this skill.

Only a leprechaun who stepped on a forthy four leaf clover can use this guy effectively.
Remember how I said Vivian was the best card to run with this guy, well remember that your attack must hit and you still have a chance of calling a trigger. Overall, this guy only seems to minus you unless you're a very very lucky.

Strategies and game play:
I gave you all the strategies already and they are all luck based.

Combos with other cards:
-Spring Breeze Messenger, to call hop ear or Pellinore
-Vivian or any other on hit callers, gives out an 8% chance to get an extra twin drive with Pellinore.
-Lop Ear Bunny, gives out a 24% chance to use Pellinore to break ride.
-Garmore, calls lop ear bunny.
-Wolf Fang Liberator, you can take out the bad calls with Pellinore

Ways to counteract it:
Simple, just don't let Vivian or any other on hit callers hit, other than that, just watch your opponent crumble as he struggles to"superior" ride Pellinore

-Double Twin Drive
-Gives forth attack

-You only have a chance to pull off the Pros
-The pros will minus you most of the time
-If your chance failed, you'll also minus yourself

Who even cares about this part?

Artwork and aesthetics:
I think the artwork is decent, because even though Pellinore looks awesome, I don't know what's going on, and also the background is horrible.

Overall rating:
Because of this card's heavy reliance on luck, it's a 5 out of 10


Modified on July 19, 2014 11:04 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for whitedragon
Subject:    Posted: September 21, 2013 11:41 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

This card actually have great potential if you use him in right way. Both of his skills are actually amazing if you examine clearly (or said "use it wisely")

Bumi, no idea why you just mentioned Escrad. Have you forgotten Viviane? Escrad require "Liberator" card to work, while Viviane have no such restriction (she just need a booster). The latter is definitely better in non-Liberator build. (Unless you try mixed)

Except Lop Ear, Escrad, there is also one unit called "Spring Breeze Messenger", combined with him, the chance of superior call Pellinore is double. Moreover, you might S call Lop Ear, then you might check 3 cards once again! And try a luck to S call Pellinore again!

S Ride Pellinore is minus? What a joke! In opposite, you may increase your hands (along with possibility of hitting draw trigger!) and probably ride grade 3 faster! Especially your opponent is at grade 2, you have great advantage to S ride Pellinore.

Most likely you would S call Pellinore by Messenger / Lop Ear (latter one probably S call by Viviana skill).

If that's the 1st case (Messenger), your field -1, and discard -1, but then Twin Drive!

In 2nd case, gain 1 on field (if call by Viviane), then discard 1 and S call Pellinore, then discard 1 to S ride. Even by discard 2, you get Twin Drive and also +1 on field!

The best would be Viviane direcly S call Pellinore, and then S ride him! Definitely +1 on hand! Though you need incredible luck....(This is a "miracle")

Twin Drive also means more chance to hit trigger and gain even more! And more chance to gain some good cards! If you fail to realize this possiblity and merely focus on the chance / percentage of one way, you could never know the full potential of card's strength! VG is not the game you could analyze easily by merely data.

Also, Pellinore's 2nd skill is also useful to handle any bad "S call", or something like Silver Fang (defintiely want to get rid of him on field after using his skill), by the way, you could "effectively" get rid of them without "replace" them on next turn. And who tell you must increase all power to 1 column? You could divide 5k to two column instead and push more pressure to your opponents!

Moreover, you could also ride Ezel / Garmore upon Pellinore after S ride him or using Pellinore LB. S call and then effectively keep the ferocious offensive wave by wave! Garmore get 5k + good call, as Ezel have greater att power + call. Either one is good to replace Pellinore at final phase of the game.

If you merely gaze anything on one "point", you never see the whole picture.

Probably my comment is a bit harsh, but I wish anyone would have broader understanding of the card(s) before making any review(s).
Back to top Modified on September 21, 2013 11:49 pm 

Avatar for whitedragon
Subject:    Posted: September 21, 2013 11:46 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Hope that my comment helps, Bumi.
Back to top Modified on September 21, 2013 11:47 pm 
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