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Checklist of cards from Obsidian Edition (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
25 Agasha Tamori Personality Common
74 Air Dragon (Unique) Personality Rare
34 Akodo Kage Personality Uncommon
75 Alhundro Cornejo Personality Uncommon
139 Alliance Event Uncommon
253 Ambush Action Rare
163 Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan Item FE
164 Ancestral Armor of the Crane Clan Item FE
165 Ancestral Armor of the Dragon Clan Item FE
166 Ancestral Armor of the Lion Clan Item FE
167 Ancestral Armor of the Phoenix Clan Item FE
168 Ancestral Armor of the Unicorn Clan Item FE
169 Ancestral Standard of the Crab Item FO
170 Ancestral Standard of the Crane Item FO
171 Ancestral Standard of the Dragon Item FO
172 Ancestral Standard of the Lion Item FO
173 Ancestral Standard of the Phoenix Item FO
174 Ancestral Standard of the Unicorn Item FO
226 Animate the Dead Spell Uncommon
191 Apprentice Follower Rare
192 Archers Follower Common
16 Asahina Tamako Personality Uncommon
17 Asahina Tomo Personality Common
47 Asako Yasu Personality Rare
254 Avoid Fate Action Rare
101 Barbican Holding Uncommon
193 Battering Ram Crew Follower Uncommon
56 Bayushi Hisa Personality Common
57 Bayushi Kachiko (Unique) Personality Rare
58 Bayushi Togai Personality Rare
255 Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves Action Rare
227 Biting Steel Spell Common
256 Blackmail Action Rare
102 Blacksmiths Holding Common
257 Blazing Arrows Action Uncommon
258 Block Supply Lines Action Common
175 Bloodsword Item Common
140 Bloom of the White Orchid Event Rare
141 Bon Festival Event Uncommon
259 Bountiful Harvest Action Rare
260 Breach of Etiquette Action Uncommon
261 Break Morale Action Common
262 Brilliant Victory Action Common
228 Call Upon the Wind Spell Common
263 Careful Planning Action Common
229 Castle of Water Spell Common
142 Celestial Alignment Event Rare
264 Charge Action Common
143 Chrysanthemum Festival Event Rare
176 Climbing Gear Item Uncommon
230 Cloak of Night Spell Rare
265 Contentious Terrain Action Common
103 Copper Mine Holding Common
266 Counterattack Action Uncommon
231 Counterspell Spell Uncommon
177 Crystal Katana Item Common
18 Daidoji Uji Personality Common
104 Dance Troupe Holding Uncommon
144 Dead Walk the Earth Event Rare
267 Deadly Ground Action Common
268 Debt of Honor Action Rare
105 Diamond Mine Holding Uncommon
269 Dispersive Terrain Action Common
19 Doji Hoturi (Unique) Personality Rare
20 Doji Yosai Personality Common
178 Dragon Helm Item Uncommon
76 Dragon of Fire (Unique) Personality Rare
77 Earth Dragon (Unique) Personality Rare
232 Earthquake Spell Uncommon
233 Elemental Ward Spell Uncommon
145 Emergence of the Tortoise Event Rare
146 Emperor's Peace Event Uncommon
270 Encircled Terrain Action Common
234 Energy Transference Spell Common
271 Entrapping Terrain Action Common
147 Evil Feeds Upon Itself Event Uncommon
272 Evil Portents Action Rare
273 Explosives Action Uncommon
106 Famous Poet Holding Common
179 Fan of Command Item Rare
107 Fantastic Gardens Holding Uncommon
274 Feign Death Action Rare
275 Feint Action Rare
194 Fire Breather Follower Rare
235 Fires of Purity Spell Uncommon
276 Flight of Dragons Action Uncommon
277 Focus Action Rare
108 Forest Holding Common
109 Forgotten Tomb Holding Rare
110 Fort on a Hill Holding Rare
195 Foxwife Follower Rare
278 Frenzy Action Uncommon
196 Gaijin Mercenaries Follower Rare
279 Geisha Assassin Action Rare
60 Ginawa Personality Common
148 Glimpse of the Unicorn Event Uncommon
112 Go Master Holding Common
197 Goblin Chuckers Follower Common
198 Goblin Mob Follower Common
78 Goblin Warmonger Personality Common
111 Gold Mine Holding Common
199 Greater Mujina Follower Uncommon
200 Hawk Riders Follower Rare
113 Hawks and Falcons Holding Common
236 Heart of the Inferno Spell Rare
201 Heavy Cavalry Follower Uncommon
202 Heavy Infantry Follower Uncommon
79 Heichi Chokei Personality Common
7 Hida Amoro Personality Uncommon
8 Hida Kisada (Unique) Personality Rare
9 Hida Sukune Personality Common
10 Hida Tampako Personality Common
11 Hida Tsuru Personality Uncommon
13 Hida Yakamo Personality Rare
12 Hida Yakamo (Unique) Personality Rare
280 Honorable Seppuku Action Common
65 Horiuchi Shoan Personality Common
149 Hurricane Event Uncommon
281 Iaijutsu Challenge Action Common
282 Iaijutsu Duel Action Common
66 Ide Tadaji (Unique) Personality Rare
35 Ikoma Ujiaki Personality Rare
237 Immortal Steel Spell Rare
114 Imperial Acrobats Holding Rare
150 Imperial Gift Event Rare
151 Imperial Quest Event Rare
152 Inheritance Event Rare
283 Intersecting Highways Action Common
284 Investigation Action Rare
153 Iris Festival Event Rare
115 Iron Mine Holding Common
48 Isawa Kaede Personality Uncommon
49 Isawa Tadaka Personality Uncommon
50 Isawa Tomo Personality Uncommon
51 Isawa Tsuke Personality Rare
52 Isawa Uona Personality Common
67 Iuchi Daiyu Personality Uncommon
68 Iuchi Karasu Personality Uncommon
69 Iuchi Takaai Personality Rare
180 Jade Bow Item Common
116 Jade Works Holding Common
21 Kakita Toshimoko (Unique) Personality Rare
22 Kakita Yinobu Personality Uncommon
23 Kakita Yoshi Personality Rare
24 Kakita Yuri Personality Uncommon
285 Kharmic Strike Action Uncommon
80 Ki-Rin (Unique) Personality Rare
36 Kitsu Motso (Unique) Personality Rare
37 Kitsu Toju Personality Common
26 Kitsuki Yasu Personality Rare
286 Kolat Assassin Action Uncommon
287 Kolat Infiltrator Action Uncommon
288 Kolat Master Action Rare
81 Kolat Servant Personality Uncommon
14 Kuni Yori Personality Uncommon
82 Kyoso no Oni Personality Uncommon
289 Legendary Victory Action Uncommon
203 Lesser Mujina Follower Common
204 Light Cavalry Follower Common
205 Light Infantry Follower Common
238 Look Into the Void Spell Common
117 Marketplace Holding Common
290 Marries A Barbarian Action Uncommon
206 Marsh Troll Follower Uncommon
291 Martyr Action Uncommon
181 Mask of the Oni Item Uncommon
118 Master of the Tea Ceremony Holding Rare
119 Master Smith Holding Uncommon
38 Matsu Agetoki Personality Uncommon
39 Matsu Gohei Personality Common
83 Matsu Hiroru Personality Uncommon
40 Matsu Imura Personality Uncommon
41 Matsu Tsuko (Unique) Personality Rare
42 Matsu Yojo Personality Common
292 Meditation Action Common
207 Medium Cavalry Follower Common
208 Medium Infantry Follower Common
293 Mercy Action Rare
27 Mirumoto Daini Personality Common
28 Mirumoto Hitomi Personality Common
29 Mirumoto Sukune Personality Uncommon
239 Mists of Illusion Spell Uncommon
84 Miya Yoto Personality Uncommon
120 Moat Holding Common
85 Morito Personality Common
61 Morito Tokei Personality Common
43 Moshi Wakiza Personality Common
86 Moto Tsume Personality Uncommon
44 Naga Abomination (Unique) Personality Rare
209 Naga Bowmen Follower Uncommon
210 Naga Bushi Follower Common
45 Naga Shugenja Personality Common
211 Naga Spearmen Follower Uncommon
46 Naga Warlord Personality Common
182 Naginata Item Common
62 Naka Kuro (Unique) Personality Rare
87 Necromancer Personality Uncommon
183 Night Medallion Item Rare
212 Ninja Genin Follower Uncommon
88 Ninja Shapeshifter Personality Uncommon
89 Ninja Spy Personality Common
121 Ninja Stronghold Holding Rare
294 Ninja Thief Action Uncommon
295 Oath of Fealty Action Common
154 Occult Murders Event Uncommon
296 Occupied Terrain Action Common
90 Ogre Bushi Personality Uncommon
91 Oni no Akuma Personality Rare
92 Oni no Shikibu Personality Uncommon
93 Oni no Tsuburu Personality Uncommon
122 Oracle of Earth Holding Rare
123 Oracle of Fire Holding Rare
124 Oracle of Water Holding Rare
125 Oracle of Wind Holding Rare
70 Otaku Kamoko Personality Common
297 Outflank Action Common
126 Pearl Divers Holding Uncommon
155 Peasant Revolt Event Uncommon
213 Personal Champion Follower Rare
156 Plague Event Uncommon
298 Poisoned Weapon Action Rare
127 Port Holding Common
157 Proposal of Peace Event Rare
300 Rally Troops Action Common
299 Rallying Cry Action Common
214 Ratling Bushi Follower Uncommon
215 Ratling Pack Follower Common
240 Reflective Pool Spell Rare
301 Refuse Advantage Action Rare
302 Remorseful Seppuku Action Common
303 Resist Magic Action Rare
128 Retired General Holding Uncommon
304 Retreat Action Uncommon
305 Ring of Air Action Uncommon
306 Ring of Earth Action Uncommon
307 Ring of Fire Action Uncommon
308 Ring of the Void Action Uncommon
309 Ring of Water Action Uncommon
158 Rise of the Phoenix Event Rare
129 Sacrificial Altar Holding Uncommon
130 Sake Works Holding Common
216 Samurai Cavalry Follower Rare
217 Samurai Warriors Follower Rare
131 Sanctified Temple Holding Common
94 Sanzo Personality Common
132 School of Wizardry Holding Rare
218 Scout Follower Common
219 Scribe Follower Rare
241 Secrets on the Wind Spell Uncommon
220 Shadow Samurai Follower Rare
310 Shady Dealings Action Uncommon
311 Shame Action Uncommon
53 Shiba Katsuda Personality Common
54 Shiba Tsukune Personality Common
55 Shiba Ujimitsu (Unique) Personality Rare
71 Shinjo Hanari Personality Uncommon
72 Shinjo Yasamura Personality Common
73 Shinjo Yokatsu (Unique) Personality Rare
59 Shosuro Hametsu Personality Rare
184 Shuriken of Serpents Item Uncommon
95 Shuten Doji Personality Uncommon
133 Silver Mine Holding Common
221 Skeletal Troops Follower Common
134 Small Farm Holding Common
312 Sneak Attack Action Rare
159 Solar Eclipse Event Rare
222 Spearmen Follower Common
223 Spirit Guide Follower Rare
135 Stables Holding Common
313 Strength of Purity Action Uncommon
242 Summon Faeries Spell Common
243 Summon Swamp Spirits Spell Uncommon
244 Summon Undead Champion Spell Rare
314 Superior Tactics Action Common
136 Temple of the Ancestors Holding Uncommon
185 Terrible Standard of Fu Leng Item Rare
315 Test of Honor Action Rare
160 Test of Stone Event Uncommon
161 Test of the Emerald Champion Event Rare
1 The Ancestral Home of the Lion Stronghold F
186 The Armor of Sun Tao Item Uncommon
187 The Armor of the Golden Samurai Item Uncommon
188 The Deafening War Drums of Fu Leng Item Rare
96 The Demon Bride of Fu Leng Personality Rare
316 The Egg of P'an Ku Action Rare
2 The Esteemed House of the Crane Stronghold F
245 The Fist of Osano Wo Spell Rare
246 The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell Common
189 The Jade Hand Item Rare
3 The Mountain Keep of the Dragon Stronghold F
4 The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn Stronghold F
5 The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix Stronghold F
190 The Star of Laramun Item Rare
6 The War Fortress of the Crab Stronghold F
30 Togashi Hoshi (Unique) Personality Rare
31 Togashi Mitsu Personality Uncommon
32 Togashi Yokuni (Unique) Personality Rare
33 Togashi Yoshi Personality Uncommon
63 Toku Personality Common
247 Torrential Rain Spell Rare
64 Toturi (Unique) Personality Rare
248 Touch of Death Spell Rare
137 Trade Route Holding Uncommon
317 Traversable Terrain Action Common
162 Unexpected Allies Event Uncommon
138 Unscalable Walls Holding Common
97 Void Dragon (Unique) Personality Rare
249 Walking the Way Spell Rare
98 Water Dragon (Unique) Personality Rare
318 Way of Deception Action Uncommon
250 Wind Born Speed Spell Common
251 Winds of Change Spell Uncommon
252 Wings of Fire Spell Common
224 Wyrm Riders Follower Uncommon
15 Yasuki Taka Personality Common
99 Yogo Junzo (Unique) Personality Rare
100 Yotsu Seiki Personality Common
225 Zombie Troops Follower Uncommon