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card review Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Card Review
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon: click to enlarge
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Card text:

Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield into his graveyard instead.
Part robot. Part Dragon. All robo-Dragon.

  • Collector Number: S7
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 7000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Shishizaru
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
written by anomandaris
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General description:
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon is a card i try to add to all my decks. Costing 7 mana, power 7000 with the ability to burn two sheilds. Just to clarify as i have had the unfortunate experience of playing against opponents who did not know this. THE SHIELDS GO STRAIGHT TO THE GRAVEYARD, THEY NEVER REACH YOUR HAND SO IRRESPECTIVE EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TRIGGER YOU CANT USE IT. why? BECAUSE ITS IN THE GRAVE BEFORE IT REACHES YOUR HAND.
Yes this is the reason i love this card.

Like i said earlier i try to keep this card in most of my decks unless its some sort of theme deck where i havent kept fire.

Strategies and game play:
I generally keep 3 BSDs in my deck, 2 isnt enough and i find 4 unnecessary especially if your trying to limit your deck to say 50 cards.
I also make sure i have a couple of revival spells and soulswaps and dimension gates or crystal memory etc. that allow me to bring it back from the graveyard or transfer it from the mana or get a hold of it from the deck itself.
Due to its relatively high cost its always a good idea to have either cocco lupia or elf-x in the deck.
Essential for any dragon deck

Combos with other cards:
Here are a few of the combos i like to use in my dragon deck
blehh2(boom boom pow) currently in decks of the week
1. Cocco Lupia: a single cocco lupia allow you to summon BSD at the cost of 5 mana. Having three in the deck allows me the (rare) opportunity to summon it at the cost of 3 mana (probability of getting all 3 in battle zone is very very rare). Giving way to an early onslaught where i do not have to worry about triggers.

2. Magma Dragon Jagalzore: Assuming i have a jagalzore in battle zone before or at the time i summon BSD and one of my creatures breaks a shield, BSD can burn two sheilds the turn it is summoned assuming that there are no blockers able to stop it.
Both cards being dragons cocco lupia allows you to summon them early on creating a sort of pseudo rush attack.

3. Bombazar Dragon of Destiny: Generally it is always better to have BSD in battle zone prior to summoning bombazar, allowing you to burn sheilds for two consecutive turns and ensuring victory without doubt. Again provided you have taken care of blockers. In this instance if you have a jagalzore and a few cheap cards in hand you can summon them in the second turn which will without a doubt ensure victory unless the last sheild left is a holy awe.

4. Dimension Gate / Soulswap / Dimension Splitter: As i pointed out earlier these cards allow you to get a hold of BSD even if its not in your hand. A variety of other cards with similar effects can be used to achieve the same.

Ways to counteract it:

Any of the following spells can be used to handle it:
.Terror pit
.Hopeless vortex
.Apocalypse Vice
.Natural Snare/ Vine charger (sends to mana)

Blockers with power greater than or equal to 7000:
.Sasha Chaneller of Suns
.Sea Slug (i think thats the card 8 mana 9000 blocker)

Creatures with power greater than or equal to 7000:
.Photoside lord of the wastes
.Aeries Flight Elemental
.Bazagazeal Dragon
.Stallob the Life Squasher

Evolution Creatures:
.Ballom Master of Death (works even if BSD summoned after Ballom, power 12000)
. Uberdragon Bajula (if bajula enters battle zone before bolmeteus, it destroys two mana each time it attacks. If summoned after power 13000)
.Super Necrodragon Abzodolba (power 11000+)
. Alcadias, Lord of Spirits
..Kukai Finder of Karma (it can be untapped every time it blocks super handy)


I have only given a few cards that can handle BSD there are many.

Power: 7000
Double Breaker, burns both shields

7 mana relatively highcost
despite relatively high power plenty of creatures/blockers can destroy it.

Overall rating:


Modified on September 8, 2014 11:28 am

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December 17, 2014
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the review is not so bad
still can improve
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