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Checklist of cards from Three (Fight Klub)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
3C80 A Dead Boy Told Me Condition Common
3C2 Adjust Condition Common
3U81 Bannon County's Death Machine Fight Card Uncommon
3U82 Bat Out of Hell Condition Uncommon
3U52 Blood Has Been Shed Fight Card Uncommon
3C3 Bucket-boy's Online Condition Common
3U4 Bullet & Heat Proof Soft Armor Condition Uncommon
3R29 Burned Instant Rare
3U5 Dick, You're Fired! Effect Uncommon
3R6 ED-209 Condition Rare
3U16 Feeling Good's Good Enough Condition Uncommon
3U66 Fingered Effect Uncommon
3C67 Focused Pursuit Condition Common
3R53 For Pete's Sake Effect Rare
3R51 Gaear Grimsrud & Carl Showalter Character Rare
3R30 Glitching Effect Rare
3R31 Hammer Time Instant Rare
3C54 Happened to Her Instant Common
3U32 Hasta La Vista, Baby Fight Card Uncommon
3U83 He Knows No Mercy Instant Uncommon
3C84 He Lost His Head! Condition Common
3C68 HK (Hunter-Killer) Patrol Machine Instant Common
3R7 I Brought You Some Food Instant Rare
3R17 In the Eyes Effect Rare
3C33 In the Line of Sight Instant Common
3C69 Investigation Condition Common
3C55 Jerry Lundegaard Condition Common
3C18 Just the Beginning Instant Common
3U70 Knives and Stabbing Weapons Gear Uncommon
3C34 Leader of the Human Resistance Condition Common
3U35 Liquid Rooter Effect Uncommon
3C42 M-13 Fight Card Common
3R43 M-14 Fight Card Rare
3C44 M-15 Fight Card Common
3R92 M-16 Fight Card Rare
3C93 M-17 Fight Card Common
3C94 M-18 Fight Card Common
3C19 Make War Not Peace Condition Common
3C20 Medivac Support Condition Common
3R85 No Exit Instant Rare
3R36 No Fate Effect Rare
3R86 No One is Safe Effect Rare
3R71 On the Run Condition Rare
3C45 P-13 Fight Card Common
3C46 P-14 Fight Card Common
3R47 P-15 Fight Card Rare
3C95 P-16 Fight Card Common
3C96 P-17 Fight Card Common
3C97 P-18 Fight Card Common
3C56 Paul Bunyan Condition Common
3R72 Pinioned Effect Rare
3R87 Pinned Instant Rare
3C21 Platoon Ordnance Gear Common
3R57 Plug Me Into the Ozone, Baby Instant Rare
3U73 Polymorphic Killer Fight Card Uncommon
3C74 Relentless Instant Common
3U8 Retractable Interface Spike Gear Uncommon
3R1 Robocop Character Rare
3R58 Running Blind Effect Rare
3C48 S-13 Fight Card Common
3U49 S-14 Fight Card Uncommon
3C50 S-15 Fight Card Common
3C98 S-16 Fight Card Common
3C99 S-17 Fight Card Common
3C100 S-18 Fight Card Common
3U75 Sarah Connor-1000 Condition Uncommon
3R15 Sergeant Elias Grodin Character Rare
3R76 Series 800 Instant Rare
3U88 Shuriken of Flesh Gear Uncommon
3U89 Smell in Our Fear Effect Uncommon
3U90 Sniffed You Out Effect Uncommon
3R77 Something's Wrong Effect Rare
3R65 T-1000 Character Rare
3U22 Take a Break Instant Uncommon
3C91 Tapestry of Torture and Sadism Condition Common
3R9 Targeting Effect Rare
3U37 Terminated Condition Uncommon
3C38 Terminator Relics Condition Common
3R79 The Creeper Character Rare
3U78 The Four Horsemen Effect Uncommon
3R28 The Terminator Character Rare
3R10 Thermograph Effect Rare
3C11 This Guy Is Really Good Instant Common
3C23 Torch This Place Instant Common
3C12 Toxic Waste Instant Common
3C24 Tripwire Condition Common
3U25 War Cry Effect Uncommon
3C39 We Know This Guy's Involved Condition Common
3U26 We're Gonna Run Into Something Fight Card Uncommon
3U40 Weapons Cache Gear Uncommon
3R27 What, Me Worry? Instant Rare
3C59 Where is Pancakes Hause? Condition Common
3U60 Whoa... Whoa, Daddy Instant Uncommon
3C61 Wood Chipper Gear Common
3U62 Yah, Gotta Front Comin' In Effect Uncommon
3U13 You Are Under Arrest Effect Uncommon
3R63 You Should See the Other Guy Instant Rare
3U64 You Want Us to Kidnap Your Wife? Condition Uncommon
3U31 You're a Terminator Instant Uncommon
3U14 Your Move Creep Fight Card Uncommon