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Checklist of cards from First Age (Wizards of Mickey)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
47 Altered Perception Spell C
111 Amulet of Power Spell C
105 Ancient Dragons Awakening Spell C
58 Antigravity Tiphoon Spell C
179 Arborea Sword Spell C
150 Balance of Equilibrium Spell R2
199 Bat-Ogre Realm Castle F
31 Battle Droid Spell C
14 Beagle Boy Secundus, Tank Wizard Wizard R1
6 Beagle Boy Unus, Street Rogue Wizard F
145 Bellows Flamethrower Spell C
171 Berserk Foxogre Spell C
125 Bewitching Glamour Spell C
115 Blinding Flash Spell F
198 Bramble Maze Castle R2
180 Broken Mirror Spell C
153 Broken Staff Spell FF
201 Bukara Library Castle R1
147 Burning Flame Spell FF
186 Caer Clock Castle R1
191 Caer Fist Castle R2
202 Caer Meridian Castle F
203 Caer Spider Castle R2
185 Carnivorous Tendril Spell C
154 Castle Shift Spell R1
29 Castle Shift Spell F
36 Changeable Deception Spell R1
106 Chaos Sphere Spell R2
228 Chocking Tendril Spell P
21 Clarabelle Cow, Musician Witch Wizard R1
103 Cold Fire Spell R1
98 Common Goal Spell FF
165 Complex Twine Spell C
189 Crow Fortress Castle R1
65 Crystal Barrier Spell C
72 Crystallization Spell C
45 Cyclonic Clouds Spell C
9 Daisy Duck, Fighting Witch Wizard R1
128 Dark Cage Spell R2
187 Dark Door Room Castle F
161 Dark Forest Spell C
135 Darkness Spell C
41 Dazzliing Light Spell C
104 Deception Game Spell FF
64 Deceptive Attack Spell FF
175 Demonic Turnip Spell C
63 Diabolic Axe Spell FF
177 Diamagic Swap Spell C
97 Diamagic Transfer Spell C
42 Disturbing Melody Spell C
214 Donald Duck, Debtor Wizard Wizard P
17 Donald Duck, Second level Wizard Wizard F
90 Door to Unknown Spell FF
81 Double Charge Mechanical Warriors Spell FF
157 Double Speed Spell F
52 Doubling Spell R2
107 Doubtworm Spell FF
110 Dragon Bad Breath Spell C
200 Dragon Bastion Castle R1
138 Dragon Cold Spell C
133 Dragon Fog Spell C
27 Dragon Hunter Spell C
146 Dragon Hurricane Spell C
131 Dragon Hypnosis Spell FF
99 Dragon Paw Spell C
139 Dragon Wisdom Spell C
54 Dragongaze Simulator Spell FF
192 Druidic Castle Castle R1
225 Dry Spell P
190 Durlan Fortress Castle R1
207 Ekrendorf Castle Castle R1
208 Ekrendorf Cloister Castle F
56 Enchanted Sword Spell C
178 Energetic Seeds Spell F
176 Entangling Bars Spell R1
121 Entangling Corolla Spell C
43 Entangling Fog Spell C
184 Entangling Tendril Spell C
28 Ethereal Fall Spell C
136 Ethereal Particles Spell C
30 Fading Away Spell C
124 Fafnir Spell C
204 Fang Castle Castle R1
23 Fireproof Shield Wing Spell FF
140 Firestarting Sparkles Spell C
137 Foresight Spell C
49 Foresight Spell C
87 Foxogre Spell FF
88 Foxogre Horde Spell C
196 Gargoyle Alley Castle F
129 Gargoyle Spy Spell C
7 Garma, Vain Hag Wizard R1
8 Garubashi, Colossal Wizard Wizard R1
215 General Garth, Enraged Dragon Wizard P
232 Ghouler Pit Castle P
197 Gideon Castle Castle F
163 Golden Fungus Spell C
10 Goofy, Sorcerer with magical bag Wizard F
11 Goofy, Third Level Wizard Wizard R2
34 Gossip Enchantment Spell C
188 Grandhaven Castle F
209 Grawlburg Castle R1
130 Great Feast Spell C
206 Great Tree Castle Castle F
73 Greed Spell C
100 Greed for Power Spell F
193 Hanubis Castle Castle R2
46 Hateful Nest Spell C
67 Hedge Barrier Spell C
92 Hideaway Spell C
71 Hit with the Staff Spell C
181 Horrible Stink Spell C
231 House of Sleep Castle P
39 Hypnothic Flash Spell C
89 Impenetrable Swamp Spell C
108 Invisibility Turban Spell F
155 Invisible Cover Spell R2
152 Invisible Staff Spell C
1 Ioshi, Strong Wizard Wizard R2
123 Iron Dragon Spell F
217 Kiki Spell P
84 Levitating Wall Spell C
40 Levity Spell C
38 Light of Truth Spell F
194 Long Gorge Maze Castle R1
173 Lotus Petal Spell C
226 Magic Fist Spell P
20 Magica de Spell, Vainglorious Hag Wizard R1
113 Mechanical Claw Spell C
74 Mechanical Dragon Spell FF
109 Mechanical Wing Spell FF
78 Meditative Gargoyle Spell C
76 Metallic Fusion Spell C
210 Miceland Castle R2
4 Mickey Mouse, Fourth Level Wizard Wizard R2
213 Mickey Mouse, Hawkish Wizard Wizard P
3 Mickey Mouse, Wizard Apprendice Wizard F
118 Mimetic Staff Spell C
35 Miniaturizing Enchantment Spell C
216 Minnie Mouse, Practised Witch Wizard P
15 Minnie Mouse, Princess of Moonland Wizard R1
77 Muscular Gargoyle Spell C
211 Mushroom Fortress Castle R2
68 Mystical Barrier Spell F
59 Mystical Hurricane Spell C
142 Mystical Siphon Crossbow Spell C
143 Mystical Siphon Firetwister Spell R2
95 Mystical Siphon Gormex Spell R2
144 Mystical Siphon Typhoon Spell R1
53 Mystical Siphon Vortex Spell R1
16 Neraja, Fierce Hag Wizard R2
212 Nereus, Wise Mage Wizard P
83 Never-failing Aim Spell R1
24 Nullify Matter Spell C
79 Overgrowth Spell R2
22 Peg-Leg Pete, Smart Rogue Wizard F
221 Pegas Spell P
229 Pendulum Maze Castle P
220 Phonulet Spell P
101 Poisonous Gossips Spell FF
70 Potion Fall Spell C
172 Power Scroll Spell FF
93 Quicksands Spell C
148 Rabid Snag Spell C
32 Rain Summoning Spell C
164 Reflective Spell Spell C
48 Regenerating Potion Spell C
96 Remote Control Spell FF
57 Reveal Deceits Spell R2
233 Revolving Room Castle P
86 Rock Wave Spell C
219 Roknar Spell P
120 Ruler's Chain Spell C
91 Sand Fleas Spell C
80 Sand Golem Spell C
126 Scorching Flames Spell C
132 Scorching Wall Spell C
158 Scout Droid Spell C
167 Seaweed Wall Spell C
112 Shadow Claws Spell C
160 Shapechanging Puppet Spell C
141 Shield of Protection from Dragons Spell C
134 Shining Wave Spell C
170 Shockwave Breaking Barriers Spell C
162 Sickly Smoke Spell C
195 Sleeping Golem Stronghold Castle F
55 Smart Exchange Spell C
156 Smoke Screen Spell C
174 Sneeze Pollen Spell C
26 Sonic Boom Spell C
224 Sonic Boom Echoing Spell P
69 Sonic Boom Nether Spell R1
117 Sonic Boom Stunning Spell C
116 Sonic Boom Surrounding Spell C
60 Sonic Hit Spell C
82 Steppe Hyena Spell C
159 Stinging Ivy Spell C
66 Stone Barrier Spell C
75 Stone Energy Spell C
119 Strongbox of Truth Spell R1
169 Stunning Stink Spell C
222 Subtle Deception Spell P
44 Sudden Fog Spell C
102 Sweet Words Spell R2
33 Tapestry Warrior Spell C
149 Tar Barrier Spell R1
85 Telluric Wave Spell R1
223 The Great Crown Spell P
2 The Phantom Blot, Lord of Deceits Wizard R2
13 The Phantom Blot, Shadow Creature Wizard F
168 Thorn Wall Spell C
94 Toothstone Spell C
205 Tower of the Forgotten Castle F
127 Treacherous Fire Spell C
114 Triple Attack Spell C
151 Troll Gall Spell C
61 Twin Androids Spell C
122 Twin Spiral Bolt Spell R1
18 Uchibiri, Encumbering Wizard Wizard R1
227 Unexpected Help Spell P
182 Unreality Canvass Spell C
183 Vegetable Tentacles Spell C
166 Venom Tongue Spell FF
62 Void Magic Spell F
50 Volley of Lightnings Spell C
25 Warning from the Future Spell R1
51 Wave Shield Spell FF
218 Were Pluto Spell P
37 Were-Rage Spell C
230 Wishes Arena Castle P
5 Zaius, Hot-heated Dragon Wizard R1
19 Zefren, Dragon Strategist Wizard R2
12 Zoron, Sleepy Dragon Wizard R1