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Checklist of cards from Ashes to Ashes (Deadlands Doomtown)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
33 Accountant Deed U
61 Adrian Townsend Dude U
62 Alastor the Executioner Dude R
121 Anahuac Staff Goods C
63 Army of the Dead Dude C
34 Art Gallery Deed U
64 Astoreth Whateley Dude U
155 Astoreth's Rage Spirit U
135 Bad Blood Hex R
65 Barthalomew Prospectus Exp. Dude R
66 Billy Iron Horse Exp. Dude R
35 Bleeding Vein Deed R
122 Blood Money Goods C
67 Brigadier-General Patterson Dude F
136 Brimstone Hex C
110 Calm Before the Storm Event C
36 Candlestick Maker Deed C
37 Cerulean Cove Mining Operation Deed R
68 Chupacabra Dude R
1 Close Shave Action U
38 Confederate Barracks Deed U
2 Confederate Hunter Action R
139 Corporate Headquarters Improvement R
69 Cort Williams Exp. Dude F
70 Cynthia Kingston Dude U
137 Deal With the Devil Hex U
3 Defendin' What's Yours Action R
4 Dehydration Action R
71 Delilah Darby-Scorne Dude C
140 Demon's Den Improvement C
72 Deputy Dave Montreal Exp. Dude R
39 Derailed Cafe Deed U
5 Down The Barrel... Action R
138 Drawin' A Blank Hex U
73 Dustin Halloway Dude U
40 Elijah's Parish Deed C
74 Enrique Alonso Dude C
75 Erik Zarkov Exp. 2 Dude R
76 Far-Away Fred Dude U
41 Fate's Warning Strike Deed R
42 Fine China Shop Deed C
6 Fireworks Distraction Action C
7 Fisticuffs Action C
77 Flesh Mob Dude R
123 Formal Duds Goods U
141 Founder's Memorial Improvement U
78 Freddy Fast-Hands Exp. Dude R
79 Gandy Dancer Dude C
111 Gareth Comes To Town Event R
142 Gatling Emplacement Improvement R
8 Greasin' Palms Action R
124 Gris-Gris Goods U
9 Guilt by Association Action C
125 Hand Cart Goods C
80 Hangin' Judge Dude R
156 Harmony of the Heavens Spirit C
143 Harvesting Plots Improvement U
112 Heat Wave Event U
157 Higher Learning Spirit U
10 Hired Help Action R
43 Hundred Yearling Ranch Deed U
44 Hydro-Accelerator Deed C
11 I Gotcha Covered Action C
144 Indoor Plumbing Improvement R
126 Investment Machine Goods C
81 Isaiah "Holdout" Curwen Dude U
82 Jacynth Ambrose Dude C
83 Jesse Radcliffe Dude U
45 Jeweler Deed C
84 Jonah Wheeler Dude U
85 Joseph Moon Dude U
86 Juliet "Jewel" Sumner Dude R
12 Knicknevin's Legacy Action R
13 Last Meal Action C
14 Lazy Sunday Action C
46 Leaning Rock Strike Deed C
47 Leather and Saddle Shop Deed C
15 Listen Up! Action C
87 Lord Ripley Scorne Dude C
16 Lost Horizon Action C
88 Lucifer Whateley Exp. Dude R
89 Mad Wolf Striding Dude U
90 Maurice Foster Dude C
91 Max Baine Exp. 2 Dude F
92 Megan Mallory Dude U
93 Melissa Thomas Exp. Dude R
17 Mesa Checkpoint Action C
113 Military Occupation Event C
48 Mosley's Maw Deed U
18 Move Along Action U
94 Nadia Krasnova Dude C
95 Natalie Sherman Dude U
49 New Dunwitch Casino Deed R
114 New Town, New Rules Event R
50 Nick's And Nack's Deed R
51 Nolan's Smithy Deed C
19 Oh No, You Don't! Action U
20 One Good Turn... Action U
148 Path of the Righteous Miracle R
127 Penny Farthing Goods C
128 Personal Safe Goods U
21 Play It Again Action U
129 Printing Press Goods R
149 Prophecy Miracle U
22 Publicity Stunt Action U
23 Puttin' the Heat On Action U
130 Quickdraw Sling Goods R
96 Quon Lin Dude U
145 Rats In the Walls Improvement C
115 Recall Orders Event R
24 Red Tape Action R
97 Reverend C.A. Johnson Dude C
98 Rex Handlen Dude U
99 Rhett Caufield Dude C
52 Road House Deed C
150 Roll The Dice... Miracle C
53 Rounders Diamond Deed U
100 Santana Tate Dude R
101 Scott Pierce Dude U
146 Secret Passages Improvement C
102 Sergeant Sean Slade Dude C
116 Speakin' With the Dead Event C
117 Spectral Visitors Event C
131 Spirit Pipe Goods R
25 Spiritual Pawn Action U
54 Spiritual Society Enclave Deed R
118 Spit And Vinegar Event R
132 Steam-Powered Crane Goods R
119 Stumbling Into the Badlands Event U
152 Sweetrock- Gomorra Ltd. Rail Line Outfit F
55 Tea and Tobacco Shop Deed R
153 Texas Rangers- Dixie Rails Outfit F
154 The Agency- Union Blue Outfit F
103 The Crucible Dude U
56 The Jaded Jackalope Deed U
151 The Lord Provides Miracle U
26 The North End Action C
104 The Snitch Dude C
105 Thedrick Whateley Dude C
27 This Don't Involve You Action C
57 Toll Bridge Deed U
106 Town Drunk Dude C
58 Toy Shop Deed C
28 Twist of Fate Action R
120 Unexpected Guest Event U
158 Unfinished Business Spirit R
147 Union Armory Improvement U
59 Union Train Depot Deed R
107 Vance Donovan Dude R
29 Waylaid Action R
108 Weeping Crow Dude C
30 Welcome Home Action U
109 Wendigo Garrison Exp. Dude R
133 Whiskey Flask Goods U
134 White Shire Goods R
31 Who Are You, Again? Action C
60 Wyrm Hill Deed R
32 Yer Not Welcome Here! Action R