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Checklist of cards from Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons (Magic: The Gathering)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
18 Alaborn Cavalier Creature U
62 Armillary Sphere Artifact C
12 Benalish Lancer Creature C
50 Bloodmark Mentor Creature U
47 Bogardan Hellkite Creature M
57 Bogardan Rager Creature C
64 Breath of Darigaaz Sorcery U
68 Captive Flame Enchantment U
2 Caravan Escort Creature C
48 Cinder Wall Creature C
72 Claws of Valakut Enchantment C
75 Cone of Flame Sorcery U
65 Dragon Fodder Sorcery C
54 Dragon Whelp Creature U
63 Dragon's Claw Artifact U
53 Dragonspeaker Shaman Creature U
25 Edge of Autumn Sorcery C
76 Fiery Fall Instant C
51 Fire-Belly Changeling Creature C
43 Forest Basic Land L
44 Forest Basic Land L
45 Forest Basic Land L
46 Forest Basic Land L
69 Ghostfire Instant C
35 Grasslands Land U
33 Griffin Guide Enchantment U
23 Harm's Way Instant U
55 Henge Guardian Artifact Creature U
29 Heroes' Reunion Instant U
77 Jaws of Stone Sorcery U
21 Juniper Order Ranger Creature U
16 Kabira Vindicator Creature U
59 Kilnmouth Dragon Creature R
17 Kinsbaile Cavalier Creature R
14 Knight Exemplar Creature R
4 Knight of Cliffhaven Creature C
5 Knight of Meadowgrain Creature U
1 Knight of the Reliquary Creature M
6 Knight of the White Orchid Creature R
10 Knotvine Paladin Creature R
7 Leonin Skyhunter Creature U
3 Lionheart Maverick Creature C
31 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact R
26 Mighty Leap Instant C
58 Mordant Dragon Creature R
78 Mountain Basic Land L
79 Mountain Basic Land L
80 Mountain Basic Land L
81 Mountain Basic Land L
52 Mudbutton Torchrunner Creature C
34 Oblivion Ring Enchantment C
22 Paladin of Prahv Creature U
39 Plains Basic Land L
40 Plains Basic Land L
41 Plains Basic Land L
42 Plains Basic Land L
20 Plover Knights Creature C
66 Punishing Fire Instant U
24 Reciprocate Instant U
27 Reprisal Instant U
70 Seething Song Instant C
71 Seismic Strike Instant C
36 Sejiri Steppe Land C
37 Selesnya Sanctuary Land C
74 Shiv's Embrace Enchantment U
60 Shivan Hellkite Creature R
30 Sigil Blessing Instant C
8 Silver Knight Creature U
49 Skirk Prospector Creature C
19 Skyhunter Patrol Creature C
32 Spidersilk Armor Enchantment C
67 Spitting Earth Sorcery C
11 Steward of Valeron Creature C
73 Temporary Insanity Instant U
28 Test of Faith Instant U
61 Thunder Dragon Creature R
38 Treetop Village Land U
56 Voracious Dragon Creature R
9 White Knight Creature U
15 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers Creature U
13 Zhalfirin Commander Creature U