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card review The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon: It Time For Double Brave! The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon !

Card Review
The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon: click to enlarge
The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] This spirit can be combined with 2 braves. [LV1][LV2][LV3] When your Galaxian or Astral Soul spirit attacks, choose one opposing spirit. You can target attack that spirit. (When Braved) [LV3] (When this Spirit Brave Attacks) For each brave on this spirit, destroy 1 opposing spirit with 10000BP or less.

  • Number: X1
  • Rarity: Zodiac X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Galaxian, Astral Deity
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRRR
  • Gems: 1
The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon
It Time For Double Brave! The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon !

written by silverwing
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Hello Guys, it the first time I have do a card review, for the first time, I will start with this card,

The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon

Sagitto it's a very strong card, it come out at the 'King of the sky' pack, and it's one of the 12 Zodiac X rare, and became bashin dan's new key spirt in the brave season, but that's not the point, the point is Sagitto's awesome effects, The All level effect, it's this card can have 2 brave, that's one of the main reason that Sagitto it's still one of the best card today, it can double brave, and let's look at the LV2-LV3 effect, When your Galaxian or Astral Soul spirit attacks, choose one opposing spirit. You can target attack that spirit, that is very awesome effect when you're playing a Galaxian or Astral Soul, that effect just make sure your Opponent's filed got nothing left to block your Double brave sprit, and last effect,
The LV3 When this Spirit Brave Attacks eff, For each brave on this spirit, destroy 1 opposing spirit with 10000BP or less, ok, I can't say anything about this effect, it's just epic, you can at least destroy 1 of your opposing Sprit that have BP10000 less, just perfect for any kind of deck, but you need some brave of course .

Sagitto it's powerful sprit, but you need to protect it so it doesn't go to trash quickly,
because Sagitto can double brave, it can have a lot of way to support AND Protect this card,but the main way it's brave and nexu, If you're playing a Galaxian Or Astral Soul deck, you better need some nexu like The Shining Galaxy to make sure the cost are low, then use White brave card, The BeastArmor Megabison, it give the brave sprit 3 colour of IMMUNITY (Ruby/Emerald/Diamond) and like the zodiac brave it's coming out now, like
The BullStarArmoredBrave Taurus, it give the brave spirt true-clash and it got Bull Taurus Amazing effect! that can make Sagitto have the Power Fight Agents the Ultimates! The Double Brave Sprit are Still HERE!

Now, Let's talk about the combo. (PS;THIS COMBO IT'S AWESOME BUT IT'S ASO DANGEROUS)

the way I usually use this card with other zodiac X rare like Strike-wrum- Leo to make sure your Opponent's filed a empty then it's time for the main combo,.
The Combo was very easy to use, First Burning Sun , Fang Emperor Brave with sagitto, then Fang Emperor eff, mill 5, refresh, then Burning sun again, Then It's will make a Triple Symbol attack,.
if this combo still don't finish all of your Opponent's life, or maybe your Opponent have use burst or magic like burst wall, well then you will need some refresh magic like Magic Boost, White Poison, Reboot code to be ready for the next attack.

The Most Powerful Point of Sagitto it's the double brave and the Support effect to the Galaxian Or Astral Soul deck, and The BP, the BP of Sagitto was outstanding! LV1;6000 LV2;10000 LV3;13000 that is a very high BP, and Sagitto can use all kind of brave on this card, it can use them successfully!

But Still ,Sagitto got some weakness as well, Like If you don't have A lot of Red sprit / Brave on your filed or Shining Galaxy, that's going to be a problem to Summon this card, and Sagitto's full Power need At least One Brave card, and now there's a lot of brave killing card coming out, Brave have Start Losing they Own Colour .

Overall rating: This Card Got Some Big Weakness, But When It's On the Filed, You don't need to Worry About All the weakness, It just the card for the brave, I give it 10 out of 10 for this card.

(PPS; Thank you for reading my first card Review, if you like it, please rate it at less 3 please! )

--Go on! Double Brave Sprit!


Modified on March 16, 2014 11:30 pm

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