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card review Crystal Paladin: Rebel With A Cause

Card Review
Crystal Paladin: click to enlarge
Crystal Paladin

Card text:

Evolution-Put on one of your Liquid People.
When you put this creature into the battle zone, return all creatures in the battle zone that have "blocker" to their owners' hands.

  • Collector Number: S2
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Liquid People
  • Power: 5000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 4
  • Civilization: Water
  • Artist: Eiji Kaneda
Crystal Paladin
Rebel With A Cause

written by flamesaber
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General description:
The blue centaur is back from a swim and boy is he gonna kick up a storm on the land. One of Boy George's most handy cards, the Paladin has turned the tide of a duel, many a times than one would care to remember.

Powerful blockers, pesky slayers, creatures that untap after blocking... This card can deal with them all. Makes stalwart blockers like Sasha, Kukai or Acid Reflux completely redundant. Not to mention, Paladin can attack himself once the damage has been dealt. Happy Hunting!

Strategies and game play:
The best way to use it is to bring it out when your opponent's got a nasty wall of blockers that foil your plan of attack. Or it can also be used as a rush attacker via a cheap liquid people base card from fifth turn on wards. I usually house 2 copies of this card in my deck because it has blockers of its own and also because i want to limit my deck to 60 cards. So i combine it with spells like Energy Stream or Eureka Charger and creatures like Aqua Hulcus or Hypersquid Walter. That way i get one in fairly all my duels.

Combos with other cards:
Aqua Guard/Crystal Spinslicer : A classic way of fooling your opponent into thinking that you won't bring in Paladin since both are blockers. Evolve Paladin on such cheap blockers to completely catch your opponent's blockers off guard. Plus such low cost cards ensure you can bring in Paladin the same turn you bring in the former.

Spiral Gate: Opponent thinks he's so smart, bringing in blockers after Paladin has been summoned? Wrong again. By returning Paladin to your hand, you can multiply the damage to each of your opponent's blockers, the next turn.

Ways to counteract it:
Thousand ways, once all the blocker returning is over.

Super effective attack aide.
Cheap cost.
Speed attacker by default.

Low power.
Easily destroyed.

Japanese text in Base Set

Artwork and aesthetics:
I love the artwork. A great mix of magic (Centaur) and science (Lattice shield). Not to mention the imposing stance and the intimidating red robot eyes!

Overall rating:
This card gives wayyy more than it takes. A cool 8.5/10


Modified on September 8, 2014 12:53 pm

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