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card review Ponynapped!

Card Review
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Card text:

When a player confronts this Problem, they frighten one of their Friends at this Problem.

For ponies who find digging holes and pulling minecarts relaxing, then a Diamond Dog's dungeon is the perfect vacation destination.

  • Card Number: 193
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Type: Problem
  • Points: 3
written by LV15
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General description:
When a player confronts this Problem, they frighten one of their Friends at this Problem.

Problem card: owner's "cost to confront" is 4 white and 3 non-white; non-owner's cost to confront is 8.

being a white problem it sorta goes with the control idea white presents, but also goes against it as white really works while face up, not down. The beauty of this card is that it might create a control aspect that's starting to take some notice with newer cards on the horizon. We have the new luna promo which frightens a friend upon being played and there's the few villain cards we have currently. The frighten mechanic puts a friend face down - this can turn the tide of a game for a couple of reasons. The first is loss of power - this affects not only the ability to confront problems or faceoffs, but the ability to play cards that have "secondary requirements." The next issue is whether or not to pay two action tokens to ready the character from the frightened state. In early game this could really affect how players choose to play cards or confront problems.

Strategies and game play:
This card shines in heavy control decks, most likely in either White/Pink or White/Purple. White/Blue could find it useful due to blue's ability to move around easily. Yellow might fair well against it due to the "sheer numbers" thing it has going for it. Orange would have to play carefully around this sort of card.

Strategies could include use of troublemakers and slowing the game down.

Combos with other cards:
certain troublemakers could shine on this card - such as yellow or brown parasprite - in early game setup. The reason for this is that the cost is rather high to confront the problem, and that one might not wish to "lose" a card after confronting this problem.

Ways to counteract it:
Pink players are about the only ones with an actual card that could manipulate the problem deck to avoid seeing this problem, the card is Charged Up, a pink pony (friend) that costs only three action tokens and has 2 power. Other ways to counteract it is is via field manipulation with cards like Back Where You Began in purple and force a problem faceoff after confrontation.

This card is in essence a "pacemaker" and can potentially slow down the game.

The person who confronts this problem first is, most likely, at an immediate disadvantage - if the other player initiates a double faceoff they'll have a great advantage depending on what the first one frightened.

currently there is only this version [no alternate art, promo or foil that I'm aware of]

Artwork and aesthetics:
based off the show and episode, I'd say the art works well with the name and effect of the card.

Overall rating:
in a general setting: 4/10 it's too early in this ccg [as we've only one set released when I post this] to say how well this card will affect the game.

in a deck that might focus on frightening and can work around it - 8/10. The reason is that the card is not a starting problem and unless you're able to "tweak" the problem deck, it's unknown initially when you'll see it.


Modified on April 22, 2014 06:20 am

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