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Checklist of cards from Heroes Packs (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5 Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits Evolution Creature Very Rare
1 Alexander the 3rd, Emperor of the Demonic Eye Creature Super Rare
9 Aqua Surfer Creature Uncommon
11 Bell Hell De Dios, Death Castle Beast Lord Creature Rare
37 Bloody Dragoon Creature Common
2 Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon Creature Super Rare
3 Bolpheus Heaven, Holy Super Dragon Evolution Creature Super Rare
40 Cocco Lupia Creature Common
41 Colonel Koala, Forest Commander Creature Common
8 Crimson Mega Dragoon Creature Very Rare
36 Death Mendosa, Dragonic Baron of Death Creature Common
28 Endra Pappi Creature Uncommon
35 Energy Stream Spell Common
42 Faerie Life Spell Common
39 Flameburn Dragon Creature Common
43 Fuuma Bajir, Soul Weapon Creature Common
31 Galek, the Shadow Warrior Creature Uncommon
44 Gantora Maxivus Creature Common
32 Gigappi Ponto Creature Uncommon
14 Grand Cross "Iron Cleaver" Dragon Creature Rare
15 Hell's Scrapper Spell Rare
24 Inferno Sign Spell Uncommon
10 Ivan the 2nd, Mystic Light Gunman Creature Rare
20 Jack Valdy, the Everlasting Evolution Creature Rare
16 Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun Evolution Creature Rare
21 Lightning Kid, Spirit of Divine Armaments Creature Uncommon
19 Matchless Dragon Saint Geo Mastercha Creature Rare
30 Maxval, Electro-Fuuma Creature Uncommon
23 Metal Zangilas, Dark Divine Dragon Creature Uncommon
26 Musha Decapitation Sword Spell Uncommon
18 Natural Snare Spell Rare
17 Prisoned Paconeco Creature Rare
38 Propeller Mutant Creature Common
33 Protection Spirit Rabiyon Creature Common
34 Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang Creature Common
29 Skysword, the Savage Vizier Creature Uncommon
6 Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon Creature Very Rare
7 Super Dragonic Spirit Volgailsak Evolution Creature Very Rare
12 Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil Creature Rare
13 Terror Pit Spell Rare
22 Ultimus, Spirit of Divine Law Creature Uncommon
25 Valkyrie "Windbreaker" Dragon Creature Uncommon
27 Volcano Charger Spell Uncommon
4 Zero Phoenix, Phoenix of Darkness Evolution Creature Super Rare