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Checklist of cards from Perfect Heaven (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
49 Ahni, Assault Hero Creature Common
11 Balgazarmas, Divine Green Dragon Creature Rare
4 Baron Gouyama Creature Very Rare
25 Blade Worm, Decapitating Insect Creature Uncommon
23 Blue Poseidon, Sea God Creature Uncommon
SS1 Bolmeteus Musha Dragon Creature Super Rare
S2 Bolpheus Heaven, Holy Super Dragon Evolution Creature Super Rare
30 Colorful Dance Spell Uncommon
9 Dark Indora, God of Darkness Creature Rare
46 Dark Lupia Creature Common
26 Darkness Spiral Spell Uncommon
44 Death Mendosa, Dragonic Baron of Death Creature Common
13 Dellinder, Machine Admiral Creature Rare
47 Devil Smoke Spell Common
17 Drag Innocent, Savage Swordsman Creature Rare
3 Emerald Pharaoh, Earth God Creature Very Rare
S1 Emperor Marco Evolution Creature Super Rare
53 Faerie Miracle Spell Common
48 Fist Dragoon Creature Common
55 Five Dimensional Rhodolite Creature Common
27 Flame Agon, God of Flames Creature Uncommon
34 Fly Lab, Crafty Demonic Tree Creature Uncommon
33 Gelneus, Fuuma of the Depths Creature Uncommon
32 Gold Buckler Creature Uncommon
50 Goren Cannon Spell Common
8 Heavy Kerberos, Divine Dark Dragon Creature Rare
2 Infinity Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragon Flame Evolution Creature Very Rare
40 Jelly, Dazzling Electro-Princess Creature Common
35 Kabuto 1, Armored Insectobeast Creature Uncommon
22 La Francis, Electric Shield Guardian Creature Uncommon
6 Lagnashia, Spirit of Revelation Creature Rare
20 Last Violence Spell Rare
51 Mesai Daguras, Matchless Totem Creature Common
38 Mi Amore, the Patroller Creature Common
S4 Miracle Rumba Creature Super Rare
29 Momonga Jirou, Flying Ninja of the Forest Creature Uncommon
28 Musha Decapitation Sword Spell Uncommon
43 Oboro Kagerou, Moonlight Mecha Creature Common
16 Pai Lon, the Battle Dragon Flame Spirit Creature Rare
42 Panaon Creature Common
52 Peach Princess, Fearless Faerie Creature Common
S5 Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon Creature Super Rare
45 Pinokill, Cursed Wooden Doll Creature Common
5 Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Evolution Creature Very Rare
41 Qurian Creature Common
39 Reflecting Ray Spell Common
37 Saiyas Tron, Spirit Knight Creature Common
14 Samurai Lupia Creature Rare
12 Savage Earth Spell Rare
21 Shine Valkyrie, Heavenly God Creature Uncommon
15 Skell Eye, Savage Mecha King Creature Rare
24 Space Crawler Creature Uncommon
10 Spectrum Giant Creature Rare
18 Spectryte, Crystal Gaia Creature Rare
36 Sphere, the Prophet Creature Common
54 Valcha, the Guardian Spirit Knight Creature Common
1 Violence Heaven Spell Very Rare
31 Walmiel, Electro-Sage Creature Uncommon
19 Zephys, Gaia's Godly General Creature Rare
S3 Zero Phoenix, Phoenix of Darkness Evolution Creature Super Rare
7 Zeum Poseidam, Divine Blue Dragon Evolution Creature Rare