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Checklist of cards from A Sword in the Darkness (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
54 A Sword in the Darkness Event F
60 At The Wall Plot F
53 Builder of the Watch Character F
57 Crow Killers Character F
44 Favors from on High Event F
42 Feigned Retreat Event F
43 Greedy Councilor Character F
51 House Dayne Squire Character F
41 Jon Snow Character F
55 Longclaw Attachment F
47 Margaery Tyrell Character F
48 Naval Escort Location F
56 Orell the Eagle Character F
58 Over the Wall Event F
45 Salladhor's Crew Character F
49 Stalwart Shield Character F
52 Starfall Location F
59 The Builders Agenda F
50 The Hatchlings' Feast Event F
46 The Iron Throne Location F